Test net for hire?

in #steem3 years ago

So I spent a lot of time recently working on setting up a testnet along with a testnet version of steemconnect and other related apps. I was curious if any other developers would be interested in a service where they pay for access to a fully functioning and managed testnet. The use case I have in mind would be that you want to run some tests but it would be helpful to have a lot of steem to do so. Or maybe you have a team of developers that you don't want to create mainnet accounts for.

One huge motivator of this for me was steemconnect has ip locking for the server which makes perfect sense from a security standpoint but is a huge pain when you have contract developers coming and going.

This is kind of just me thinking out loud. Anyone that wants to develop could obviously set up their own but it is honestly a bit of a pain to do and I would have happily paid to just have the entire environment ready to go.


development blocks.jpg