Trail Update Day 261

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Steempower 12271
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Steem Trail followers are at 140

Sp increase by 6

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Even little increase is something.
What happened to HIVE and BLURT? You ain't sharing the update again.

blurt was an epic shit show
hive i only have tokens now which are all dividend based which once i have all my powerdown from steem complete will use to buy steem and power back up.
all the steem powered down is going in to defi which i will use to power steem back up if it goes according to plan i will have same amount of steem as now within 6 months and also have same amount off platform
thats the plan

I lost hipe on blurt a long time ago. It is yet to show any sign of resurgence. As for hive, the way things are being run there is entirely different from steemit,. Yet still, steem has been strong against all odds.

Why are you moving them to defi? Are you gonna get interest there over time?

yeah i am converting everything to stable coins then staking them, the interest will be used to buy back steem. This way i dont have to worry about steem price going down and im hoping to by back alot more than i had when i started powerdown. I am powering down 16k sp so this time next year hopefully will have more than that.
Also because im holding stablecoins if steem drops down to 20c (which it could) i could buy 3x more than i powered down but i hope it stays above $1.
I have given up on hive its just rich getting richer and no incentive for anyone to invest steem has pnut which offers 100%apy hive has nothing

That's amazing and seems to be a good investment decision.

But how about when it goes the other way round? Like steem price rising 3x by this time next year?

by then will already have my stake back IF it goes 3x which is doubtful more chance it going down by then. we have gone from 20c to $1.2 it cant keep going up at some point steem as well as everything else will go the other way then probably build back up. Nothing can keep going upwards forever even crypto lol
I just like the fact i dont have to worry about price and can still earn. Currently i can lose thosands of dollars in minutes (and make) but prefer not having the headache and worry

Yeah, you are right.
There are negative signs already. The price has started dropping.

How does this DeFi works? I've heard a lot about it but don't really know much about it.

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