Who is Behind The @haejin Account? - The 64 Million Dollar Question Answered: David Burke

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Everybody wants to know who @haejin is, for one reason or another,
in this post I will present with almost irrefutable evidence the person behind the haejin account.

Without further ado, lets go to the evidence.....



Source: https://trademarks.justia.com/879/05/haejin-87905048.html

Source: http://corp.sec.state.ma.us/CorpWeb/CorpSearch/CorpSummary.aspx?FEIN=001341513

Source: https://opencorporates.com/companies/us_ma/001341513

Source: http://corp.sec.state.ma.us/CorpWeb/CorpSearch/CorpSearchRedirector.aspx?Action=PDF&Path=CORP_DRIVE1/2018/0815/001486297/0001/201827343440_1.pdf



Could that just be the name of the appointed agent?

All the steem being earned and dumped constantly by this whale is had news for the steem price. To be fair, the fact that the account holds so much SP does support its long term value

I dont think so, the agent in the DE registration is

The agent in the MA registration as you can see in the docs above is:

And clearly differentiated from the agent you can see in the documents above the name of the President of Haejin Analytics Inc.



Also: "While Delaware Limited Liability companies are not required to list their members on the public record, the names and addresses of directors of Delaware corporations are required to be listed on the Delaware Annual Franchise Report, which is a public record document. This report must be updated every year by the first day of March."

"It is permissible, however, to file the formation document, called the Certificate of Incorporation, without revealing the names of the initial directors, officers and shareholders if one uses a Registered Agent as their incorporator.

Thus, it is true to say that you can file a Delaware corporation without revealing the names of the directors, but they will not remain unnamed for long.

While the benefits of ambiguity are generally respected by Delaware law, the protections are reserved for stockholders rather than directors."
Source: https://www.delawareinc.com/blog/Delaware-corporation-directors-cannot-be-undisclosed/

Also, I remind you the documents in the post are a registration of a branch of the delaware corp in Mass. which doesnt allow anonymous registrations, hence the listing of the president in the forms.


Interesting, although the president of the company could be acting on behalf of someone else. I am not familiar with US law, but in the UK, it's not too difficult to have professionals like lawyers or accountants be appointed Directors or Trustees.

Well, maybe you should ask Mr Burke about it, here are his phone numbers and his email:

Source: https://www.beenverified.com/people/david-burke/ma/brighton/

Source: https://cubib.com/find/david-burke.4868252.html

Im sure you can infer the last 3 letters of his email address, it starts with "hae" and has three more letters...


Interesting, I am not a fan of doxxing, but this seems to fall under public information.

Will be interesting to see what the reaction to this is.

Not a peep. I would say he is dead on.

Just as likelly he's this guy.
Haejin Lee is a more common name than you think.

Did that person also tried to register Haejins logo? ;)

I need to stop using the computer when I'm exhausted :/

Something that always made me suspect he was not Korean was his use of the "race card" as that is a west "thing" and he used it all the time, and that simply does not happen in Korea, I know as I have visited South Korea, and most parts of Asia including Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia etc etc and they would never dream of pulling said card out. :-)

Even most Asian Americans don’t pull that card except in some personal/private discussions.

It’s almost white liberals, in my experience, that does that.

& haejin pulls it out a lot.

Did you notice @lafona and associated accounts. It's generating lots of Steem.

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Oh, what would Thoreau think of all this financial madness:D

“Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity.”

Looks like you nailed it, the silence speaks louder than words 😎

The Real News apparently just doxxed about 2000-billionaires with a letter from about 200-pro-academics asking for change. Interesting times! They reported on it at a ​minimum...

Block chain drama, lol

@walden, can I ask you something on Discord?

Why is it all about a "foreign corporation" if he is an American?

Great question @indigoocean. In the U.S. corporations are created under state law. Usually a corporation formed elsewhere is required by each state to register in order to be recognized within that state.

In this context, the term foreign corporation is used to refer to any incorporation arising outside the state. This includes corporations formed under the laws of a different state as well as other nations.

You can read more about this here

Oh, I never knew that they referred to out of state corporations as "foreign." You learn something new every day! Thanks.

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