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RE: WhereIn - A Steem-based lifestyle social media platform

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Very nice work, I have downloaded the app and its fast and works great. Its easy to use as I am able to use it even without understanding any Chinese. Nonetheless, an english version would be fantastic and I would use it daily especially that steepshot is a dead project now and APPICS is limited sign ups. Seems like that your project is the best and almost only accessible "instagram" steem app on the chain at this moment.


Thanks you for your liking!We will launch the English version at the right time.It should not be too long , pls wait a little more.

Yes please work on the english version asap and iOS app would be awesome. Love the idea of the whole thing it sounds amazing. Already a big steem community, to create a platform like this on steem is brilliant.

Thank you!The ios version is ready for download(, but the english version will take some days.

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