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Great article @steemchiller! Finally, another big voice that speaks the truth. Hard to express your feelings and come with real facts these days. You got my respect.

  1. Acknowledge witnesses made a mistake
  2. Respect another person's property
  3. Don't feel buthurt because you got rekt by the big 4.
  4. Swallow your ego and allow them to get their stake back. ASAP
  5. The community gets his elected witnesses back
  6. Life goes on, why worry?

all witnesses are running code with no Soft fork.
exchanges would in 2 days have 1/13 of the stake if they started the power down. Doing 2 hard forks to get them out in few days means coding them, testing them, and implementing them. not sure were you here for last 2 hard forks that were tested for a while. it is not something that you want to do ASAP

I was actually, yes. But I am not sure if you really know what you are talking about or just citating drakos. These EXACT words I have heard 2 days ago...
How is the weather where you live? Went surfing this morning, waves were good.

it is shitty. we had rain for 3 day now. so not a great time to be out. my closest beach is 600km away and really no waves.

i do know that it would probably not be that hard to code it as the last forks were as not that much changes, but it is still a hard fork and shit can go down, doing that just because 2 accounts on steem? not really sure if i would like that.

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