Hardfork complete but not as planned.

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It seems the Hardfork was hacked and the funds that were going to be removed from specific accounts was sent to Bittrex instead.


I have no idea how this will sort out, but one thing I know for sure that everyone that is closely involved in okay with tampering with everyone else's stake so it is pretty hard to be upset.

I am sad to see the KR community witnesses quit.

I have no idea how Bittrex will sort this out, but at least there is a clear list of who the funds belong to and sincerely hope even though they are willing to mess with other people's stake that they get their funds back.

Highly entertaining but also sad.

I have no sympathy for those who will mess with other people's stake getting messed with in return.

None of this would have happened if there had been an attitude of stake is sacred and should never be messed with.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Tune in tomorrow for the next drama

Whoever hacked this HF GREAT JOB! It's an amazing thing to do.



Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder...

I suppose the sad thing in all this — and I am speaking from 20 years dealing with "rewards for content" sites — is that we can now see that blockchain based social sites are basically no different from anything else. You do your best... and one day POOF everything can vanish into a dustcloud.

Seriously, there are ways in which I'd rather go back to Blogger and deal with AdSense monetization....

The system should protect anybody from this no matter what they did. It didn't which mean that Steem is broken, and Hive too unless they make some changes to prevent this.

This is such a weird turn of events it makes me wonder if somebody is playing 13-dimensional chess. That's rarely the smart bet, though.

I don't know all the backgrounds, but it all looks like a war. War doesn't solve problems.

What are you trying to tell me that giving back a down vote is war?

You punch me, I punch you

However people like to conceptualize the idea that punishing someone else will some how make them better - it is all the same silly, flawed logic. Emotional decisions meant to make the actor feel better, but not actually delivering on that premise

The goal of war is to destroy the enemy. You cannot compare this to a revenge. You yourself are a part of those forces that want to destroy others, not me. I have never had anything against people who have bought votes, but you and your friends have risen above the law and punished others for legal things. Everyone had bought votes, even your friends. See their history.

You speak like we are not friends. Are we not friends? :D

Not sure what vote buying has to do with anything. I don't have a particularly strong opinion on the subject

What forces am I wielding in an attempt to destroy someone? What friends?

Destroy the enemy? You know you're just putting words into a database, yes? Nobody is trying to destroy you or anyone else on here. Who is trying to destroy and whom are they destroying?

Apologies if I'm missing something obvious. I am confused by this and it is probably my fault for missing something :D

What are you trying
To tell me that giving back
A down vote is war?

                 - seo-boss

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yes, Justin Sun against the rest of the world :)

I'm sad.
I'm surprised.
And I'm tired of the manipulation

Most exciting thriller I have watched in a long time = these last months on Steem and Hive <3


This is all quite the show tbh

i asked on all sides and never got an answer, you are here longer than me so maybe you know. what did https://steemd.com/@mottler did to steem, how he attacked it, and with who's funds was he messing with? or did steem witnesses just seen an opportunity to take over 2M steem from an account that was not active for 4 years.

Yeah, I have no idea how he got on the list.

That account could be the one innocent caught up

None of this would have happened if there had been an attitude of stake is sacred and should never be messed with.

Stake is sacred. It doesn't mean you have the right to equivalent stake on another chain. New chain, new ID, new branding, new exchange listing codes etc. It doesn't follow that a new chain must respect the stake of an old one.

I agree. I don't care who or what Hive gave their tokens too.

Everyone on the list voted to tamper with or supported those who tampered with Justin's stake. Just a little Karma...

yep, I feel badly for him. The only victim

not really the only one. roundbeargames was just talking shit to korean community (he is korean so "you" can't say it was racist). he had nothing to do with hive, nothing to do with spaming, nothing to do with attacking the blockchain, i think he had something like 20k steem, at the time of this hf somewhere around 9k. he was picked because witnesses did not like him. and he called justin a chinese dictator...

The funds were confiscated (not completely removed) with the HF because of their owners abusive actions on Steem. Then they were stolen by someguy123 (who had access to the keys on anonsteem).

123 accessed funds of 321. It looks as if, but it surely was not the smartest move to steal those funds from the community account.

because of their owners abusive actions on Steem.

as no one responded to my question, maybe you will. how was this account abusive on Steem? https://steemd.com/@mottler he abused steem by not being active for 4 years? or maybe you just did not like the fact that he owned 500k of steem?
you know how to look at the chain. i am a noob. please explain to me what he has done.

edited: i suck at looking at chain data, looks like he had over 2M steem.

Hi @steemchiller,
auch mich interessiert deine Antwort auf die Frage von @bil.prag.
Wirst du die Frage noch beantworten?

@steemchiller, warum beantwortest Du oder irgend ein anderer Witnesses nicht die Frage von @bil.prag.
Da Du (Ihr) den neuen Code ausführt, solltet Ihr (Du) auch wissen warum!

The list was carefully created by our security team. I currently don't know the exact reason for blocking the 'mottler' account, but I guess it's a ninja mined account with connection to other abusive accounts.

I will let you know when I have more details ;)

Shouldn't you have known the details before you voted on the HF? For someone who previously stated, they would "...never support any fork to freeze funds..." of anybody, one would think that you would take such a matter very seriously.


At that time I didn't know yet that they would really consider to destroy this blockchain. Without a functioning Steem blockchain there is no steemchiller, so he needed to act accordingly.

Hey @steemshiller, it seems you don't know what "never" means.
I guess it's just that principles don't mean anything when you get a stinc vote and the all witness money.
I can just say I am very, very deeply disappointed by your actions.

So you're saying, knowing what you know now, that freezing funds is OK when necessary to protect the blockchain? I find such a sentiment to be rather familiar. Perhaps because that's what the initial group expressed when they implemented SF 22.2. While I didn't agree with their actions at the time, I did understand why they did it. They feared that Sun would come in and take over the blockchain. It turns out those fears were well founded as that is what has happened and what continues to happen to this day. You yourself have been both victim to and beneficiary of this.

All that being said, there was never a need to steal funds, ever. If you really wanted the threat gone, you could have just given them their stake liquid, although even that would have been unfair for everybody else. Then again, fairness didn't seem to play much of a role in the decision making process for you guys. You can't call it a community account unless you give the community equal access to the account.

The truth is, those accounts didn't pose much of a threat to Steem going forward, especially with a 4-week power down. This was about retribution...retribution for actions that happened another chain. It's like if someone did something wrong on Tron (or youtube) and you punished them on Steem. It was childish and vindictive.

The bottom line is that you helped to steal funds when you said you wouldn't. It's disappointing to me, and I'm sure on some level to you too.

please do. as i looked at all his accounts and did not find any transaction that would show any connection to any old witness.
would be interesting to see what did security team say.

and as you do that, ask about roundbeargame to. because he was a small account that was a bit to vocal about what is going on, but i am sure that he had nothing to do with hive, nor he could do anything with his few thousend steem that he owned.

Here is the response from our security team:

There was (insider) info that this ninja-mined account belongs to one of the hive witnesses (who also ninja-mined with other accounts) and attacked the steem blockchain. That is why it was initially included.

However, the blockchain record itself does not show any direct evidence, so the community decision based on SPS may return the stake.

As I stated earlier, the confiscated funds are not in the community account to enrich ourselves. Some people from Hive again and again try to make others believe in their false claims, but this does not make those more true.

There are already discussions happening about how to proceed from here on. If someone thinks that he should not be in that list, the community can decide to return his funds anytime.

the blockchain record itself does not show any direct evidence

it does not show any direct or indirect evidence. so it was done on a rumor about an anonymous miner from 4 years ago.

by community you mean @dev365? if everyone currently holding steem on the blockchain voted for SPS, would they be able to outvote steemit (justin)?

what was the reasoning for moving funds in an private account purposefully created anonymously? you could created an account. you could have move it to SPS. why liquid?

also why roundbeargames got his steem taken? he was vocal about korean community and justin sun, but he had nothing to do with hive, did not spam, amount of steem he had was funny to be any threat to steem. he was on the list just because he was not liked by korean leaders.

You must understand, there is no transparency in this actions, there is no info. A lot of things are done, to put it mildly, shady. New witnesses that pop up few hours before the HF, voted in by steemit, as steemit claims they have nothing to do with the HF.
Witnesses playing dead for all the questions. you are the only witness that had a decency to even write a comment.


Some people from Hive again and again try to make others believe in their false claims, but this does not make those more true.

Simply calling them false claims also does not make them false. It's important that questions be answered even when they come from those who may hold an opposing viewpoint.

If the SPS is to be the means by which the funds may be returned, then why not put the funds into the SPS? Why have they been transferred as liquid to a separate account? Secondly, if you were open to instantly liquidating their funds, then why not simply do that and give it to them...and ask/tell them to leave. I have often seen witnesses express a desire for Steem to be left alone by those who wish to only be in Hive. By stealing the funds, you almost guarantee retailiation. This isn't good for Steem.

If the SPS is to be the means by which the funds may be returned, then why not put the funds into the SPS? Why have they been transferred as liquid to a separate account?

I don't think that those funds belong to the SPS, which is a community account for paying developers and promising projects for the Steem blockchain. By separating the accounts it's currently ensured that they can't be used spontaneously for other purposes (as you might know, the transfer operation is now blocked for that account).

Of course, the SPS can still be used to propose returning the funds for one or more accounts at the same time in one proposal. If the major stakeholders agree that funds should be returned, the community will make it happen.

as you might know, the transfer operation is now blocked for that account).

I do know now, but why wasn't it that way before? Can you understand why that would make one skeptical? I still think we, Steem, would be better off if you simply gave those accounts the liquid and asked them to leave...even if you did it on some kind of timeline to not flood the market. You should speak to your fellow witnesses and start digging us out of this quagmire you've gotten us into.

this articulated answer from steem witness brings full confidence that everything is fine on the steem blockchain.

if we were kidding. looks like stealing half of a million dollars from an inactive account is perfectly fine on steem blockchain now.

looks like you did not steal the image of this cute dog, so that is a progres.

Lieber @steem-supporter

The community and investors demand an answer to this question!
Is our financial commitment secured or is it also taken away from us like you do at @mottler?

I hacked the community321 account.

No, I hacked the community321 account.

It was me this whole time. I am @community321.

Don’t mess with malicious hackers, bro.

I hacked the community321 account.

No, I hacked the community321 account, and so did my wife!

It was me, Mario.

@community321 is my bottom bitch that I hack for fun!!!

I hacked who hacked the community321 account.

And I hacked you. If you read something different it is Fake News!

I hacked the community321 account. Don't believe these state sponsored lies!


The funds were confiscated (not completely removed) with the HF because of their owners abusive actions on Steem.

@steemchiller really?

What is the difference between "confiscated" and completely removed, because the plan of what was to happen with those funds was not published. So what was the plan? You are no 2 witness so I assume you know?

And abusive to steem? How was this account (https://steemd.com/@mottler) abusive to steem? Looks fairly stagnant in terms of recent activity to me.

Was it just a money grab? Looks that way to me.

Seriously, I used to respect you, man. You were set as a beneficiary on my posts for months (from my @felt.buzz account, I can no longer use to post comments with because my account was censored for some reason, and my comments don't show up).

What happened to you?

Then they were stolen by someguy123 (who had access to the keys on anonsteem).

that's a pretty strong claim and would mean that anonsteem keeps a copy of keys for all accounts they create. Do you have any information to support your theory?

If I remember correctly, they store them just temporarily. The account was created 12 days ago.

The owner of the new account normally changes his Master Password immediately after receiving the keys, but this did not happen in this case.

If the passwords are temporarily stored, changing the passwords wouldn't have helped. They could still recover the account with the original password. If true, this would mean that Anonsteem accounts cannot securely be used within the first 30 days after changing the initial password.

edit: I believe you are right that anonsteem had a copy of the keys:

AnonSteem does in-fact generate your keys server side. [...] Quite often, the fact that we keep a record of people's keys, has saved quite a few accounts from being lost to the void.


People should leave other people's stake alone.

I don't have any sympathy for those who's funds were going to be taken, because they tampered with Justin's funds.

I don't have any sympathy for the community fund, because they were tampering with this stake.

It just puts everyone at risk. meh.

Nobody likes the current situation and we all hope that these stressful times will be over soon, so that we all can focus on the good things again. With the initial freeze of Mr. Sun's funds they have crossed an important red line.

I still hope that they all will finally find peace and just leave us alone. They copied millions of posts to their 'new' chain but not the related funds of all accounts that created those posts. That is questionable to say the least.

As I said before, they should start a completely new blockchain to be able to succeed in the long term. There are too many hurdles to be successful with a fork of an existing social network blockchain.

They copied millions of posts to their 'new' chain but not the related funds of all accounts that created those posts.

Even if they had copied the current balances it's not clear that would be fair compensation for copying old post content. If user A and user B both had $20 in liquid rewards from some pre-split post, and A traded their $20 for some bitcoin while B held it as SBDs, after the split/copy B would have gotten "paid again" on the new chain but A wouldn't have, even though their posts were equally copied and presumably equally valuable. Starting from scratch would have been the most legal and ethical approach, but they didn't choose that route. I'm still a bit surprised that there haven't been any copyright claims filed, although maybe that is happening quietly and I just haven't heard about it.

so that we all can focus on the good things again.

There's no good things left. Hive/Steem really was a scheme as it was criticised for. If you can't trust that you have control of your own funds the system is broken. Stealing is not OK because someone else was stealing first. Someone stole money in Sumeria 5000 years ago.

There's still some nice people here that is supporting me with fiat money the only money concept that works obviously.

Pretty sick and tired of all of you.

Banking doesn't work. There are millions of unbanked people worldwide. Governments printing boat loads of money is a scam. Banks seizing funds and you having to prove it isn't fraud is a scam.
PayPal is a scam.

If you accept money by medium, YouTube, patreon, udemy or literally any payment processor or website that pays you for any good or service in fiat they can deplatform you in a second. This happens every single day.

Just because fiat is better for you doesn't mean it always will be.

Banks seizing funds and you having to prove it isn't fraud is a scam.

You can't see the irony writing that in this tread?

Maybe we can conclude that money is a scam WHICH INCLUDE CRYPTO. I can buy a bread with fiat, that's all.

Maybe you should learn what license the blockchain and its contents are under, I mean you are a top witness and everything. 😉

Please tell me what I've done to have my savings taken away.

We haven't ported any of our work over to Hive and may never do. Does letting Steemium and steem.organic die too big of an attack on Steem?

Have you seen me spamming?

I don't think you deserved it at all.

I just think if you were for messing with some one else's stake you don't have a lot of room to complain.

I don't think you DID anything to deserve this, because I don't think there is anything people CAN do to deserve this.

Sorry it happened and I hope you get it back. I also hope for the rest of your crypto days you never support anyone who wants to touch anyone's stake for any reason.

Well whoever did it, it was a real nice job. Probably never will reveal themselves and might even blame on others.

It's surprising that anonsteem was used to create the account even though any account can create new accounts. No need to involve third party services like that. But maybe it was made intentionally.

I hacked the community123 account.


So we finally find out that funds are not safe on steem and hive.
I'm out.

It was nice knowing you, don't blame you. I still am moving funds out on both chains.

It didn't take long.
One wrong comment and I got downvoted on hive.

Yeah, I've been watching.. I didn't see that specifically, but I've seen a lot like it.

I got into this hoping to find out what people liked and try to provide it.

Maybe help open a help desk... Answer some questions.. Have some fun and build a community.

Feels impossible at this point, and I'm an impatient person. I'm pretty over it.

Whoever hacked this HF GREAT JOB!

You're not serious right now?!

All the people playing with other people's funds deserve whatever they get.

So basically 65 accounts got to power down and transfer their funds to Bittrex in less than 4 hours...

Exactly... but there is a question remaining. Will bittrex just return the funds to that account? Or will they try to distribute them?

It's not quite over yet.

Most likely Bittrex will do nothing for now.... and let the lawyers work it out.

Well, technically the account transferred the funds to bittrex with wrong memo - and they don't do refunds ;)

So are we all able to powerdown immediately now or what?
Should I stop my 13 week powerdown to start a new one that will go faster now?

I believe the change was made to 4 weeks. I haven't tested it, so yes it will go faster now.

Yes, I just cancelled and redid it, and though the message still says 13 weeks, if you look at the amounts scheduled for each batch it is clearly divided by only 4 weeks!

The message wasn't changed because the current Steem witnesses don't know how to program their blockchain, only copy/paste lol

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