If you are still creating Steem Exclusive content, please use the tag

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As we all know a huge group has left Steem to create Hive, after Justin Sun of Tron purchased SteemIt, Inc and around 20% of Steem Stake.


Hive is being supported by experienced Steem Witness who have done an excellent job of launching a new chain and promoting it. Steem's current situation is a bit messier.

Some of us are interested in keeping original Steem alive at least... "For Now".

With my Steem Power I would like to support Steem Exclusive Content for the time being.

I am still curating here and Adsup still follows my vote, "For Now".

So, if you are creating Steem Exclusive content use the tag: #steemexclusive

If the Hive Group sticks with their original goals of powering down and moving to hive over time they will have less impact as time goes on. If they conduct themselves with any bit decorium at all it will be my choice to politely ignore their posts.

Things are likely to remain somewhat hostile and messy for a month to 13 weeks, and after that people can evaluate where things are.

My position at this time is to support Steem Exclusive Content and to Stand Down regarding any decent looking cross posting.

Full Disclosure:
I am also powering down a little less than half my holdings at this time, until we see where both platforms are headed.



I will be posting one more exclusive for STEEM, and then will be curating until my stake is gone. It's a sad state of affairs.. but I'll leave that for my post.

Yeah it feels like one is melting. This is my first power downing ever. Dusted off a couple of exchange accounts this morning. Will probably start selling HIVE tomorrow. Waiting to see what Mr. Sun gets up to with atomic swaps while still powering down on STEEM.

Thanks for all you have done for the STEEM Community, @slobberchops.

Remember some of the information in Marky's post is one person's perspective vs. facts.

And I wish you and Hive great success.

so cool of you. I have many questions and I published a steemexclusive post asking how to drive steem price up.

It has long been my contention that STEEM's biggest value is as a utility token on one of the fastest transaction fee free blockchains out there. Introducing atomic swaps could expand STEEM 's natural scalability by many factors from my fairly rudimentary understanding of their workings

If STEEM could be made uncloggable by off chain transactions for things like steem monster swaps, for example, then this feature might bring greater value to the token because of potential demand by those that have need for a fast and (for now at least) transaction free cryptographic network.

My approach may be to HODL my STEEM for now.

It was incredibly disappointing to see a chain fork that resulted in virtualy mirror copies of the code. If we consider the reassignment of STINC's Ninja Stake into the SPS budget as administrative changes the only difference, by my understanding, between the HIVE and STEEM code is the 30 day cool off period to await SP involvement in witness voting.

The motivations for the fork seemed more head bunting than visionary. Territory marking at best.

The HIVE Devs have set themselves up with a lot of water to carry for the fork to be code worthy and once Mr. Sun's people get familiar with the code all kinds of different things may start to happen.

Check out the STEEM->Sell link. 😎

I'm not sure if I'll just focus on hive because I think it's not bad idea to do posting in both platforms. As long ad there will be supporters, there will be a content creator

Someone mentioned that @actfit posted to both chains. It seems like it woukd be a very useful dApp for a developer. Cooperation seems out of the question between the two camps. It had an emotional level for me as well.

It would make for a good SPS project if not voted down with STINC's NM Stake. 😎

Full Disclosure:
I am also powering down a little less than half my holdings at this time, until we see where both platforms are headed.

Smart decision. Right now I delegated some to the Venezuelans project. Other than the @actifit that cross-posts I'm trying to treat each one independently.. There's no reason why either/or or both cannot be successful..

I think many are trying to get a rise out of Juston.. but I'm finding I come in via the steemPeak UI it's almost like old times 😀

Im also noticing a lot of non-steemit witnesses stepping up. and that is a good thing.

This is nice development. Thank you will be posting more steem exclusive content

you know mine always is but i'll try to remember to use the tag😎 apprec the curation efforts, have a good wknd✌️

Some of us are interested in keeping original Steem alive at least... "For Now".


Someone wanted to "fuck us"... I think we should keep poking and pricking his ego. Let him try and bankroll Steem as to seem as he were trying to onboard his "15 million" Tron users.

How does that compare with our 1.5 million users and hundreds of apps? :)

Look I am not impressed and I find him to be sloppy. He owns 20 percent of the stake and thing might settle down.

I can't believe how arrogant, self-righteous and down right insane our community got. >O They tampered with the man's stake. :)

It is a good initiative and will people to get some upvotes on Steem.

Whats your opinion on the topic?

Aha! Good, I'll use the tag from now on. I will stay and post only in steemit.

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