Time to Get Back To Being Constructive.

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So, you were unhappy with how Steem was going after Justin Sun bought 20% of the stake and SteemIt Inc.

After his reaction to the Softfork you didn't want to be involved in the project any further, and you made a fork.

Good for you! I respect that and you pulled it off really well and it seems to be going really well! Great job, much respect.

So, now go on and make your new project. I'm sick of listening to the complaints, seeing the milking and the desire to burn Steem down.

Take your stake if you are unhappy and move on. If you can't decide be constructive to both projects.

But I have no idea what you are trying to accomplish ruining Steem too.

It's a huge turn off.

I hope Hive does amazing things, I've heard lots of good things, I've peaked and it seems to be going well.

For those of you that want to stay it's time to get back on track, no one is going to clean this up for us.

Vote for Steem witnesses on Steem and Hive Witnesses on Hive.

I can't condemn crossposting, but being purely shitty in your posting, says more about you than it does about Justin.



I could not agree more. It's disgusting to see people coming back from hive and shiting all over the place. Especially some of the witnesses and so-called prominent people.

It's not something I would do personally. (apart from my usual piss takes, obviously!lol)

When people feel (rightly or wrongly) that they have 'just cause', or the morale high ground, it adds energy to any 'wrongs' they perceived have happened.(rightly or wrongly).

Yeah now they do look like scammer hackers, like how gtg milks his comments! They are disgusting, that's why I voted for sock witnesses!

Agreed! There's an old truism that goes something like this:

"Blowing out someone else's candle does not make YOUR candle burn any brighter."

Bright Blessings!

I had been trying to keep an open mind about the Hive leadership, I figured that there was a good chance that the elements of their behavior that I found objectionable were explained by them being too caught up in their own story to think clearly, but seeing them continue to spam the Steem chain and self-vote their spam has me leaning toward a more cynical assessment of their characters. But I'm trying to see the bright side that there may be more opportunity on Steem now that the same old voices won't be dominating the conversations (if they would ever actually get around to leaving, and assuming of course that Justin Sun hasn't been so soured by the experience that he tears everything down and salts the earth so that nothing can ever grow here again).

Wish a lot of people could think like this.

The toxicity here will probably last at least another 13 weeks. Maybe shorter, if the powerdown rules change. But as long as the Hive gang is still vested here, they will need to engage with the Steem blockchain, even if it's just to dump their tokens on exchanges.

Being confronted with their actions muted and censored here will trigger them to act out. The crypto-community at large has never been known for it's responsible and mature way of acting in general. Don't expect the 'rag tag bunch of witnesses' as Dan Larimer called them or the 'malicious hackers' as Justin called them to suddenly act all decent, ethical and composed.

But hey, give it some time, by Steem's 5th birthday, they'll probably be gone from Steem. Who knows what Justin's leadership will have done with this platform?

Disclaimer: don't expect miracles from Justin.

I can't condemn crossposting, but being purely shitty in your posting, says more about you than it does about Justin.

I see it, but I won't do it. I know what you mean about the comment on my post now.

Hello, @Whatsup!! I think some of the people and the witnesses of hive should be making and respondig questions THERE, instead of bashing users and projects like steemchiller's witness node and others here in steem.

I'm really over it!

Let's move on!! 👍

I can't condemn crossposting, but being purely shitty in your posting, says more about you than it does about Justin.

Best regards!!

Very well said, I'm just having Weku flashbacks. At first I was confused as to WTF was going on. I'd post a video onto D.Tube like I always do when I'm motivated enough to do so, let alone post a video period, and get inundated with spam. Not the usual "Hur nice post, now follow me too" type stuff. Wasn't aware of what all the hubbub was about. Now I'm a little more knowledgeable as to what's going on and I'm on both. Doesn't hurt to spread my videos a little further and possibly earn a little extra crypto alongside it.

I'm not going to take a greasy shit on Steemit for it though. For me this looks like Weku all over again. Hope I'm wrong and it turns out great and not another Weku, or SaidRollins, or CashPosts, or any other flavor of ripped off the Steemit source so please come to us flavor of the month.

Hell, I hope Hive does well, and I hope Steemit does two. Maybe the development of both platforms can diverge away from each other into doing some amazing things. I for one would love to see a more old MySpace-esque UI Frontend.

being purely shitty in your posting, says more about you than it does about Justin


I agree exactly. Everyone should develop their own platform.

Well said! 👍🏽

Their so-called approach to this situation has completely put me off. I'm not an anarchist running wild with a smile.

I personally have disconnected from all UI's and login Dapp's that are connected to 'H' devs or fence-sitting devs. I have no trust in the Steem applications at the moment so I'm logging in manually.

I hope Steemit Inc resolves this uncertainty fast, securing the Steem/Steemit brand and position in the process.

Those who abandon the steem community and move on to Hive this we don't have any concern to them but they don't have to invade on them anymore. If they want to continue their work on both platform well and good but they don't have to destroy this platform. I myself using the both platform but I don't hate steem I love steem blockchain more then Hive blockchain and I want to see steem grow.

Long Live Steem

I hope Steem survives as well and I have not migrated to HIVE yet.

It should be about competition and which platform offers the best deal for the endusers.

Great points @whatsup !!
I for one do not want Steem to tank,I really hope it does well.
I think both sides need to tone it down as most off us are vested in both chains now and if ether chain tanks it will be a big loss.
Time to get back to photography posts =) well after the plague buns out anyway lol

I agree with that statement, and we need to move on in a good direction.

I can agree with this to a large extent, but I also feel if you are trying to be constructive, you may have to be vocal in your criticism if you feel it is warranted. This is especially true for those of us with smaller stakes. While stake has its affects on how your voice is received, it is no reason to muzzle one's self.

I have no problem with people voicing criticism.

I do take issue with lying, smear campaigns, and endless crying and sobbing.

Bravo after all - You are big friend from TheMarkyMark - Hi demage a lot Steem blockchain!!!

I absolutely like themarkymark, that doesn't mean I agree with every point of view he has or every decision he makes.

Remember I think downvotes are an important part of how Steem works.

People say good things, people say bad things. Same coin, different side.

I usually don't seek out hotheads to invest in.

:) so, pay attention to actions and words they are the clues to what people are and will do.

Do you know is there any service to report plagiarism to? I see dobartim's gang is back at it.

ouch! burn

Good points though.. but I dunno.. people bitch about twitter in twitter and forcebook in facebork.. hell, I am always posting in FB that people should be blogging in livejournal instead, and lamenting the death of mySpace.

But definitely they should be more civil about it all..

If they real feel their new project is going to be so successful and it isn't all a bluff.

They should go focus on it.

Seems to me they have an axe to grind and they are grinding it on the wrong person.

I've mostly noticed people bitching about the censorship on my feeds.

But that's really up to the whoever ends up as the new witnesses, or new frontend interfaces, to deal with..

speaking f, steempeak's been a godsend and I am surprised I haven't used it regularly sooner..

Hi there

I've been reading through many comments related to new hive chain and I've seen your comment too. Many users are being torn, however majority seem to be moving to new hive.

Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.

At first, I wanted to have a wait and see attitude.. Then when I was presented with posts that suggested the steemit app was censoring posts, I was dead set to leave..

Then I found out several people I follow are staying, so I want to stay for a bit and see what they are up to..

I will probably eventually move over completely unless something dramatic happens with steem, tbh, but for now, with splinterlands as well, I am staying here as well

Might power down a bit though..

Likely each chain will grow in their own ways. We're still in relatively new territory on this stuff, so I am fascinated by how both stories will end..

There is no reasonable expectation of a lack of censorship on a privately owned front end.

All those posts are still being inserted on the blockchain and published on other front ends such as SteemPeak.

Also remember those who have blocked are extremely hostile to Steem. What do you think they (steemit inc) should do?

I'd block them too if it were me. They've been despicable at handling this whole thing. Like someone said earlier, 'Too caught up in their own story they cannot think clearly'.

Funny how no one will take in to account they have been openly hostile to Steem. lol.

There is no reasonable expectation of a lack of censorship on a privately owned front end.

On any application, tbh, yes. But as they say 'vote with your feet'. i.e. if there's no customers' there's no business.. of course in this day and age where everything is a mega corp and there's a ton of difficulty in actually making a competitor to something. that's not always as easy done as said

All those posts are still being inserted on the blockchain and published on other front ends such as SteemPeak.

yup, pretty much only using steemPeak when I come here now..

Also remember those who have blocked are extremely hostile to Steem. What do you think they (steemit inc) should do?

they can do whatever they want. I don't have to like it. Anyway, I'm just commenting on his question about what I had planned to do..

@creativeblue, I would suggest staying on both and seeing what happens.

Big Thx for your reply. I think i will stick around on both chains for time being.

I also figured that you may find this post interesting and worth your time:

It's post published by good friend of mine and I'm helping him to promote their curation trail.

I couldn't agree more. I've made quite a few enemies by speaking out against the childish behavior I've seen from the Hive community.

I was positive about Hive at first and supported the right to do it. But the desire to trash Steem on their way out disgusts me. I expected more.

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