SBD value is slowly going back to the 1$, it is the last moment to buy STEEM for SBD

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SBD mania was started over one month ago with "listing" SBD and STEEM on upbit exchange. Actually upbit uses bittrex exchange and it is only Korean interface, thats why we dont see upbit entry on the coinmarketcap. By the way it shows why listing SBD on new exchanges is not good if we want to keep SBD price around 1$.

At that time, circulating supply of SBD was around 3,5 millions, now we have 6.1 millions of the SBD in the circulating supply and it clearly affects the SBD price on the exchanges. SBD supply is rising becasue 1. Steemit has removed option to conver SBD to STEEM via blockchain. 2.STEEM price has grown a lot that is why every post generate now a lot of new SBD.
Right now there is no other way to burn your sbd than using promote post option, but only a few people do that, so supply will keep growing and the price will go down and in my opinion it is one of the latest moment to buy STEEM for SBD because very soon SBD:STEEM ratio will be below 1.


Thanks for the informative post. When I've been getting SBD I've been getting rid of it quickly with the thought that people will eventually realize that SBD is designed to be worth $1. The inflation rate you mentioned of $3.1 million to $6.1 million in under two months is very high. Do you know of an way to look at the total SBD supply over time?

i always just trade sbd for steem.
it's so good to be able to trade it more than 1:1, so I don't want to be too greedy haha

Thank you for information

you are welcome

It makes sense and scary me haha

dont hodl sbd!

nice post, I did upvote, but i am not agree with your analysis
SBD will increase with time

Good post, and I understand your analysis, but I think it is way too early to count out SBD just yet. That said, only time will tell.

I am personally concentrating on SteemPower and Steem, but it's early in the game, and I'm learning all I can, so that may change at any time.