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TradeQwik is a brand new exchange with a twist and we're in beta right now!
Our focus is on providing a clean, simple, easy to use gateway into and out of fiat.

At TradeQwik you can deposit market pegged assets such as SBD or bitUSD and it instantly trades at face value into fiat, no muss, no fuss, no hassle. In fact when you deposit those currencies they just show up in your account as USD within seconds.

You can withdraw into your choice of other market pegged assets, or cold hard cash at any of our ATMs.
You can also use our ATMs to load your TradeQwik account directly in pesos or dollars, and use that to buy cryptos at spot with no markup.

Additionally, We also offer debit cards tied directly to your TradeQwik account that allow you to spend your cryptocurrencies anywhere MasterCard is accepted!

But wait! That's not all!

TradeQwik needed a viable long term solution to cold storage for our Steem, so we decided to take the step of powering up all of the funds we receive in excess of our average daily withdrawal demands. What this means is that we'll be using SP for cold storage. But that's boring! So just to shake things up a little,
We'll be using that SP exclusively to upvote the posts of our best customers!

As our steem reserves build we'll use it to brighten the day of each of our customers.
In order to qualify for an upvote, all you need to do is be active that day. The 20 most active traders each day will get their most recent posting upvoted with full power around midnight GMT.
To the best of my knowledge this makes us the only exchange that solely upvotes it's customers as a reward for choosing to do business with us..

But how secure is it?

No centralized exchange is flawless. However TradeQwik is built on top of TxBits, a world class open source crypto trading engine that was engineered to be extremely secure and highly scalable. It's battlehardened and tested in real exchanges, none of which have ever been hacked.

But I took it a step further and became the new maintainer of the TxBits project as well.
This means that other than config files and artistic assets, 100% of our source code is available online for your inspection. Pull requests are accepted and welcome!
How many exchanges do you know of that can make that claim?

I'll be updating the TxBits wiki in a few days explaining all the measures we took to secure every aspect of the exchange not just the source code, and those steps go far above the norm.

What do I get for trying out TradeQwik during beta?

Besides the immense sense of satisfaction from helping us during the game of whack-a-mole that is inevitable during beta, you'll receive higher priority for voting, since that list is sorted first by sign up date and then by activity.

However in case that weren't enough, we're running a contest during the expected 30 days of beta testing.
The current price of a VIVA Crown is ~$600 USD. We'll be giving away 2 VIVA Crowns each day.
One Crown will go to the trader who makes the most gains in total NAV each day from their trading activity and the second Crown will go to the person who placed the most filled or partially filled orders.
In otherwords each day we're giving 1 Crown to the top maker and 1 Crown to the top taker.

What else will we be offering?

There's a lot more in the works. As I mentioned in my first post about TradeQwik, TradeQwik is just a single component of the VIVA Economic Engine. A crucial component, but still just a component. As VIVA launches, the other features such as cryptographically secure, interest bearing money market accounts denominated in fiat and the ability to trade on margin will begin to roll out. Furthermore, we will be launching the first VIVA mint and moving our own infrastructure inside VIVA as a living demonstration of how businesses can use the VIVA network as infrastructure that pays for itself. As we do that, you'll be able to earn a passive income, just staying connected to TradeQwik so we can put your idle cpu cycles to work.

Make sure to follow @tradeqwik for more information!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope to see you in beta. Your upvotes, resteems and comments are greatly appreciated.

You can go to to signup for beta.

If you'd like an invite to our slack channel, just send an email to [email protected] and we'll get you one right away.

p.s. If you have a favorite cryptocurrency you'd like to see listed at TradeQwik, comment below and we'll look into it right away.

This post is 100% steem powered!

Wondering what VIVA is? Read more about it here


Looks like I'm a bit late... this post is from 2 months ago... However, did my first purchase of VIVA from TradeQwik... still pending but i'm in! Lots of info for me to catch up with you wonderful Steemians!

Excellent post William! So honored and proud to be involved <3 And so very excited for this to debut! Bravo my friend, you did awesome!

As one of the early VIVA crownholders I'm very excited to see TradeQwik starting to roll out. It ought to provide a lot of synergies between the Steem and VIVA economies, and will be a new way for people to easily cash out profits from Steemit posting. I'm very glad I got involved with VIVA last year when the first crown auction was held. It's fascinating to be in at the ground level of a new crypto project and see how the pieces have been gradually coming together over the past couple months. The days / weeks ahead will hold lots to look forward to as more and more features start to come online!

I encourage you all to check out William's previous posts about VIVA. It's a fantastic opportunity for people with an entrepreneurial spirit. And even if VIVA itself doesn't interest you so much, what's not to like about having a brand new cryptocurrency exchange to play around with? ;-)

Thanks! Good to hear these kinda comments. We are working our asses of almost 18 hours a day 6 1/2 days a week, with lots of hurdles to overcome. Thanks crpytomancer!

What a powerful and exciting times to be investing in such great ventures, even if it were only for being aware of its uprising existence and potent potential! WOW!!! Thank you for sharing! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Thank you very much! These are powerful compliments. We're all very glad to have finally made it to this stage, it's been a long journey.

Thank you for the encouragement! We hope to see you in beta!

Any chance for GBG (Golos backed Gold) to be on the list ?

I've never heard of it. But Golos is Russian steem right?
Tell ya what, send an email to [email protected] and we'll discuss it in slack.

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Hey! This sounds amazing!

May I ask about the fees of trading for instance steem or steemdollars into USD? Any idea how high they will be approximately?

I have a project in the making and one of its best use-cases is that the fees are so low thanks to the steem blockchain, but of course there will have to be some fees to have it exchanged to USD and get it on your bank account.

Thanks for the compliment!
We're still feeling out the fees and they will evolve over time.
Right now the fees vary depending on how much our company "VIVA Payment Systems" needs the currency. Example we have a large standing order for SBD so SBD into USD is done without fees.

All of our currencies are free to deposit. Trading fees are mostly 0.05% and those are only charged on market orders, or the part of a limit order that fills immediately.

At present the only withdrawal fees are the network fees for the given currency.

Of course that will change over time.
We have a full API and I'll add a "fees" API so you can get current fees. In the meantime you can look at the most recent trades to see by going here...

Just substitute USD/STM for any open market.

Thanks for the detailed reply! Looking forward to using the site and see how it evolves!

You're very welcome and welcome aboard! Don't forget to ask for an invite to slack by sending an email to [email protected]

Hey William, as I understand it, Tradequik could be used for remittances to Mexico, and the money could be changed to pesos by the receiver using the VIVA ATM. My question is, IF it can solve the remittance problem Mexico is facing, how could it be simplified so that the average user isn't intimidated by the complexity of dealing with an exchange? Perhaps Tradequik hasn't been created with remittances in mind, and that can be done by some other means.


TradeQwik isn't about remittances per se. It's an exchange and crypto to fiat gateway. The easiest way to solve the remittance issue in Mexico is to deploy crypto ATMs and get people using crypto currencies , buying them in the USA and cashing them out at the ATMs. VIVA is a crypto currency that's designed to be super user friendly. You buy vUSD in the USA and send them to Mexico and they are automatically converted to vMXN. All you need is the recipients viva name or phone number.

What are the chances of depositing euros and buying steem?

Thats is all I want to be able to do!

We will be opening an account in the EU very shortly. If you want to sign up for beta you'll be notified as soon as that option is functioning.

We'll be adding paysafecard and astropay integration in the next few days. Both of these can be purchased at convenience stores and paysafecard has an EUR option. I'm adding EUR as a currency to the front end now. Looks like about 5 days before everything is operational on that front.

Signing up soon!

I really do not understand yet. But I am on it. I am a member, and benefiting from your upvotes. Thanks so much for that. I expect to be active as well, as soon as I get a reasonable grasp of things.

Amazing post !!