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RE: For PH community members only: few words about our curation trail

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The post is very enlightening, @crypto.piotr.

Well... Particularly speaking, I am very satisfied not only with the financial rewards (the good upvotes I've been receiving), but mainly for the interaction that my posts have been receiving. As a writer I care a lot about the comments I get because they show that my work has been seen.

I have changed my mindset and am being more participative in other users' posts (although I have a job in the offline world and sometimes I have a tight time to interact). To all the members of the PH community, I can say that I am trying to do my best (both to write and to interact on other users' posts).

Sometimes I just wonder why I don't get such strong upvotes on posts longer than 2 or 3 days, like this one: I know you (the project) need time to help everyone and I hope that I can be one of them because, once again, I repeat that I'm doing my best (by the way, writing on Steemit and Hive) to add value to the PH community.

Thanks in advance for all the help and comments, folks.


I've just read your comment @wiseagent

I would love to support your content with our curation trail
I would need to ask you if it would be okey if you would set up 25% beneficiary? This will allow me easily to recognize that you're part of this new "curation trail" program (by one quick glance at your future post payout). Also those 5% will allow me to cover part of costs of dleasing SP/HP (we've already rented 90k HP on hive, check out @ph-support account)).


Hi, @crypto.piotr.

I would need to ask you if it would be okey if you would set up 25% beneficiary?

So... I'm gonna try this in my next post and see how things will work.

However, I think that depending on the upvotes, it won't be a problem for me because in addition to be financially well rewarded... My main goal is to help the PH community to grow in a strong way.

Seriously, it's great to have you around @wiseagent


My pleausre, @cypto.piotr.

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