Are you having problems claiming your steem rewards lately?

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Just curious if anyone has the same problem. It has been three days since I received rewards from upvoting authors.


Photo taken from website.

By the way. Keep wearing your mask when you go out and practice social distance.
Stay safe and healthy.

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No problems for me.

I can see that on your wallet.
But I'm not getting the rewards and steem power for the last 3 days (at least).

That's interesting to find out what's going on.

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When will I receive my payout?
All payouts occur exactly 7 days after your post or comment is made.

You could have had a gap of when you didn't post or upvote.

Thank you, but I know this process. The issue I'm having for the last few days is different.

You're Welcome. I hope you figure it out.

I wonder how this could be... it doesn't make sense. Did you try logging out and the logging back in? Refresh the page with F5 ? Then try going to Notifications and see if there is a REDEEM option. I hope it works for you.

Thanks. I just started receiving the "claim rewards" again but what happen to the last 5 days is concerning to me.

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