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Yesterday I made my first real investment in any altcoin. After voting and seeing my 100% vote was worth like 0.06$, I was REALLY excited. Never before have I felt such power. So naturally, I just had to buy more steem when I saw it was on sale, second day in a row!

My level of power is no ABOVE 9000!!!

(This much power)

Actually, it's slightly closer to 17.65 "power", but saying over 9000 felt really good, just like seeing what my full upvote is now worth. I was actually going to post a screenshot from steemdollar.com, but that has not updated to account for my FULL power. Anyways, you can check your full vote here:

Today I even got to see the elusive powerslider when I was upvoting something!

That was truly amazing! It's almost like im already evolving into a dolphin, but to be honest I'm just slightly bigger plankton. At the very least, I'm now a plankton amongst algae, progress!

This concludes my post as I only wanted to share my excitement! I hope you guys are as excited as me when you power up :D

Please comment, upvote and follow!


I feel you! I'm new to the power slider as well. I think being plankton is nice, you don't need to be afraid of whale hunters.
Maybe I should invest as well. Over 9000 sounds nice!

That's a good point, whale are scary and on top of the food chain there is Peta, who hunts whale hunters :

Then maybe we should become a peta when it is above a whale :D

Game on!

It's on!
Thank you for resteeming my post, means a lot!

Nice, keep investing in this platform. I love the idea of a social network where you can earn something for posting your ideas.

Not only that, but you even earn for liking others content!

A powerslider! Oh, if only! One day such joys will be mine!

One day it will :) I was just too impatient to wait for my rewards to take me there :P
Guess next goal is having an upvote be worth a whole dollar.

Your post inspired me. I went and did the same thing.

I loled

Well, seems I'm doing something right at least.
I do hope that 9k power will be a reality one day tho :P

Hey @Znaffe nice reference to He-man, upvoted keep up the good work

Haha, thank you! That's probably going to be an ongoing meme as long as the internet is an ongoing thing :P

Being born in the 80s also helps to appreciate the meme too 😉

Very nice :)

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