Some perspective on "Catching the falling knife"

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On days like these it's easy to get reminded of how easily spooked people are. So I thought I'd share my perspective and why I think this is such a great day to get invested in Steem.

Most of us woke up or came home from work to this sight:
2017-07-10 22_57_08-CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations.jpg
Now, you can view this in two different ways.

Alternative one:
Oh no, everything is going to crash, the sky is falling down.
Alternative two.
Oh look! I can now purchase more steem for my BTC!

I opted for alternative two today. When I got home from work, the excitement was real when I realised I'd be able to get some steem at summersale!

So how can you be sure you're not just another idiot catching a falling knife?
2017-07-10 23_11_47-catching falling knife - Google-søk.jpg

Well, you cant. For me it simply comes down to asking myself one simple question, - "Do I think steem/steemit will grow over the next year?" If yes, I invest whenever the price dips. You can never time the market perfectly, so instead I just buy a little whenever the steem is on sale.

Most of us probably plan on spending countless hours on this platform and thus it makes sense to invest some money into it to enjoy a fair share of the growth.

I think investing in steem on days like these is a great strategy and im happy I made my first purchase today!

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When everyone is selling, its time to buy.. When everyone is buying, its time to sell.

Much easier said than done. I usually get it wrong :p

True Flip {ICO} - Already running a transparent blockchain lottery! Bomb! Bonus 20%! Hurry! :)
The platform is already working and making a profit :)

I guess you can just buy all the time and have a 50% successrate :P
That's a simple solution and at least you wont be left behind at the trainstation.

And about trading and timing, imma quote a guy;
"Starting is the first step towards losing" - Smart guy

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