Why Steem I think steem has been lagging in price (relative to other alts)

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Ever since I joined this platform I've seen people being puzzled by the fact that Steem is not keeping up with other cryptoprojects. This is especially strange considering the Steem blockchain actually see real-world use (in contrast to most other cryptos). Even BTC see very little real world use as most people just hold it instead of using it for real commerce.

Steem is not undervalued AT ALL
In my opinion steem is most likely overvalued, a 800m mcap for 0.5m users (give or take) is rich. This value is rich compared to normal platforms, like twitter and facebook for example. However, this value is bad compared to other crypto concepts that get 1b valuations just for using a few buzzwords.

I think it comes down to the fact that people actually see Steem real-world usecase before they see the "blockchain" or "crypto" buzzwords. In a sense you could say it's marketed poorly, from a price-pumping standpoint.

Anyways none of us steemians can complain, we've been doing great lately, just not mania-great :P

When people read about and invest in the latest and greatest ICO the just IMAGINE what the value someday COULD be. With steem they actually see the value it has today, making the valuation of the steem platform way less delusional than other cryptos.

I think that when this bubble (alts especially) pops, steem might be one of the safer havens out there. Tried and tested with REAL-WORLD usecases, more than can be said for most cryptos.

Steem on friends!

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I like you post. brought me a new view!

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