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Are Prospectors leaving EOS?

You might have heard about Prospectors going to the WAX blockchain... Does it mean they are leaving EOS? I don't know! Probably in the long term, yes... But don't panic or be disappointed about it... it might actually be for the best of the game.

Be aware that WAX is an EOS based blockchain and as part of the WAX strategy, they want to maintain full backward compatibility with EOS code.


(this post is not intended to initiate you on the WAX blockchain, I might do another post in time explaining more about it or how can you use it and for what)


EOS main code is already diversified into many other chains (BOS, WAX, Worbli, Telos, etc). The reason why this evolution has taken place on blockchain technology is because of the need for diversity. One blockchain alone can't specialize or solve everything, otherwise, it would become too complex and insecure.

This is not something new on blockchain technology, and if you think again, you find that this actually started with Bitcoin. All that you know as "alt-coins" are in fact a representation of this kind of software development strategy.


As a consequence of strategies and businesses opportunities, the development pushes specialization into something similar, to what you might interpret as a "side-chain" (although I don't like the term reflects everything here). These chains, are basically a copy of the original code, with modifications on top of it to address specific problems or provide different features.

The tasty "sauce" here is Collaboration! By maintaining the base code compatible, the software developed to interact with these chains, can easily shape or migrate functions to depict specific interactions that depending on the chain you wish to communicate with, will work best. As a result, this increases the value of software functionality and amplifies the possibilities of dApps.

More benefits

This methodology of blockchain development also helps the ecosystem a lot. If EOS solves a problem that is common to all the other chains code, then everyone benefits. The same on the other way around. The synergy maintained between these semi-close codes pays off by itself, especially in short term, while the economics of the chain is still building up.


Prospectors team is exploring WAX for a reason. Because WAS is focused on game platforms... So yes... the opportunity of using the already developed features of WAX will create new options for the Prospectors game. Making it even more interesting and fun to play.


What happens to my EOS based tokens (PGL)?

Not known yet, but I guess they want to maintain the economics of the PGL token so it does not get affected by anything scammy (I hope). What might end up happening is that the token can be converted between chains or even traded directly. Making room for things like, if you have your tokens in the WAX platform, then you can use them or spend them in the game, but if you have them on EOS, then you can have access to other opportunities, like investing on the game profits, etc.

The idea is that in the future, you will move the token to the place and/or area of interest, depending on the features or decisions you wish to apply to the token.


If you wish to play the game now, you can! If you were one of those persons that getting some time near a PC is a no go to play this game, then I have some news for you. Before, it was a bit hard/insecure (on mobile), because you had to directly use your private key. But that has changed now!

Token Pocket Pro

I was finally able to play Prospectors using their App! And it worked quite well, I was not expecting it. The experience might differ depending on your screen size, but overall it works!

I provided a quick and dirty QR code for you to scan and easily download the app. If using this link you can get an EOS account for just $2 USD. Otherwise, if you already have an account then you need to import it to start playing the game.

If you don't have yet an EOS account and you don't want to use Token Pocket (requires FIAT money) to create one, you can ask me to create one for you (read this post @ffoorryykkww has on STEEM).

Note that prices might have changed so, we need to keep things bearable in my end if you want me to create your account. It may be cheaper than online services or not, depending on the crypto market.

If you have Android, you might want to check out the wombat wallet as they offer a free EOS account. Later, they are supposed to release also on iOS.

After you install Token Pocket Pro, just head to the Prospectors dApp, login using either your Google or Facebook account and enjoy the game!

Unfortunately, I think that if you use their app, you will be giving the referral to Token Pocket. So, if you found this information helpful and you wish to support me instead by using my referral, I believe that you can do it, by opening my referral link inside the Token Pocket app "" instead of clicking on the dApp quick icon I show above. Up to you, and don't worry much about it.

Whishes 🙏 for the game...

I would really like for the game to allow more of what "delegation" kind of semantics work on STEEM. The idea is very simple, promoters can only promote as investors if also playing the game. If you have no way to do it, then those will not be playing for helping others to understand the business.

Alike the delegation "abilities" of STEEM, I would love to see EOS play more on that area. I want to lend tools, lands (this is already possible), Workers, Factories!

Hopefully, someone will get this intel into the prospectors team =)

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Need to check this... place holder.

This is good to hear because I heard something about prospectors having issues but it's all for the best

Please share if you wish! =) I value new information.

Cool! I played the beta testing but by the time I realised how to play it, I was already well behind! Exellent there is an app!

my eos got stuck in crypto space and im dammed if I get it how to do a fall back key 😂

You should be able to. Let me know if you need help. You have limited time to recover it...

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oh! well then i do need help, how come its a limited time?

Only if you lost your private key. Otherwise you have all the time.

Only if you lost
Your private key. Otherwise
You have all the time.

                 - forykw

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

yeh cool, i got the pk.. is there any easy tutorial somewhere yet? I had eos friends who guided me but i got so close but was doing just one tiny thing wrong

In this link there are 2 options... I am assuming your situation is because you did not register:

There are great videos about the various options for the several problems that happened. You need to first find out which one is yours:

Feel free to contact me on discord if you need more help.

It happened as I had no eth gas (i was using MEW) and yeh, it was a hell of a long time ago and I do forget why it happened and what I was doing.. Going to check these links now and see how it goes, whats your # no. on discord?

PGL group on Steemit

I am sharing guides, please share your pics and experience and guides. Eventually we will have a good community and can earn good STEEM simply posting about PGL on Steemit, and bring PGL earnings to Steemit and Vice versa. Plus we can organize by location, help each other, share, etc.

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One of my favorite games and been playing it for a while. We should all try it out

hit me with that feedback please...

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awsome... =) do you play it?

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I am wondering if prospectors couldn't come on Steem blockchain and maybe adopt the new SMT which are around the corner. I find it difficult to acquire EOS and having Steem which can be gained also through posting would imply faster adoption. And not forget the great tribes from around here!

I guess the difference right now is mostly the non existent programable contracts on STEEM. But for a game like this one... you might’ve a valid point. It all depends on what the game is using directly from the chain.

Don’t forget that for the company, the more they have to rely on their own infrastructure to make the game work, the less decentralised they become.

EOS is quite big already and has way more capacity than STEEM. That’s why I would not consider good to move to STEEM. Moving to WAX which will probably change nothing for the user (only for the best) makes sense.

A competitor developing a similar game on STEEM from scratch would also make sense when the SMT’s are out. And most that will happen.

Let’s see.

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This is a something new. Great info.

Thanks for your contribution.

[Realityhubs Curator]

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Need to read a bit more about this RealityHubs thing... sounded interesting 🤔

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Good and not so good news... We'll see in the future... I Will try the APP! Thanks

Na verdade... se não tiveres um telemóvel do "caralho" (google translate that, lol)... não vale a pena... digo eu.

Contudo, o que achei fixe foi que qualquer coisa abaixo de 200 Euros... já da pra fazer muita coisa. Eles estão a expandir para mais wallets... o que é bom!

Eu aprecio testes disto... sejam lá quais forem... porque eu depois vou chatear os marmejos... com as coisas que eu não acho certas.

The game looks good. I don't play strategy for a long time. So, time to look at it. Is it available on android?

The game is web browser based but for you to play securely with having to enter the private key, you need a wallet like TokenPocket, which yes, is available for Android too.

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Nice information
I have already playing from some weeks but I don't have much knowledge.

Happy to help if I can... drop me a question here or on discord... #4686 =)

some people says that it is very hard to get some EOS there

I don't think it is... you need to dedicate some time, but it's quite easy. And if you take this from the perspective that you don't need to invest anymore. Then it's a no brainier.

Although I think the most value I take, is the fun I have playing the game. I have probably spent more than I took so far. Not sure...

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Interesting, will definitely try it out.

Ping me with your feedback about this thing please. Cheers

Excellent working



Yes it's a great game that needs to scale so if moving to a new blockchain will do that hell yell dey should move but still keep open their eos codes and market, we all know what congestion does to a blockchain and being in two blockchain can help prevent down time

I think that eventually will just be on one of them. But, interesting concept it could be using two blockchains for reliability.

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