I can't say that steem already has changed my life . But I see here big potential.. I like to travel . I like to visit new places , meet new people . But like every normal person I have work and I am attached to one place .. if here I will find possibility to earn money sharing things which I like with people of course I will be happy .. I think everybody are here for the same .. we love freedom and independence ..


I come from a country that deteriorates economically every day, what I earn here in my country is not enough to buy the basic things I need, which made me start looking for benefits online, and that is not very stable and makes 3 months that I entered Steemit and found a stability for my life, not only did I find economic stability, but I also found really amazing and dazzling people with thousands of stories to read every day and a place to express my ideas. The stability cost me a lot of time and since I arrived here, nothing could be better. Believe me Steemit has brought peace to my life. Steemit allows me to travel, know cultures, meet people and thousands of things just by reading the post of amazing people. 🙏

I have been dealing with depression for the last year and it hasn't been easy, sometimes I just feel like ending everything and just rest. but ever since I found steemit I have been feeling a little better everyday by reading about the life of other people and their problems helps a lot to not feel alone, I believe this platform can help people like myself feel better because we can talk about our problems and people will help us, this platform hasn't changed my life yet but little by little is making me feel better and i hope one day i may be able to overcome this depression and just be happy, hope you guys are having the best time of year cause tis the season to be jolly fa-la-la-la-la 😁🎄🎅🏻

As a farmer, I know my worth, it doesn’t matter how it looks at the time of cultivation, it might not look that admiring at this initial stage, but I understand the underlaid process of my cultivation.

Steemit is the fertile land, and steem is that valuable crop!

Change is coming my way, because anything that builds hope in a man can also prolong a lifespan.

Steemit is changing my life because I didn't use Facebook or any other social media for more than 5 years. Steemit was something that peaked my interest and that I wanted to check out and since then I have been hooked and it feels awesome to be connected again.

The reason why I gave up on Facebook is because it seemed to be more about bragging than sharing; "Look at me I went to the most expensive restaurant, look at me i have traveled to more places than you, look at me I am always smiling in all the photos I am the happiest person in the world" ! I just got tired of it. Everyone trying so hard to look so perfect.

The reason why I joined Steemit is not only because it sounded cool that you can make money while blogging but because people are trying to write good useful material that can actually contribute and make people more aware of who you really are and what you are really about, as opposed to Facebook post that is many times a fake fasad that will make you depressed because you think everyone is living on cloud nine.

So to sum up Steemit had allowed me to be connected to the world again and to be able to read quality posts from people made all over the world. In the same time of course it's allowed me to share my perspective and my passions which is putting a smile on my face whenever I get a nice comment from a fellow Steemian :)

Steemit can change your life in either a good or bad way. Which way depends on whether you let Steemit control you or vice versa.

When I first started I was watching all my posts like a hawk, and getting really frustrated when no one viewed or upvoted them. Mobile phone in hand, I was constantly refreshing the screen, even though I had just done so 5 minutes ago.

Then I learnt to let go ~ NOT give up. I wrote about things that I enjoyed, I learnt to PS photos and make videos, I got involved in a project called Steemit Worldmap, I met people online from all corners from the world and read about their life, view and travels; then I went to my first Steemit meetup, jumping from the virtual to real world. I don't invest in crypto currency so I don't have a panic attack when Bitcoin goes up from 6k to 10k then back down to 9k. Everything I earn here (money and friends) is truly a bonus to me, something that I had not expected when I first started 5 months ago.

Most important of all, I learnt to enjoy and embrace Steemit. It is part of my life but it doesn't rule me.

As a Venezuelan, I can say that steemit gave me the hope that I had already lost, our country is experiencing difficult times since society and power have deteriorated our integrity as citizens, I work as a graphic designer and I earn little, with steemit I decide, I apply and I earn much more, it inspires me is a personal growth for me, I enjoy and share, I know new people, it is like the light at the end of the tunnel, I have hope and faith that with my publications in steemit I will raise to help my family , support my studies and spend a nice Christmas despite the circumstances may not have ham bread or our popular hallas for Christmas dinner, but for me the most important thing is to share with my family. We all think of the food as gifts, and today the Venezuelan is thinking about surviving, with nothing more to limit. Happy Christmas Eating, Value everything you have and love a lot. 🙏🙏
with steemit you can everything is the best community

It brings me into the world of cryptocurrency which I had been longing to learn about, but haven't get the reason to be in. I found that Steemit provides me with a purpose, a purpose to spread my thinking and passion of living to the others. Of course, this is done through writing which also one of the skills that I had long to practice. Previously, I only write like once per month and post it online, without much motivation. However, after being involved in Steemit, oh my! It elevates the experience to a whole new level. Besides thinking about how to write better, I can learn how to engage with people, utilize bots, involve in contests, initiate some movement, and many more! Most importantly, Steemit provides a platform for people to interact, which is different from making a personal blog and promote it from ground zero.

So, in a nutshell, Steemit changed my view on blogging, writing, socializing and also pushing my understanding of the advancement of blockchain technology. Special thanks to @good-karma for creating the mobile @esteemapp that enables me to connect to Steemit even though I am not with my laptop.

Steemit has changed my life in three ways:

  1. it gives me a platform to inspire teachers and those who are teaching. I love writing about my profession as a teacher which has been getting a lot of bad reputation in many countries around the world.

  2. it allows me to reflect and record my many teaching experiences. Helps me stay focused and thankful to seven years of teaching.

  3. I generally do not feel like my work is good enough and seeing so many positive feedback from so many people has made me feel that often times, the greatest enemy to my self confidence and creativity is myself.

Steemit has made me a more confident person, a better teacher and it is also my first experience blogging and I am enjoying every bit of it.

"Quality thought with Quality content"

Steemit made us to Steam my mind. A well thought up process takes place before posting helping thereby our mind to do some exercise. A good place to explore and learn. A place to see different aspect of the world. A place to know the $crypto$.

Thanks to steemit and esteem, you both have provided me a meaning to do some quality works.

I have a typical happy friends and socializing, and all this time I find it hard to find my pleasure. I like being caught in a prison. In july 2017 I started to recognize steemit, slowly I found what I dreamed about for so long. At steemit I met many new people and every day I always get knowledge that I didn't have. I am very happy when I have the opportunity to share with my friends steemit from other countries. I am very grateful to steemit because I was also involved in the community. in our community sharing and mutual support for a lot of good. Steemit is a place that I have long dreamed of

My story to join steemit is quite interesting. I was added in a WhatsApp group of the steem community by some of my friends but for about 2 to 3 months I didn't give any attention to it and I thought it was like a ponzi scheme but when but one day when I was searching it on YouTube and I found many interesting videos out there and how this works then I thought I should give it a try and I immediately posted some of my 3D artworks but that didn't get a response here so I stopped it. But then I saw that I have received some delegation steem in my wallet, I wondered what it was and then I have searched it and got the idea how does it work so it was totally free and I was not going to to lose anything here. I started posting 3 to 4 posts one day and some people started upvoting my post and then I understood it better and better as my days with it passed and I really improved my art in these days because everyday I was making something new to post here and better each time.

Steemit has changed my life by giving me a way to get my friends and loved ones interested in cryptos. By having a real world use-case like steemit, it helps me better explain the value and purpose of the blockchain and cryptos in general to people who otherwise may not understand its value or purpose. Since then many of the people I have introduced to Steemit are actively using the site on a daily basis and are getting more and more interested in what cryptos have to offer. 2018 is going to be an exciting time for cryptos as the very start of the early adopter phase of growth is about to commence. Hang on guys, 2018 is going to be an interesting ride!

Steemit came like santa in my life as am a student and i wasn't doing any part time job for some extra money because my parents would not allow the one day i came to know about steemit through a friend @mirhimayun and from right then am on steemit and am earning almost ₹100 min... per day i.e ₹3000 aprox. Per month i.e ₹3000 aprox. Per month i.e ₹3000 aprox. Per month for the things that i would have posted free on other site .
So steemit is my santa and i payout some money from it every month.thanks to steemit and thanks to @good-karma for @esteem and the auto voting bot.
Thank you all

The support and new friends here has helped me through my depression and I have found a new passion in photography that I didn't know I had! This also helps to get me out of the house taking pictires and being excited to share them, which helps to lift my mood :) Steemit is better than prozac! :D

Steemitis the platform for me now
which has helped me to build my business when i am almost to shut it down.
it is just not steemit its a God In my life
Happy Holidays
giphy (1).gif

I macke more photo, it improve y creativity and live

Well besides finally giving me a good enough reason to eradicate facebook out of my life for good, it has encouraged me to learn more about blockchain, incentivised me to write more about my intrests and I have met heaps of cool people.....

Steemit has opened my eyes to the crazy world of crypto. That alone will change my life forever.

I'm also loving expanding know creative knowledge by posting.

Steemit is a way of not being the puppet for massive social sites, like Facebook, that earns billions giving nothing back to its users that make all the profits possible in the first place. It's like being abused just for the fact that we are human and crave social interaction. Of course it's not direct abusement and people - at least seemingly - have the "choice" to use it or not. But was there really a choice before Steemit to use a social media that also gives something back to its users. At least I haven't heard of one.

On a deeper level for me it represents freedom and it's one way of potentially escaping the rat race we're guided and most of us are drift into.

Now, I don't despise people working on their jobs that they enjoy doing but personally I wan't to live a life in the future where my well being is NOT tied with having a job.

Facebook is junk and their blatant disregard for privacy, and their sneaky background antics are not the direction this world should be going. Thankfully a lot of these massive companies have gotten cocky with their monopolies over the years, thinking that there is no competition big enough to challenge their dominant position... but those companies are soon going to find out how obsolete they really are. Blockchain4Life!

Changes are coming and Steemit may very well bring one.

thanks for the information from @ good-karma for all steemian friends, I hope that posting @ good-karma is very useful.

steemit is a great platfrm where i learn mny thing on bitcoin get mny frnd n follower having fun on funny vedio like that its change my life i luv u steemit.

Steemit most popular and biggest social media platform to me. It change my life 100%. I earn some rewards from here and known good knowledge any topics. Before come to steemit i haven't know cryptocurrency market. But now I knew some of supporting forex trade markets. I can establish great partnerships from terrific steemians.
Absolutely steemit giving more delightful life to me. Thank you "STEEMIT" for changing my life.

Steemit has changed me completely. but not only me, but my entire family. thanks to steemit, and the ruling community, it was possible to increase the quality of life. The exchange with other cultures has led to an expansion of one's own horizon and to a higher respect for other people. For the use of time and energy, you get respect and recognition from the community.

@steemit is an amazing website. It changed my thinking philisophy. It helped me to understand different culture and meet great people. Thankyou steemit for providing such a platform where i meet brilliant intellegent, artistic people.Moreover i spend quality time here on this website. Keep sharing @good-karma Resteem & Upvoted for your great effort

Steemit has helped in me different ways

From Learning to Earning

From an Amatuer to an Expert in CryptoCurrency

From novice writer to an adept writer

For me, Steemit is a unique platform, I have never met such a different one, I learned about it at a difficult time for me, it became for me as a gift from heaven. There are a lot of good people here, for some it's a way to make some money, for others it's means to express oneself or to be known, others simply want to write, and some just look for a place to spend their time, but this is all society, and without society a person can not live. If we succeed, then we can earn a good income from this platform, and for it's awesome!

With a few months here in steemit, the first change I've notice in myself is the way I supposedly interacting with other people. At frist, I was like a kind of person who communicate others just like how communication runs supposed to be without knowing that they have their own way of expressing it and without minding that I might get entangle with someone but when I spent lots of time here, I am now interacting people with care using my mind and heart. Here in steemit, I've just learn that every people meet different satisfaction and every people has their own way of relieving knowledge and ideas to others. That's why every people I've met, I make sure that I meet their expectations.

First of all a great thanks to @ned for creating such a good platform where we can contact with different and creative mind.
Well if I speak about steemit than it has made a lot of changes in my life , using steemit is good than other social media platform.

  • After joining steemit ,I have seen a lot of changes in me . I think this platform is superb as here we get all the things what a human want.
  • Well seriously after joining steemit I am able to full fill my basic need on my own. It has become a good life experience to me in my life.
  • Well when I meet with people of my country ,I mostly talk that don't waste your time earn for your skill by posting them on steemit.
  • Well up to now I have met so many youngster to them I tell about steemit and now they are following my instruction.
  • Well steemit has given a lot of experience to me which cannot be buyer by money.

** Thank you 💌💌 and have a nice day**


My whole family has had financial problems since I was small, because of the debt, now at my 28 years after a life learning during my years of marriage I managed to understand how the world and its economy works, in recent years I dedicated myself to learn a lot about finance and the world of investing in the Internet, with uncertain steps through different websites that failed to provide me with the desired results, which even, I came to lose money.
But I didn't give up and I kept learning until I came to this wonderful community where I started to see the results I always wanted and never could get on other websites, now I see very real my dream of helping financially all my family, my parents, my brothers, my nephews, I am very happy because it is something that I want to do very much soon and steemit has changed my life because it has given me the means for such an important end that I want to do so much soon and steemit has changed my life... steemit is the best thing for me right now and soon it will be for my whole family!!

my morning is start with steemit i forget to used fb because in steemit i get lot of knowledge which i ever seen in any social media platfrm or any crytocurrency n get appriciated respect frm frnd it amezing for me change my life fully .

One thing I will tell... Whole life has been changed with building up relationship with the world and earning too...

When i come to the steemit before I used social media named Facebook. But currently I leave from Facebook and now maximum 17 hours in here steem.
Steemit changed my life more and more. Now I'm really interesting with cryptos and smart media tokens. Most of glorious persons meet from here. Also great beneficiary site. We can received more claims if we are genius. I also tried keep my reputation cleverly. It would be more profits.
Finally I told you that, Steemit now MY LIFE also MY WIFE.

I feel like my last reply in many ways touched on this already, but....
Steemit has inspired me to be a content creator.
Things I thought would be useless to attempt on other over saturated platforms, I feel have real opportunity here.
Steem itself introduced me to blockchain tech in general. It's shown me that the wild west opportunity once again exists. I've already created a steem storefront that shows off some of the amazing artists on steemit. You can check it out at
I'm also in the process of building a really cool platform on the Steem blockchain, although that I'm keeping secret for now. 😉
Together, they have both introduced me to the chance to enjoy financial freedom and I'll never be able to thank them for I will now...
Thank you Steem and steemit!
Myself and my family are truly thankful for the opportunities you've presented us.

Steemit has really helped me connect with my friend @Coriolanus we ere good friends before but now we find extra time to talk each day and the main point of conversation is usually Stemmit.

tldr; friendship!

Completely new to this, but it seems sweet as heck
I have just gotten into Steem, after reading up on crypto currencies in general. This will in fact be the very first thing i post, so i can't say how it has changed my life (yet).

More quality, less crap
However, i do see this as an extremely interesting way of creating great content. The steem program seem to create incentive for actually taking the time to produce quality content, which i see as very valuable. We have enough sites with crap content, that mainly focuses on bringing in the sponsorships (which is often understandable, they have to live too).
This way, is however much more interesting.

Therefore i hope to both gain access to, and create some valuable information from/ for my fellow steem users :)

Sharing ideas
I actually wanted to start a blog about a pretty weird bachelors project, that i will soon be starting up.
I am going to be growing a fake leather like substitute, made from bacteria. It will be environmentally friendly, pretty cool, and most importantly, really really weird. I'll be working with Kombucha, a Chinese fermented tea, which develops a layer of cellulose during its fermentation process.

This layer of cellulose can be used in a multitude of different ways, which i'll be experimenting with, and sharing. The internet is meant for sharing ideas, and i hope mine will be worth sharing.

Somewhat weird
When i found Steem, i saw it as an excuse for writing down my thoughts in a nice way. If i could share some knowledge, no matter how weird, i see this as a great. And it will be weird, weird as heck, the cellulose layer, or the "scoby", most of all resembles an Alien booger. That is at least according to my imagination of how an alien booger would look like.

All in all, this seems like a fun place to be, and i look forward to partake in some interesting discussions :)

Merry Christmas people!

Also, an important note, i find that steem could be an important facebook challenger. Where'as facebook makes money without giving the users anything in return, this seems way more respectable towards the community, so thank you for that.

truth is steemit has not really changed anything in my life, i do the same things, feel the same way and take the same steps everyday. Steemit has not had that impact in my life just yet, i'm still waiting for that moment. even though my friends love this platform and i know that writing here helped them in so many positive ways, somehow, i come here sometimes just to write a few words of something in my mind at the moment, not expecting any votes or comments, just to set words free.

Steemit helps great connectivity to known more friends including great steemians. Still this moment I'm really addict to the steem.
"I can't live & stay without steemit"
Lot of activities, opportunities, contests, big knowledge experience received from steem. So please tell me how will i live without steem.

Trully words my friend

Discovering Steemit is like walking into a room and finding a huge jar full of CANDY!!! Each day I dig through the jar asking myself, "what do I feel like eating today?" Writing, sharing, encouraging, learning, so many things to do. Helping others while helping yourself grow. Discovering what's popular. I'm learning about crypto currency!!! Oh my! I could go on. Most of all, finding people like @good-karma, who challenge us to do more, to do good and share our light during this holiday season. Steemit, changing my life, one day, one experience at a time.

Before Steemit i was wasting my time on Facebook, Twitter and other platform. Now after i have joined Steemit i am more productive learning more about blockchain, cryptocurrencies everyday which i can never learn from Facebook as i was busy reading memes and watching funny videos and Facebook.

Awesome man!

@good-karma sounds you are very excited about xmas, very nice. Thanks for the awesome post.

I live in a difficult village in the reach of internet. In our village only available 2G network so can not get into steem.saya already know steem a year ago from friends in the city and I really like steem karna hobby I wrote. steem but constrained by internet network.but now the internet is good.i've been able to enter steem.sudah 4bulan enter steem I feel happy though steem income.di still but I feel happy because I can communicate with people overseas.thanks steem. bravo steem

Well, thank my brother he invited me to blog in this amazing community which is steemit. It was a blessing for me because I can blog for free and share my ideas and experiences anytime in steemit. This would be a boon in my christmas of 2017. Meeting new friend who can critique my work, improving my skills in blogging and learning more in the community with different article you can find in their trends. I hope that more blessings and be popular in our society this social blogging site which is steemit. I'm very excited when I open my account and seeing that my blog is viewed. It inspire me to make more. Thank you steemit for the opportunity. Advance Merry Christmas. God bless.

Steemit hasn’t changed my life yet, but I surely hope it will. I became pregnant last year and the father of my child left the picture completely. I suddenly became an unwed, single mother, and I also simultaneously lost my job because it didn’t pay enough to cover childcare that I felt comfortable placing my child into. I left my little home to move back in with my mom for some extra help as I navigated the work from home world making substantially less than I was used to or what would be considered a living wage and her house sold and the new home she purchased is being fully renovated-leaving us temporarily making do with a less than spacious living situation - haha. My hope and prayer is that steemit becomes an additional income source for this single Mamma who is working her butt off in multiple different areas to more than make ends meet, but to give my son the best life possible while still being able to be present in his life as much as possible.

I love steemit. and I loved all steemit lover.steemit is the best platform in the world for more earning and with fun, interesting and other facilities. I used facebook, Twitter, instagram aand other social media just my friend relation only.

Dear friend ypur post content quality is so good.I like it.thnx for sharing this post & news. I read your all blog.
best of luck

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I thinks Steemit be like a Superhero someday.
Thanks @good-karma

Very good offer , Thank you for posting this good news

I love Steem. I have written to guide others. However, through many difficulties.

nic post bro

Steemit is changing my life from my intro. post! I'm meeting so many wonderfull people everyday!
It brings the best out of me :)
And dont get me started on earning free crypto without any investment! The only thing I regret is that I didnt start earlier.
Happy holidays to all!:)
@good-karma, thank you for your advent calendar!:)

thanks for the information from @ good-karma for all steemian friends, I hope that posting @ good-karma is very useful.

I am a new member of Steemit, and according to me, my efforts are not wasted on this platform, either i have engaged with people who have lot of experience of life and whose life can inspire you. Secondly, a great platform of rewarding which can help me to grow in future aspect.

Happy Christmas Day to all in advance.

Have a great day.

100% get back offer follow vs follow comment vs comment upvote vs upvote resteem vs resteem. thank you.

hello all friends im new fallower,,, plz fallowe me

Steemit has paved my path into the cryptoeconomy. I am happy that there are many Steemians out there sharing mostly good ideas to help me deal with my infant minnow performance anxiety issue. I spend very little time with competing social media channels, like Facebook, now.

Unfortunately, I am also observing less than ideal tactics adopted by some Steemians to game the blockchain to get richer more quickly.

I spend so much of my free time on Steemit that my eyes are bleary from staring at the screen!

Ever since I joined steemit I have had many changes in my life, in addition to my getting many friends I also get knowledge from other steemit users, I also support each other's communities because that is one of our ways in the blockchain world!

I am kind of girl who can't make friends easily because I don't have any brave to start to make friends. I only have some people whom I regard them as my closed friends. But I like writing so much. One of them suggested me to joint steemit so I can share something to people without no one knowing me. I am happy when people read my post, especially my fiction story. Then step by step I continue writing, the more commen I get, the more confident formed inside my heart. It makes me want to give comments to the others posts too. It changes me to be a brave girl now. It also makes me become an open minded person. It is how it changes my life.


How steemit affected my life,
We when I joined this platform I was not aware much like what it is all about and neither I was a pro blogger, however I always found me attracted towards internet for reading and filtering through diff content. Reading and knowing about diff place and people. Idk may be sort of I enjoy doing this thing, now after joining this platform I slowly began to know the imoportance quality and authenticity of work, gradually I started spending more time on steem, even more than fb and whatsaap. And I must say it's worth being here because you came to know so much whatever fresh going on around, more about CryptoWorld movement, so many diff contests. And finally I want to add this plateform also encouraged me to write blogs that's I might never did earlier, although I haven't posted something astonishing yet but I know I am adding little improving in my writing and presentation skills everyday.

In fact i didn’t give much time ever during my study to make a good presentation of projects but i think thrice before posting any blog in steemit. This is the change due to steemit in my life.

Lovely post man

Best post im gong to resteem your post @good-karma thanks

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Steemit has changed my life by allowing me that little excess financial freedom that not every month is a slog to survive without getting further and further in debt to the man

Go steemit go! I will eternally grateful for that :O)

How has Steem (it) changed my life...hmmm.. a good question. Well Steemit has impacted my life in different ways. I have a severe panic disorder and am sometimes agoraphobic...I love people but I often do not get out to make a lot of friends and even then if I do my panic keeps me from pursuing the friendships. But here I can be social and talk to people. Sometimes my posts can be therapeutic for me well a sounding board. Meeting people through conversations in comments..I see different lives and different perspectives through their posts. I see parts of the I could never see otherwise due to my fears that hold me back. And as I said before I learn new recipes from other countries and cultures. I see how other people live. And as far as Steem...I just save it for someday...and my Steem dollars...I never really had alot but I used some in contests to help me find banners for my page and I used the rest to help others by transferring or rewarding others post. Vote @good-karma :)

like and thanks your esteem spp

Original text
"До того как я узнал про Steemit я проводил массу времени на ютуб пытаясь заработать свои первые центы в интернете. Сейчас, благодаря steemit, я провожу больше времени из семье. Мы ищем новые места где бы можно было зделать отличные фото. Если выразится словами моей жены: "Steemit сделал из задрота нормального человека". Теперь и Вы знаете как меня любит моя жена :)"
"Before I found out about Steemit, I spent a lot of time on YouTube trying to earn my first cents on the Internet. Now, thanks to steemit, I spend more time with my family. We are looking for new places where we could create great photos. If I put it in the words of my wife: "Steemit made from the zadrot of a normal person." Now you also know how my wife loves me :)"

it's really good information me and all steemit friends.

We are busy about planning of Christmas but what is our plan about our old aged person.

I became strange when i know about the steemit, there have many reason to be strange, firstly i can recommend that, there have many of the social media in the world, they got more opportunity to collect there users writing more valuable content, but here strategic bluster social media are really alternative to them, they produce reward for good article content, i can say also this the digital media, which automatically trained us how to wright a attracted real articles, it really created from our heart bcause it's a gifted system, in near future steemit situated as top ranked social media, when another social media may be flop, here have another facilities making promote search and search engine capacity, also many more added here be updated step by step,,, at last thanks @good-karma

supper calender i like this "Marry christmas"

My life may be a mistake, I feel it so. Can things change for the better? I sure can. It just takes a little time and more patience; you know, a sneer in a joke and a compliment that sliced those feelings upright. At one time, sometimes I did not know what to do when this happened; depression.

can know each other stemian. share any information. yanh did not like to write. now have started writing and much information we get..
many friends we get during joining in the world of steemit. unconsciously we have connected the ropes of brotherhood. and the most valuable while I join in steemit is we know the meaning of help please, mutual respect creativity friend in making aa writing.

Steemit has provided me a platform to share my thoughts and work knowing that it'll be worth something. It's great that I know I can give more to my young family and aging parents. Hopefully with more contests and giveaways like this I can power up my account and do more for people around me and the Steemit community.

Just well wishes all around for everyone here and hope everyone gets to win something through Steemit this Christmas season as I know I'm not the only life that Steemit has changed :)

Merry Christmas everybody!

Picked up writing again since I graduated for many years, though only person blog. Met nice people and met some of them in real person. Of course, Steem(it) takes times, therefore my frequency of checking facebook decreasing.

How has Steemit changed my life this past week?

My social media preference has shifted from Facebook to Steemit,

My coffee consumption has increased.

good post I upvote yes

Steemit has made it possible to share my ideas and establish a sense of value for them to decide what direction to go.

being a newbie, i wanted to learn of cryptocurrencies. a friend introduced me to steemit.
after seeing its working, i believe it is one of the best platforms to engage in learning and yet be able to grow together

steemit community

Steemit is a nice platform where i can show my work Mostly pictures and get paid for it. As i do a lot of Photography i am glad to show it to a greater audience.

  • Steemit opened my mind with large of everything. I can feel personally.
  • Take and Give by Sharing reward. That is so much lovely. I said this is social media

I have a company that promotes brands and manages bands. There are many tasks where we cannot truly do a billable hourly rate therefore I work on pure commission. Steemit has given me a way to keep my company and home with stabilization while building my company. It is a great since of freedom to be able to make sure my work is since noticed and some award given for the effort. Steemit has truly made me a better Band manager and promoter and much more detailed to my art. Steemit has become a great tool. Thank you!

financially it made me strong with doing the work i love to do with rewards :)

I would love to understand more about this. If you would like to help me send comment please!

im newbie in this platform.So nothing really changed yet, but lets see what brings future dayz

Steemit has allowed me to grow a thicker skin in regards to critics for my work. At times too much rejection can leave one without the confidence to ever share their thoughts, feelings or opinion. Here I have learnt from different writers at different levels the most important lessons. Persistence and never giving up. Giving up is for losers and I am not one.


On connections and interactions. If I offer value then I are ready to move with others. Otherwise I will struggle alone. This is surely a dynamic community.

Not long ago I wrote how steemit influenced my life steemit-thanks for my 1st bitcoin. I see no reason to repeat the already said. I would like to add just a few lines:

I don't quite understand the rave reviews of people, who write about the fact that steemit gave them financial independence and stability. I mean people with 100-200SP on their wallet and $20 per week from steemit. Seriously, what is the dollar rate in your country?

No offense, but this is a fictional change in your life. And looks like an attempt to praise the God from the machine, hoping to get attention.

Let's be honest, the first thing that gives this platform is increased engagement of participants in comparison with other similar platforms and social networks. And it's good, it makes all of us to work harder.

Believe me, I'm not trying to insult anyone, I'm just trying to say that this place doesn't change your life, rather it changes you. Especially those, who have not yet achieved success here, but not giving up. It is a daily test of your stubbornness.

It is possible that this teaches some of us to continue to work, despite the setbacks. And someday, in the near future, maybe not even in this place, this trait of your character will help to reach something bigger and will really change your life, or even the lives of thousands of people.

Sorry, it's not "just few lines" :). And I want to add, that the best commnet here wrote by @budz82 (in my opinion)

I think that his friends, whom he involved in cryptos with the help of the steemit, will notice how their lives have changed more than others :)

How Steemit changed my life?

Steemit changed my life by means of thinking. Thinking of the better future for humanity. No matter what's our status in life, we are all welcome to join Steemit and earn for a living. Yes, Steemit changed my life by switching from facebook to Steemit that give rewards. Because of Steemit I become a blogger even I am not. And because of Steemit I found new true friends. 😀

How Steem changed my life?

Because of Steemit I got crypto Steem. I came to Steemit without nothing. I just blog, upvote, comment and resteem then earn Steem. That's how awesome Steemit is. Because of the Steem I earned, I got my growing eloading business. 😀

How Steemit changing my life?

Steemit is changing my life through interactions with different people all around the world. Steemit is the community with amazing people I've known. Helping each other succeed no matter what color you are. Steemit teaches me to be ready to give and receive more.😀

How Steem changing my life?

Steemit is not all about money. It is also about showing good deeds. Yes, it is also about showing good deeds. Why? Because people help each other. Everyone has their own initiatives thru contests. As for me, I don't have enough funds and I only have little vote value. So, #shikika-giveaway was realized. I am happy I was able to share the little I have. 😀

Steemit and Steem Continue changing my life!

Steemit makes me excited to share its awesomeness to my family, friends and to everyone. I am very hopeful and positive that in the future I can do more charitable works here in Steemit world and in Real world. 😀

Hi @good-karma 😀 I would like to say Thanks to you. 😀 Thank you for eSteem app, the upvotes and this gift-giving contest. 😀 Merry Christmas to you and to everyone. 😀

A great information @good-karma .it was very useful.

wow amazing post @good-karma
if you can visit to my post

Good morning to all of my steemit friends myself Vishal Singh and I am from India and I would like to also thanks @good-Karma because he has given a chance to express what we feel about this community.

I would like to share some of my experience which I feel in this platform

  • there are many helping hands in this community I mean to say that there are many good peoples who helps the new members of this community
  • our seniors also told us that not ever copy and paste the materials from any site to this platform
  • if you need to see you name in the list of this community you will have to be original not a fake one
  • you would have to always polite with everyone suppose that you are at high position in this community rather then you have to look toward the new members of this community because I believe in helping hands

I would also like to share some of the name here who have a very polite and Helping Nature

I have fallen into the Steemit Iron Chef contest. I'm an amateur with food, but this contest has really caused me to step up my learning on presenting an attractive plate. Even without winning anything, the trying, the extra research I've engaged in, the few little tools I've been buying, and most of all -- the feedback that I get from other, better, contestants has really helped me grow. It's enriched my life, and I like to imagine that the way we share our experiences through the platform is an extra layer of gravy.

So many things have changed since I'm on Steem... I can't possibly write all of them down, so I'm making this:

Top 3 Steem life changes

  1. becoming a Crypto enthusiast
  2. blogging more often
  3. thinking bigger

muzakirpb upvote, posting is perfect

good brother

Hi. I have been in Steemit for 5 months. What I like most about steemit is that this platform is great, it both helps you relax and can create value. I am an 18 year old student, a year ago I spent a lot of time on facebook .. Facebook has taken away a lot of my time, and especially facebook has no selective information like steemit. A lot of young people have died of offending and exposed private things on facebook. In steemit, this is the fresh space of knowledgeable and creative people, the information here is good for me to learn more. At the facebook, the 'like' button is worthless, at steemit it is worth. I love Steemit so much, here I am used to many new friends .. I have been with them for 5 months, and I love them so much. I found Steemit to have a lot of good people because they did not know me but they still gave me valuable rewards.I recognize the humanity of steemit, sometimes we give away gifts and we do not need to get back.In this society, I realize there are many good things. Steemit not only gave me spiritual value but also physical value. I can pay for my studies at a university.I have a small amount of money to buy clothes and food.. I have improved my ability to speak English.I have 1 post on facebook in vietnamese. I urge and encourage people to participate and contribute to this foundation. I always want the Steemit community to grow and bond with each other.I would like to thank my friends and founders Steemit, thank you for giving me this helpful and nice space.^^

For me it has been a very tremendous journey of how far @steemit has brought me to. I am a footballer playing for a second division team in #ghana. Its very difficult to earn money with football in Africa, even the top premier teams dont earn the amount @steemit pays #steemians on this wonderful platform. At the moment i am unemployed and to say its been a blessing to be here with all of you! 3 months ago i started getting interested in crytocurrency and that is when i found @steemit through one of the great steemian and witness on the platform @jerrybanfield, he was the reason i joined #steemit and am glad i did. I am a minnow so i have been working and learning hard each and everyday on new things on the platform. Even though i have not cash out my first steemdollar and not bothered since i know my hardworks will all pay off soon and also i am happy being on #steemit because i get to show the world alot of my posts and videos! I am working on posting football freestyle videos and other beneficial post in the future to help newbies like me. @Steemit thanks for this great opportunity and @good-karma God bless you for these wonderful events, @esteem and the @autovotingbot
Thanks to @good-karma and everyone, Merry christmass to you all!!! ❤ 🎁🎉

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