Stage One Foundation Structure Proposals | Community Feedback Needed!

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Thank you for everyone that has submitted proposals thus far. We now have quite a diverse set of proposals, and have collected them here, in chronological order of submission, grouped with supplemental posts and a summary snippet.

You can find the original call for proposals HERE

We invite everyone to get in their feedback and analyze the various proposals so that we can iterate and improve, as well as to gain awareness as we move towards the proposal selection.

Below are the currently submitted proposals:

@jackmiller Proposal: Steem United

Supplemental Videos:

@valued-customer Proposal: Evergreen Funding

@upheaver Proposal

The foundation structure proposal made by @upheaver focuses on making Steem the leading blockchain for decentralized apps and communities worldwide. Structure presents the foundation as independent and jurisdiction compatible legal entity governed by a board of directors and a professional leadership team, with on-chain advisory elements. Foundation will be able to sustain itself long-term through corporate membership programs and support a variety of functions including a project incubator, development grants, direct investment, training and events.

@alexvan Proposal

@bluefinstudios Proposal: Grow the Chain

The Mission and Purpose of the non profit, GROW-THE-CHAIN, will be to raise capital, call for proposals, and provide Funding for Projects to make the general public, governments, and corporations, more aware of Steem Blockchain, enhance Steem value, and showcase Steem’s overwhelming advantages among cryptocurrency. The Non Profit will advocate for Steemians, and educate regulatory agencies and Governments worldwide.

The Non profit will work alongside hand-in-hand with other blockchain initiatives, such as the Worker Proposal System (DAO's), with the Non Profit focusing on the marketing, business, and regulatory sectors of the Steem Blockchain, and not focus on software and code initiatives.

@aggroed Proposal: Stars Align

The Stars Align foundation design is intended to decentralize the work necessary to mainstream Steem from Steemit Inc to the entire community. The plan allows the public to approach a board consisting of subject experts approved by the stakeholders with a proposal request for funding. A board of experts meets, reviews the proposal and gives it a vote. Proposals that have been approved go to the Executive Board to balance priorities and make sure everything about the proposal is kosher. From there the Board of Directors, comprised of Steem Stakeholders, approves the budget and the projects this community believes will help spread Steem receive funding.


@surfermarly and @steemitqa Proposal: Intersteem

InterSteem is a decentralized project accelerator that aims to identify and support promising projects in the Steem ecosystem and pitch them to potential investors on- and off-chain. InterSteem stands for INTERmediator and INTERlayer (between proposals, investors and community) as well as for INTER-market spread (acquisition of funds from the outside of the Steem ecosystem). InterSteem is not a foundation, it's rather a sales force of 10 people selected and empowered by the Steem community. InterSteem is a full loop process as it does have the layers of all key stakeholders in mind. The way those players interact with each other is shown in a transparent and secure way. InterSteem furthermore provides a fantastic hub for other initiatives such as Steem DAO and Steem Business Alliance. Being so easy to implement, InterSteem could literally start to operate tomorrow.

@impactn Proposal: Decentra-Steem

@ura-soul Proposal

@guiltyparties Proposal: S+

S+ is a professional yet decentralized model that leverages the strong audit, tracking and control mechanisms built into the Steem blockchain to create a cohesive, inclusive and ethical Foundation. It recognises that widespread collaboration and large amounts of funding will be processed by the Foundation. It also supports the existing collaboration models already in place and approaches a decentralized task-force from the perspective of long-term stakeholders and community members. Additionally, it aims to be universally inclusive and break down the barriers amongst community members, providing an avenue for the application of the existing professional skill-sets of members. The S+ model takes into account both the historical and existing conflicts of interest and avenues for exploitation and attempts to bridge those gaps through the existing strength of the Steem blockchain and ecosystem.

We will continue to gather proposals as this process progresses. You can always find the current proposals in the Steem Alliance Discord Server to stay up to date.

Community Feedback Needed

Those working on these proposals want to hear from you, the community. Ask questions, give suggestions and feedback. Let them know what you want to see in this Community Foundation.

Town Hall Meeting

Tuesday March 5th at 9pm UTC.
in the Steem Alliance Disocrd Server

We will be taking questions from the audience for some of these proposal teams as well as discussing the fundemental differences of this Community Foundation, The Steem Business Alliance and The Steem DAO and how they could possibly all work together.

Come be a part of the discussion!

This is the community's foundation, we just have to come together to build it first.

Thank You,

The Steem Alliance Working Group
@Ehiboss, @Eonwarped, @Inertia, @Jedigeiss, @Lemouth, @LLFarms, @Neoxian, @Reggaemuffin, @Shadowspub, @Travisung, @Twinner

What is the Steem Alliance?

The Steem Alliance is an idea of a community coming together to build a foundation with the collective goal of improving Steem as a whole.

The goal of this future foundation is to be the combined “face of the chain”, working alongside additional groups as well as Steemit Inc. to better the Steem platform together. With a main focus on helping to push Steem into the mainstream arena with focus on marketing, upkeep of, development of steemd, outreach and Steem events. Funding would need to be fundraising/profit based but also with large seed from Steemit Inc. itself.

The goal of this Working Group is to oversee the establishment of the future foundation while ensuring transparency, fairness and that the community's voice is heard. Once the foundation is established, Working Group is disbanded.


My comment is for the resteem and I wish I could put it at the top of the post.

Hey Everyone who felt very strongly that the community should get a voice.... Attention. This is your chance to voice your opinion, weigh in now or ... Please don't come back later and say you didn't get a chance to give your opinion.

Please don't come back later and say you didn't get a chance to give your opinion.

Uhm, well, @whatsup. I probably will come back here later to give my more coherent opinion. But for now, I'm just wondering who are gonna be the Mayors & Monchos in this story of interwoven entangled proposals. };)

The thing is if you don't like the foundation you are free not to donate to it.

That depends on the proposal chosen, and what happens next. In some of the proposals linked above they describe what leadership (if any) will be involved and how they will be chosen.

I think the point that whatsup is trying to make that this is the time for the community to come together to ensure our voices are heard. It’s time to do all the things we have been asking for.. we have been given the opportunity to actually make a difference, but we have to actually do it. So, let’s get it done 🙂

the community has a voice

Thanks for all the hard works.

My Requests:

1- add more options for creators, for example I need a stable post in my page so people who come and visit my page can see who am I and what am I doing, and they can see my works in that stable post, which I can choose it and put it at the top of my page's posts.

2- my idea for steemit's home page is to let it open random posts, not only those who paid much, but also make a function which can show random posts at the steemit's first page. so other people will feel motivated and feel that they can be seen in the first page, and the stage won't be only for those who have much.
(why I said this? because I hear from many people that they are sad about no equality in steemit, so I thought this is a good idea to let random posts show in the home page, so nobody will get sad and disappointed as it's random. or at least you can show random quality works)

3- when someone new come to visit my steemit page, he/she may see many resteemed posts, while they wanted to see my posts and my works, so I think you guys can fix this by separating creators posts and resteem posts. (if you do this, we can have portfolio in steemit)

That's all I could say for now, thanks for your kind works guys! :D <3

Even though your comment is a bit off topic, these are some great suggestions, @davidfar :-)

Being able to pin one post at the top of one's blog would be huge. I'm copying @steemitblog and also @good-karma here who may consider your input for future improvements on their apps (Steemit, Inc:; good-karma: eSteem surfer).

Thank you :) , I was just thinking about how to say these to developers, thanks for calling them, I hope they would like these ideas, and I think these are great features and can be interested for new users too and also are good to keep the old users and making them more motivated.

Yes, really great suggestions for the user interface developers. The ability for an author to “pin” posts on their blog is a big one as well as fixing that lovely trending page. Luckily front ends like steempeak have addressed this and hopefully will at some point as well.

As far as the resteem issue, there is an option on almost every front end to “hide resteems” so only the authors posts would be seen.

This specific post and these proposals are for the structure of a future community foundation. So we are looking for the actual design of how such a foundation would be built. Then once it’s established it could possibly help with these updates to the Steemit site itself.. all of course depending on what the community chooses.

We just have to build it first. Thanks for your awesome suggestions!

Thanks for the reply, Well that will be great and surely it takes time. I know the focus is on another thing but you understand that what I have said are so much important for old users and new users. Yes you are right about steemspeak and as I am using I was thinking about improvements for this platform. :)

I wanted resteemed posts to stay in another tab so people can also see the resteems. They had done this in whaleshares.

Oh I agree 100%! These and many other features I think very much need to be implemented into the Steemit interface. I’m hoping we will start to see more and more updates like these to make Steemit more user friendly. I think it’s really important for mass adoption.

Well, I have no idea about flags. But I think you might have been joined a flag war. But I agree, I hope people can bring peace in this platform. As I am sure Ned is not flagging anyone lol. I mean, there is no boss or commander in this platform. So it will be good if people just stop fighting.

Hmm I didn’t mention flags so I assume you mean my comments being flagged. Sorry about that, please just ignore. I’m not flagging anyone, just a bit of silliness happening. Comments are still here and I can still communicate.

As far as fighting, we are a social platform and sometimes that means disagreements, that’s just part of it.

Back on topic though I completely agree with you on the features and know many are constantly asking for these improvements, so hopefully they will be happening soon! Thanks again!

Yes I meant that flags are not by me lol. Sure I understand :) It's my pleasure, thanks for replies :D

I read both posts, but as a simple content-creator, I have no idea what this is about.
What is "The Foundation", why is it needed, and why are we being asked for input on its creation?
Is there a "no thank you" option, in case I don't like what The Foundation is, once somebody explains it?

I'm far from the expert here regarding your question, but here's my understanding. The foundation spoken of here is an attempt by those involved to produce a way to fund different projects that will make STEEM more attractive to investors, users, developers, etc. Whether it's necessary, will work, or manage to keep from getting too big or unwieldy are questions that are impossible to answer at this point.

Right now, the input is on the proposals that have been offered about how the foundation should be set up and how it should fund what it determines should be funded (which is also criteria it's working on).

How it will directly affect content creators is also a good question that is unknown at this point. The main distinction here is, it's not directly looking to help creators, but to further the cause of STEEM, which would then do something for creators, hopefully. If there's more incentive to use STEEM by more people, that supposedly would translate to more eyes on content.

There really isn't an opt out option because it's more of an opt in kind of thing. I guess the best way to put it is, if you want to at least have a say in how things go, then go for it. Otherwise, if it happens, it will happen however it happens. :)

Thanks for your answer. They should hire you! That was a lot easier to understand, for me at least.

I'm glad it helped, @drutter. Even if they were hiring for someone to essentially handle information and PR, I'd have to look at it long and hard. I'm like you, just here to produce content. But I've found it necessary to read, try to understand and keep track of what's going on with all of this other, because if anything comes of it, it will have bearing on the direction(s) STEEM takes. Even if little to nothing comes of it, that will have influence on things, too.

I feel, though, that there are more than enough people involved, and more than enough other people who seem to want to be involved when they don't like what's happening without being directly involved (for whatever reasons), that one more voice from the peanut gallery would either be drowned out and thus ineffective or redundant and therefore unnecessary. :)

Totally understand the confusion if you are just jumping in. There is a “start-here” channel in the discord and we try to have a bit of an overview of what this foundation is on the bottom of the post there, but I think glen answered it wonderfully.

The truth is we are still as a community deciding what this foundation will be, so that’s why it’s hard to find “defined answers”. We are currently at the stage where the community is deciding what the foundation will be, what it will do, and how it will be ran. So this is definitely an ongoing process.

Currently we are all just volunteers (a community elected group) working alongside the community to try to make this idea a reality.

Feel free to jump into our discord server if you have more questions or want to get involved.

Thank you!

Thank you all for your hard work to make this happen. I know we all want something good and functional to arise from this undertaking, and no one has done more to make a bright future for Steem than you.

Grow the chain and stars align(but it needs a better name)

On social media sites/apps please have self serve advertising that accepts cryptocurrencies. Reward 90% of net profits from advertising back to content creators.

Your work is huge, please accept my honest appreciation. I expected more comments here than what I’m seeing at the time of my comment.

The proposals are unique respectively and I sense the urge in every one us to see #Steem prosper, to see Steemers and our lovely community stronger and better!

My love goes to the #Steemalliance Working Group for their immense sacrifices.
@Ehiboss, @Eonwarped, @Inertia, @Jedigeiss, @Lemouth, @LLFarms, @Neoxian, @Reggaemuffin, @Shadowspub, @Travisung, @Twinner

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When will you receive feedback on this proposal?
I would like to translate this posting and share it with our community members.