How small can I draw? #pennychallenge

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Hello Steemians!
How are you today?
A few days ago I tried out this super interesting challenge called penny challenge. In Germany we don't use pennies, so I used Euro cents. You can use any type of money you have, the true challenge is about to draw as tiny as possible in the size of a coin.
And it sounds easier than it is!

coin challenge 1.jpg

I started with 50 cent (I'll take you to the candy shop... what?) as a warm up and continued with the smaller coins.



I actually failed with the 1 cent drawing but I painted over and set a rose XD
You can watch the whole progress on my Youtube channel or maybe soon on DTube!

Have you already tried this challenge? I would love to see your results so if you like you can show me your art works on Instagram by using #hellorambu or you can tag me!

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Have nice day!
unterschrift klein 2.png


Wow! What a heightof Creativity you're exhibited right here. This is an awesome art and I am glad it got a deserving reward through @Curie. You've gota follower already with this burs I would love to see more of this,
You can also add a shoutout to your Steemit faus too bcos u've definitely gotten an audience here.

Steam on... @dorth

Wow such a splended click ever seen,just wow,amazing photography,keep sharing with us your valueable post.👍👍

Really nice and unique idea! That pen looks very thin

Oh hey an artist I recognize! Subbed to you on Youtube. Didn't expect to see you here. Followed. =]


Nice. It will take a lot of patience and focus to draw like this. Great job.

Wow! This is amazing!♥