Bankdex | An Innovative Robust And Groundbreaking Technology Of Crypto Assets

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Hello friends, have you heard about Bankdex, The exchange is built on an innovative and groundbreaking technology that facilitates inter-blockchain transfer of crypto assets. Bankdex is leading the way towards real innovation in the cryptocurrency space

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In simple terms, Bankdex aims to be the new face of cryptocurrency exchanges.
Bankdex has main aims and/or objectives, through which it can leverage on to solve the issues in today's exchanges.

It’s a cryptocurrency exchange with a difference. What’s sets it apart from the slew of cryptocurrency exchanges is a suite of features designed to empower its customers From security to performance to user experience. Bankdex seeks to work with a wide collection of options for traders to secure their (digital) assets in order to freely and securely store and trade assets on the exchange. The platform will have a modular panel that will help to create a comfortable working environment for the trader.

We bring the most unique features to the exchange world like zero fees, fast transaction and a wallet that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Top Performance, Superior Security, Trading Environment, Wide Array of Coins & Trading Pairs, Coverage & Support
Bankdex Utility Token (SAM), Abundant Liquidity and Top Performance.


The Bankdex platform utilizes state-of-the-art technology. The matching engine has a massive processing capacity of millions transactions per second, one of the world’s fastest among competitors. The Bankdex platform is fast, robust and reliable, giving its users the ultimate advantage when trading Superior Security. It acts as a one-stop shop for investors and traders and is designed to serve them in a manner which maximizes their earning potential.

The platform ensures a high level of security with robust smart contracts implemented by experienced professionals. The Bankdex platform provides users with unparalleled trading experience.


Its comprehensive interface is powerful for professional traders but easy to use for beginners. The dashboard is modular and the layout can be reorganized depending on the preference of the trader to emphasize the most relevant information to the trader. This enables traders to easily analyze and determine the right trades on the Bankdex platform.



All users who keep our tokens in their accounts from 5 to 12 months will benefit from some specified additional interest rates allocated to them.

All users having SAM balance in their wallet will also benefit from free transactions in the BankDex exchange.

Saying that the Bankdex platform is innovative would be an understatement. The tech and ingenuity under bankdex hood is truly impressive with a processing capacity. It’s lightning-fast and leagues ahead of most of their competitors.

24/7 Support
Users of the platform will be able to get qualified help in their native language at any time of day and night, as support is multilingual and works in 24/7 mode. It is worth mentioning the possibility of using the platform on different types of devices and browsers. Data is store with strongest encryption algorithm. Privacy information and wallets private key is encrypted several times. Bankdex supports hardware security keys. Software-based 2FA like Google Authenticator is also supported.


Global, thus being easily accessible to all and sundry within the crypto space irrespective of location or geolocation restrictions.

Highly professional, thus standing out from others. This is because, bankdex exchange platform will be efficient, fast, robust, highly liquid while having various trading pairs.

Highly secure, thus making users be sure that their assets are safe.

Experience the freedom of trading across multiple blockchains with unparalleled efficiency and reliability! The Team behind the BANKDEX are experts in computer technology with long years of experience.They have had venture portfolios in the areas of business and trading programming .They can factor into the best models for a successful business. This bankdex Exchange platform provides flexibility to traders as they foster various transaction for various kinds of use case scenarios.



In building the Bankdex platform, developers sought to distinguish the platform from the numerous copycat exchanges that have proliferated the market. In their vision of bankdex, they have sought to build a platform that would be the most global, professional, and secure digital asset exchange for traders.
Bankdex aims to be truly global with digital asset exchanges in each of the major financial markets.

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