BitEclipse | The Multi-Asset Trading Platform that Revolutionalize the Use of Forex, Commodity, Index CFD, and Crypto Currency.

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Hi readers, I hereby introduce an amazing trading platform. This platform permits users to use its multi venue feature and simple interface, which serves as a next generation platform for upcoming and professional traders



BitEclipse is all in one online trading platform for multi-asset trading created with long financial market experience and sophisticated FinTech and ICT technology. To trade is much more convenient with BitEclipse and it has an extensive ability to connect with major financiaI institutions

Trading is done in levels depending on the assets to be traded, there are tokens, coins, FX, stocks, contracts, energies and other valuable resources that can be traded. Blockchain have built BitEclipse which is a multi-place trading platform that facilitates access to various asset classes, including Forex, Commodity, Index CFD, and Crypto Currency

This is the future of digital assets trading with innovative features and services such as advanced analytics, virtual trading, social trading and many more for its users. A platform that deals with digital assets trading is an online platform that allows users to trade different kinds of tradable assets and funds.

BitEclipse enables users to have real Crypto Wallets for all major cryptocurrencies that they can add new crypto addresses every twenty-four hours which have high security and privacy. The market has different assets and increased liquidity due to the variety implore in the platform design, which has lead to more profitability. All other digital assets are often listed on this distinctive platform.


What are the Problems facing other exchange?

Lack of sufficient security for storing valuable digital assets and funds.

Lack of fund management features that are integrated.

Lack of transparency in strategies and policies.

There are no socialization tools and solutions.

They lack diversity in trading techniques and tools.

But With BitEclipse! You are entitled to Benefits

Beginners using BitEclipse will be allowed to trade like professional traders, so their transactions and deals will be much faster, easier, smarter, cheaper and better than ever before. BitEClipse is an innovative and multi-level environment that allows users with a wide variety of markets to exchange all types of digital assets in P2P mode with both flat and large cryptocurrencies

BitEclipse utilizes AI technology to provide data analytics and accurate forecasts. With this technology, traders can adequately analyze market indicators and exchanges. It gives users an edge in facing a high level of uncertainty associated with the market.

This platform’s major assurance is to reduce the traditional boundaries and offer its users a comprehensive platform to trade different kinds of digital assets across multiple trading ways


Features of the platform

System Order Method
Market Making / Exchange
Order Type
Market, Limit, OCO, IFD, IFO
Average Execution Speed
10 micro sec
Execution Quality
No Rejection / No Re-Quote
Minimum Deposit
USD 0.00
Minimum Spread
0.00 Pip
Trading Fee
Account Currency
BitEclipse Web & Mobile
Forex, Commodity, Index CFD, Crypto Currency
MAX 1:200+
Margin Call & Stop-out
120% / 100%

BitEclipse Reliable performance analysis

For profitable trading, traders and users need an accurate understanding of the market indices. They need to know the consequence, implications, and the cause of their market performances. On the BitEclipse user dashboard/wallet, there is the performance analysis section. It shows profitability index and ROI analysis. It also compares performances to other users for better insights.

The BitEclipse Team

The BitEclipse team has been in forex and cryptocurrency investment business for a generous period of time and can guarantee that most platforms have lots of bugs, challenges, and disadvantages which affect both beginners and professional traders


The BET token is the fuel of the BitEclipse ecosystem. Based on popular blockchain. This token will be the payment mechanism on all bitEclipse platforms and apps and will be utilized for paying the trading fees.

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BET Details:
Btt username: yetundefas