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Hello Readers, here is a new model online gaming platform that you will love to know. It is known as Block Burn! BlockBurn іѕ brіngіng revolutiоn іn thе gamіng іndustry, chаngіng thе system frоm thе traditiоnal model to a modernize decentralized gamіng system. Isn't that amazing? Oh yeah, it is!



BlockBurn gaming network is an innovative arena for both gamers and gamblers alike. BlockBurn is entirely built on Erc 20 blockchain, meaning it utilizes the full power of the blockchain and not a subsequent part of it.

In-game asset, transfer are well monitored and no gamer can cheat the other during exchange. blockchain online game building is rest assured, security and fairness is adhered to.

The platform works around the clock to provide better customer service and to improve the system of promotions and benefits to attract and retain more players. Both new players and regular customers enjoy exclusive offers and bonuses from blockburn.

However, the platform developers plan to introduce incentive and reward mechanisms for players and active community members who will participate in the expansion of the platform and promotion of its products. All players will be able to invest steadily and enjoy the structure of the gaming market with stunning graphics, smooth animations, satisfying sound effects and intuitive navigation.

The Effect of BlockChain in Blockburn Gaming Industry

Blockchain is a distributed and distributed ledger technology, provides significant computing power and is scalable, high-precision and seamless security at a much lower cost than traditional systems. Blockchain in the purest form is based on the fact that some users contribute to the chain.

The blockchain is a decentralized system; so BlockBurn implementing it in gaming system will decentralized the gaming industry, gives autonomy to the users and the players and enabling total transparency in the gaming system. In the aspects of fund, blockchain offer the best security to the users fund and making a payment fasters with the help of smart contacts.


The use of blockchain technology; allows you to protect players from problems with fraudsters and the loss of their own funds. In addition, the use of the blockchain's capabilities makes it possible to refuse the services of intermediaries - the blockburn makes almost instant payments, taking into account the wishes of the players

Full transparency in all transactions; intellectual contracts allow you to make playing in a Lottery safe and easy.

What does BlockBurn intends to provide?

The BlockBurn platform provides safety in all that is done in it. It is safe and easy to use. Brilliant contracts are also used and the operations are safe for players to conduct.

It provides a Dapp that is very easy to use, it is also free and the purpose of payment during staking and when players are to be rewarded. All kinds of tokens will be made purchasable through it and easy conversion of the tokens and the devices that are used.

Stakeholders can actually trust this Innovation and take it as a network that can be trusted and whose Security can be sustained

The details of BlockBurn IEO

Blockburn will be carrying out an IEO on CHAINX exchange on the 17th of February, 2020 - 16th of March, 2020. register an account and complete KYC on ChainX Exchange


IEO BlockBurn is a fundraising campaign for the platform. The company will be able to create a profitable online gaming with a rapidly growing audience. However, they are striving to become something that is not just another gambling site but a lucrative networking.

IEO Start Date
Feb 17th to march 2nd
Hardcap : $700k

March 9th to march 16th
Hardcap: $500k

IEO Supply: 300,000,000 Burn
Minimum Purchase Amount: 1 ETH
Maximum purchase: 10000 ETH
IEO Hard Cap: $1,200,000

✔️ Acceptable currencies: ETH

What are the benefits of BlockBurn platform

Thе BlockBurn gamіng platform оffer regular lottery to thе uѕеrs оf thе platform аnd everybody wіth thеir traditiоnal token іѕ eligible to enter thе lottery аnd it usually takes place wіthіn thе space оf mіnute’s іnterval.

BlockBurn іѕ alѕо a dividends gamіng platform. Thіѕ meаns thаt uѕеrs оf thіѕ platform cаn earn more оn blockburn gamіng platform. Thе players cаn earn pаѕsively by stakіng games while іnvestors cаn earn pаѕsively by іnvestіng оn Burn token аnd hold.

Is there opportunity for game developers?

There’s opportunity for game developers to integrate their applications with the blockburn network easily. Before this would be done, then the games must have met the standard requirement of being a game of skill. The game of skill is a test that developers pass through before getting their game added on the platform.

The Team Vision

The team's vision is to allow players to find great games easily and fast, and developers can easily distribute their creations through this platform, the financial core of which will be the BURN token. Burn token will be used to serve the functions especially for use in rewards and staking. The lottery will be simple and well coordinated including all the games played in the ecosystem.


The Token

The token will be a utility token being used in the ecosystem such as purchasing games on the platform, incentivizing the users to improve the platform. the developers will be able to incentivize gamers to try out their games and leave their feedbacks for improvement purposes. Users will be able to exchange the tokens on various exchanges for their local currencies.

Token Name: Blockburn
Token Type: Erc 20
Token Price: $0.005
Total Supply: 2,000,000,000
Hard Cap: $1,200,000

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