Briefly Explanation on STEGOS Ecosystem and Infographic

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These are what STEGOS is made up of, what makes it unique and different from other privacy, or Driving . Stegos protects and empowers users by keeping their private information safefrom prying eyes.

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Privacy are for sure the hope and future of blockchain technology. Stegos combines strong privacy technologies in its operations. At the basis of cryptocurrency is the ideal of privacy. It is quite essential that users are able to transact without the any form of apprehension. The details of transactions are kept private as all transactions are regarded as sensitive. Therefore, Stegos serves the users better by affording them the opportunity to maintain confidentiality in their transactions. Privacy is recognised first of all as your fundamental right as you transact with Stegos.

Another intriguing system of Stegos network is its consensus algorithm of PoW and PoS. These enables users on Stegos network to enjoy UNINTERRUPTING experience and income on the platform.

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