Cartesi | The Decentralized BlockChain Service that Connects with Linux

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Hello friends, have you heard about Cartesi? Some will say yeah, while some will say no! For some of us, who are yet to understand cartesi. Here is a review of how Cartesi operates in blockchain technology.


Cartesi brings a real OS to blockchains. Cartesi enables off-chain computations running on a deterministic VM architecture supporting a Linux operating system.

The next step in the development was the ability to create decentralized applications using a blockchain. It immediately became clear that similar applications have the same advantages as blockchain technology itself. But even decentralized applications did not solve all the problems in the lack of capacity. One of the priority areas that could solve this issue is Cartesi.

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What is Cartesi?

Cartesi is a decentralized and scalable Linux infrastructure that solves the problems of computational scalability and development infrastructure for the decentralized web.

However, the developers of this blockchain will provide the opportunity to create decentralized software on AI, which will save considerable funds and time and without a doubt will play a positive role in the development of technology in general.

The use of blockchain and dApp has increased freedom as it cuts down the influence of centralized authorities, improving encryption protocol.

Cartesi combines a unique consensus algorithm with an advanced network protocol to create an innovative blockchain platform. It seeks to address the security and energy efficiency issues inherent in current blockchain technology.

What type of method does Cartesi execute?

Cartesi Concensus Algorithm is a method of executing large orders that are too large to be filled while using automated programmed trading instructions to calculate variables such as time, price and volume to send small slices of orders out to the market over time.

Transactional. This feature allows Cartesi blockchain operate thousands transactions per second. Cartesi makes DApps portable across multiple blockchains.

Mobile app. Cartesi mobile app bring to all users a fast and convenient transaction service. Also users can become a validators by using the app. Private and public chats, data sharing. App store for downloading and uploading app which made on Cartesi blockchain

Cartesi Dapp Logic

This allows for sophisticated DApp logic running intensive computation. Cartesi mitigates the entry barrier to blockchain development. Mainstream developers can easily develop DApps with the tools, libraries, and services they are already familiar with.


The Cartesi node network runs DApps and provides owners with service and transaction fees for the applications they choose to host. In addition, our network is responsible for the running of the platform and its security processes. Node owners therefore participate in securing the network and ensure true decentralization as well as it can optimize and improve your ideas by offering possible improvement options.


Users’ and services provider’s data such as identity information, property information, transaction records and reviews on different services are recorded on the blockchain. Data is stored and extracted through a distributed storage scheme with a private key (users’ personal login access to their account).

Trusted application container (TAC). Exclusive tool for developers that helps to integrate different types of software into Cartesi blockchain ecosystem.
So guys, technical aspects of the project are incredible, cartesi has all needed parameters to became a leading blockchain in future.

About the Team

Lets look on the team. Team of the project is very powerful and experienced in software development and engineering. This ecosystem will allow developers in many areas to develop DAPP with higher efficiency, reduced cost, and increased reliability.

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The platform implements a chord network protocol to facilitate rapid communication between nodes to ensure high transaction throughput and fast processing times.

The Token

Cartesi token will be used as a transaction certificate when the user buys a service. Every transaction process will be handled by smart contracts and cross-chain hosting technology to ensure the authenticity, legality, and compliance.

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