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Hello friends, Today i will talk about computer games and a unique project, Gaimin. Let's find out what the developers of this service have for us. I will start with computer games. They have stimulated the brain for decades.


I, myself is the Product Gaimin, having experience in playing different games and corporate software for month's and is now very passionate about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

We must see how Gaimin introduces their project to the wider community which includes many elements, such as the gamer community, game developers, crypto world investors in various countries.


Gaimin provides game developers with everything they need: technical solutions including smart contracts, easy to remember domain name marketing outreach: Gaimin, advisors, and management expertise driven by the team consisting of game industry experts. Gaimin gives game developers a tremendous opportunity to make games for Cryptoenthusiasts which is a growing market. Fun game where people pay tokens to play and compete to win more tokens from other crypto currencies. This solves the problem of obtaining, monetizing, and retaining users for game developers.

What is Gaimin? is where a gamer’s computer power meets CGI, rendering and High Performance Computing and where the gamer is rewarded handsomely. The platform provides a very simple block for game development. First, the game is instantly distributed among the players. Second, it's an easy way to fund your game project. The aim of the developer was to create a platform that greatly simplifies the marketing and distribution of games.

Gaimin EOS Blockchain-Powered Ecosystem

The blockchain will act as a multi-game database, securely storing all leaderboard scores and GMRX . With the GMRX token, Gaimin aims to create a digital arcade playground for Crypto-holders and traders, while also helping game developers and publishers to build their games without worrying about CGI-cost, costly team building and maintenance of F2P gameplay. Blockchain technology makes it possible for gamers to find, fund, play and win tokens from the games they love, and for game developers to build them.

The EOS Blockchain enables us to provide cross-border remmitence for deposit, withdrawal and disbursement of the competition pool prize. We created our own cryptocurrency token called GMRX to do just that.

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However, We are partnering with game developers all over the world to make their games available to play for free on Gaimin. Our aim is to help gamers, game developers, entrepreneurs, investors, advertisers, and people who are enthusiastic about cryptocurrency who have thoughts of the future by converting their game ideas into fully functional games.

What problems does the project solve?

Third-party applications. Downloading a special program for playing is a pretty dangerous idea. Of course, launcher are essential for popular games, but sometimes scammers create this type of third-party application to steal personal information. You do not need to download any additional programs on Gaimin. Create a single system that simplifies transaction procedures, allowing each user to offer and sell tokens and win tournament winners.

Further more, is a software platform company which links gaming computer power to the worldwide needs for High Performance Computing Power. Gaimin is a company that aims to support the economy, especially in the field of gaming through EOS blockchain technology. Gaimin releases a token with a GMRX ticker and is a token utility. GMRX has several uses for several parties including, game developers and gamers themselves

Benefits for game publishers/developers

Easy to use with integrated wallet

Empowering games to use cryptocurrency in their game economy

No worries on fraud, chargebacks and other payment gateway problems as everything is built on top of EOS blockchain technology

Full access to our platform (FunFund Initiative)

The project connects the world’s largest supply of distributed GPU processing power, which belongs to the 1.3 billion gaming PCs in the global gaming community.

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This means that a gamer can now be rewarded for simply downloading and installing the platform, and then letting it work in the background without affecting gaming performance in any way.

The EOS blockchain will serve as the backbone for GMRX. Gamers can easily send GMRX to play on the platform to each other, provided both the sender and recipient have an EOS compatible wallet. Game developers and publishers can incorporate this function – for gamers to pay and participate in game rooms and tournaments to earn more tokens.

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