Moozicore | The Unique Revolutionary Music Service For Venues Where Music Is Essential

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People enjoy music and artists offline, people take advantage of opportunities to attend shows, listen to their favorite singers and music groups and enjoy the true and face-to-face fun they earn.


This is a music streaming platform that relies upon Blockchain innovation for a straightforward eminence dissemination. Artists that are utilizing the service will have the choice of conveying their work by means of this music. The appearance of the internet has guaranteed a consistent development of the music industry.


In recent years, the music industry has been facing a sharp decline due to expensive music production processes and new artists, in short, large industries engaged in the music industry have not been able to pay artists and fans. Recently, when artists had to go through the licensing process, only issues of legality and public ticket sales were covered, and fans were a complicated and expensive process due to the involvement of successful industries. The artist and fan don't have to go through overwhelming and expensive processes to enjoy the freedom of entertainment. Therefore, Moozicore is a revolution in this industry, offering the opportunity to stream music for both artists and Amateurs.

What is Moozicore

Moozicore is revolutionary music streaming service for venues where music is essential for customers. Our service transforms background music into an interactive customer-sourced playlists.

Moozicore helps artists regain control of their work, monetize their talents. Because the music industry is struggling to solve issues related to digital rights management for music and in real time, Moozicore is a step-by-step approach to use. Moozicore not only adheres to the music industry, but also includes exchange, transactions and purchase of music coins.

The Token Sale

Moozicore token is required to be utilized as a motivating force and reward for early adopters who contribute an incentive to the stage through system impacts.

This stage will likewise empower music fans experiment with as music makers. By vesting into skilled musicians, they'll move toward becoming co-proprietors of copyright. That implies, fans can get returns on future sovereignties and other income streams, for example, shows, music spilling administrations, and open exhibitions.



The Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technologies, such as self-run independent contracts and unchanging computing technologies, enable Moozicore to create a functional, stable, secure, and adaptive environment to solve practical problems in digital media and services. This platform covers all aspects of the music industry. From the creations and copyrights of the re-sale of existing and future music asset contracts, concert organizations and token sales. The Blockchain system and the entertainment companies are currently the most prominent industries that govern international and global populations. It is anticipated that this market will keep up consistent development throughout the following years. Regardless of the developing openings, musicians just observe a small amount of the income. Acquired market rehearses joined with smaller edges make the absence of legitimate assurance for artists in the computerized age.

To see how this stage should function, you need a full picture of what the engineers of the Moozicore are attempting to accomplish. As indicated by the whitepaper, the essential point of this stage is to find new gifts services. The achievements of blockchain technology allowed Moozicore platform to create a copyright agreement, which is the basis of the platform. Information symmetry, the immutability and flexibility of service to increase the fairness, transparency, credibility and ease of its application, which are present in the industry at present on playstore and googlestore.


What can Musician do

Musicians can register the rights to musical works. Aggregation in one place of all royalties received both within the platform and in third-party services, with integrated technology of deep data analytics, which unites all aspects of the artist's creativity (copyrights and related rights, royalty collection, token revenues).
Music lovers can track the performance of the music portfolio (aggregated royalty) and get the most reliable data that will help make the decision to purchase the most attractive music asset.

The proprietary status provides Moozicore and its users with intellectual property protection for its advanced approach to allowing media management Unlike Spotify, Tidal or any other non-commercial services. Moozicore is fully licensed and legal for businesses of all kinds.

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