Refine Medium | People's Own Decentralized Video Storage Based on Blockchain Technology

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Refine Medium is a decentralised media platform rendering authentic and high quality video content. Refine Medium is a blockchain database that supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. It combines concepts from social media with lessons learned from building cryptocurrencies and their communities.

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About Refine Medium

Refine Medium is very easy to use, it is built with a great User Interface, focused on a rich media experience, it’s a medium focused on creating a good and perfect content for the community.
Refine Medium revolutionizes the way you create and share contents online and rewards you for it. With the use of blockchain as a new opportunity for creators to achieve financial freedom. You share great video and the community rewards you for that. We believe great video should be appreciated even with a small number of followers.

Refine medium IEO on Probit exchange

About More creativity

Popular social media networks fail to uphold the ideal of freedom of expression. We think that the centralized architecture of popular social networks puts them in a situation where complying with censorship laws and regulations is a necessity if they are to stay in business. That is why Refine Medium is different in all spheres. A platform that enhances community building through social networking with cryptocurrency rewards. Refine Medium is the building blocks that helps her clients build communities through cryptocurrencies.

Connect with your friends via a encrypted messenger and exchange currencies. You can send payments and smart contracts to friends from within chats while enjoying the default encrypted messaging service, using a peer-to-peer protocol that doesn’t rely on centralized servers. Refine Medium will provide the safest and most reliable application available.


Be part of a revolutionary technology

By participating in Refine Medium IEO, users will not only become part of a revolutionary platform that will deliver real value to content creators, but will also be the first to adopt a decentralized economic movement. which will be tradable on major exchanges and can generate a return to their owners.


Decentralized computing is based on the allocation of resources, hardware and software, for each individual workstation or office location. In contrast, centralized computing exists when most functions are performed or obtained from a remote centralized location.

Peer-to-Peer Hypermedia Protocol

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol designed to create a permanent and decentralized method of storing and sharing files. It is a peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution protocol that is addressable to content. Nodes in the IPFS network form a distributed file system.

The Blockchain

A blockchain is a distributed database that is used to maintain a growing list of records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block. A block is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively adhering to a protocol to validate new blocks. Refine Medium is built on top of Ethereum blockchain designed to enable viewers, creators and innovators of the platform to connect via blockchain based smart contracts


It is a Community Driven Project

Refine Medium is built on Ethereum blockchain technology and with its socialmedia users at its core. Together, they will be shaping the future of social media, and creating a new revolutionary model of social network which would be governed by its own users.

Benefit of Refine Medium

Maximum freedom as the user friendly platform comes by for you.

It brings you an opportunity to express yourself without hindrances to interact with your friends, family, and others who share similar interests.

The use of an online cryptocurrency without any previous experience to utilize a decentralized network to store videos, and data on a trustless service in which no one can have access to the privacy you need.

Refine medium comes with a great opportunity to be an early adopter to see as it grows and even builds a business within the network through licensing and data distribution.

Why Blockchain

Blockchain makes it possible to record ownership publicly in a distributed ledger. That's why we decided to use this technology for the foundation of the platform. We will use blockchain technology for our reward mechanism and to decentralize our social networks as much as possible. Speed ​​and performance are important for users, so we must use a hybrid solution that will combine the fastest client server architecture with the latest blockchain technology. We want users to have ecosystem solutions that they like for the many benefits we describe. RefineMedium aims to provide an ecosystem which nurtures a naive creator into a self-actualised one. The goal is to reach the top of the “Refine Rhombus”.

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In a Nutshell

Refine medium is an opportunity to express yourself without limitations to interact with your friends, and others who share similar interests. For those who have not familiar with the technology: blockchain will allow individuals to utilize a decentralized network to store, videos, and data on a trustless service in which nobody can view, thus maintaining the privacy you need. it will also allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies and other FIAT currencies. We also believe great developers are key as our platform can grow exponentially, together with developers, improving the value for our users on a daily basis.

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