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after few days on work and migration to a better auto scaling servers , we tested all features of steem auto and it seems to work better now .
We have tested auto votes on fanbase , curation trail and seems all setup is okay and running properly
we would like to request everyone to test the setup and let us know if it works for you or not .

Post your answers in the comment section so that if we missed anything we can solve this ASAP



It seems to work perfectly now, thanks @steem-supporter 💪

thanks for your feedback

I try and try to contact you about the errors on Steam Auto. Can you look at my question further down in this comment thread?

it doesn't work well, it hangs too much. :(

Nice, our favorite dapp is back on online. Thanks!

it seems didn't works well, for now. please check it.thanks.

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Thanks @steem-supporter for this update. Upvote on the way

Great News!

I don't know if you've already been made aware, but sometimes Fanbase upvotes can be triggered on an edit, which is definitely not intended!

Other than that, thanks @steem-supporter and keep it up!

Won't let me go past logging in - can't see trails or anything, just keeps redirecting to the login page.

Ok, I contacted you a few times in the last couple of weeks with no response. This was happening before the new server. I sent you $ and you didn't reply to it. But the curation trail doesn't work for me. I would like to follow someone who is not listed, so there is a message that tells me that a user is "not found" and asks "follow anyway," which I click and then confirm with "Yes."

That doesn't work. It gives me an error in red, "Not found."

Hello happy day, where can I join you?

The link above is not working. It always give the error 522.

My trail is not voting since 2 days now although the manna is full. Could you please check out @steemalive curation trail and get back to us? No single account following the trail is voting now. Thank you so much @steem-supporter


Seems to be working now. Thanks

Waooooh good one... For sure @steem-supporters you guys are really working.
Welcome back steem auto

We have noticed that the trail is not triggered on all voting attempts.

We could also notice that on other occasions the trail is partially triggered, that is, the votes of all trail members are not executed. We could say that sometimes 20% - 30% of the trail votes are not executed.

These are observations obtained from daily experience. I hope these are valuable to you.

hello , there are few things that we need to see in these cases ,

  1. the voters who were excluded might have low mana limit than their settings
  2. when did you triggered these upvotes , please try in 4-5 hours when all mana are recovered , might be a chance

Thanks a lot, We will.

howdy @steem-supporter!

thanks for ur work in the first - big applause!!!

but i have still a lot of troubles.

voting mana cap is not really working for curation-trails!
many votes and settings from fanbase are still ignored, no votes are going out.

i found no actual newer post, no statement from your side!
i hope you recogniced some of "my" problems and u ll fix it in the next day.

status quo is better than no steemauto, but....


great job. God bless

Hello there, tried to follow a trail, but no success.



All other trails are not working either. Tried to revoke and reauthorize authority, no avail. None of the trails are working.

** Note that this is not a complain. Just a feedback.

Steem Auto is a desaster omg really bad server or developer?

API are to be blame at this time

i am working on fixing them

i haven't received upvotes for my trail in the last 3 days :( . Is this a temporary problem ? or a bigger issue ?

I haven't received any votes from my trail in the last 5 days .. ? Can you pls help me pinpoint the problem ?

Kinerja yang sangat bagus

I created a new trail and new fanbase today. However, none of it really works. Am I doing something wrong or is it currently out of order?
Thank you for your quick response.

Thank you for supporting me, I am very happy

This Because It's offline. At least for me.

Why does first say that they just need a posting key and then they suddenly require an active key?? I'm not comfortable with revealing you my active key

steemauto is not asking for your active key , and we never do


yes but we dont ask for any keys there , keys are asked in steemlogin and is never saved with us .

and can I trust steemlogin and why?

steem login is secured as your private keys are stored in your browser only and we as steemauto will get posting authority (but not the key )

ok, but why do you use steemlogin site to ask for a active key? You are supposed to not need to use any monetary actions..which means that posting key is enough

Of course.
first it asks for posting, after for active or master
now all entries are done and its not possible to start new.

Sorry but what do yo mean?..not possible to start new what?

I created a new curation trail a few weeks ago and there were already a few accounts on it.
At that time I noticed that sometimes it worked, sometimes not. There were about 30 trail at that time.
When I tried to log in this morning, everything was virgin again and I could not activate any trail.