STEEM AUTO is down at the moment

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After days of work , we have updated steemauto for better performance and as well as transferring to a new cloud provider we recently signed up with .
The new steem auto URL has also been changed to

the setup is gonna take another few hours but after that our product will be much more awesome but the current trail configuration will work ,, users will only not be able to login in this migration window

we will update once we finish this

we hope to help the community as much as possible




Wonderful :))

Many thanks for the update.

Thanks for the good news, @steem-supporter.

Thank you for that update @steem-supporter

Resteemed and upvoted already.

Thank you for update and hope that after it starts we will not have problem with trials :)

the trails are still working ..

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I hope there are no bugs when everything is done

Everything looks fine, but I find 1 problem and the Trail is interrupted for a few hours

this has been solved

How do I get support

what support is it you are needing


At my post