Tub Cat now has his own curation trail

in #steemautolast year

But don’t feel pressured to follow it, unwashed humans.

It is for the Cat in a Tub’s use but open to anyone to follow (I think).

Tub Cat’s trail is available for following on @steemauto and is largely designed to maximise curation rewards.

Tub Cat is finding it challenging to both bath frequently and manually curate every day so has automated his voting for the time being.

If you think you are worthy to be included as part of the Cat in a Tub’s automated votes then state your case below.

Otherwise, go take a bath unwashed humans.

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You are such a giggle.

Frowns menacingly at you

Is that an unwashed human that I smell?

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Damn!....there's no fooling you. I knew I should have taken a shower before replying.

What’s wrong with a bath, human?

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I was undergoing a transformation...what you think?


Wig Cat?....

Disgusting, a real Cat would vomit at the sight of another cat adopting human traits. Human’s are millipedes when compared to Cat’s and only useful for Food Delivery Services.

....so what was that order again, Fancy Feast chicken with gravy or roast beef, 6 p.m. sharp be okay?

Perfect, unwashed human. You are becoming more washed with every passing day.

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I'm impressed you can partiko with paws. The keys are not that big on those little phone keyboards. Even on an oversized phone. Guess having super clean paws helps.

Silly human, Tub Cat delegates menial tasks such as typing to his pet human, who also performs other tasks such as food delivery and kitty litter re-supply.

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@krazzytrukker and 2 co-pilot kitty'z

2 Travelin' Cats that make sure the Krazzy is always a "washed human"


My 11 cats shower everyday. Their tongues get a workout... around here... The test is they all smell good :-)

The 11 Cats own you, human. You do not own them. Your only purpose is to deliver their nourishment and to empty their containers of faeces.

As they supply me with pure love...

Tub Cat thinks you confuse love with disdain. 🐱

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