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RE: Steem Business Alliance Open for New Members - Presenting the 2019 Roadmap and New Website

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We are new to Steem, but we set up this account in order to be able to accept Steem. We did this with the idea that we might make our first expansion into internet sales through Steem. We have some logistics to work out on our end to make that happen, but in the meantime, we will start accepting Steem as soon as our season starts this spring.

I haven't read your whole post yet as it's early here, but I was wondering if things like producing a "Steem accepted here" sticker would be something the SBA would sponsor.

We wouldn't mind being one of the first members, but let me read about it a little more once my eyes fully awaken.


This sounds great! Would be great to work with u! We know a project called @rutablockchain is working on these signs. Maybe contact them

That's great. I was thinking about it a little and I will probably just print something out with a QR code to my profile. But I think it would be nice if we could have a little pack for new merchants accepting Steem.

Hello @chainnuts, we are adopting stores in Venezuela, we have some label arts that may interest you. Also, any help we can offer, on the wallet or any other aspect, do not hesitate to tell us. You can communicate with @danielvehe in our discord

Thanks @oracle-d