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RE: Steem Business Alliance Open for New Members - Presenting the 2019 Roadmap and New Website

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Nice! Good job guys 👍

Do you have examples of the type of businesses you're looking to take in? This may sound silly, but what do you consider as a "business"?

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A business is registered as a legal entity in a country and has a named representative.
Short term: Steem-based businesses interested in collaborating to build and share resources and best practice and also prepare the SBA to be capable to consult and incubate other businesses not yet involved in Steem who might be interested.
Mid/Long-term: Any business or enterprise interested in making use of the blockchain in at least some way. Many will not appear as "blockchain companies", just like most EtherAlliance members are corps such as Microsoft and EY etc.

got it, thanks for the info!

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As long as the intention is to create a business that will use Steem and there is a clear roadmap towards registration of and a sustainable, ethical business that follows or intends to follow SBA best practises, a business or project would be eligible for membership

Gotcha, thanks for the explanation! I've seen a few businesses sell things in exchange for STEEM.

Perhaps @teamhumble / @dayleeo would be interested?

I know that I would totally buy a Steem-Shirt from if they accepted STEEM... just sayin' ;^)

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