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RE: Steem Business Alliance Open for New Members - Presenting the 2019 Roadmap and New Website

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I was actually thinking of @Steemba 2 days ago and was worried that we couldn't hear anymore from you. Thanks that @Steemba was still working in the background.

Personally, I've integrated #steem to my business and I've started receiving STEEM as payment for services I offer in my Creativity Hub in Uyo, Nigeria. I hope to make this #steem popular with this step.

Thanks for staying on track. I'll checkout the forms and know where I can fit in.


Looking forwards to it

Hello @uyobong and thank you for the reply!
Yes, perhaps we will need to do more frequent posts to keep the interest up.

That's really cool to hear! Would love to hear from you what the process of setting up what you needed to support STEEM payments was like. Any resources you found particularly useful or lacking?

Thanks for the response @Fredikaa and the readiness to keep @Steemba fresh on #steem.
As for receiving payments with #steem, am doing it manually. That is, the clients are offered 25% off for payments they make with STEEM, with these, some of them opt to create an account, then probably do a stem transfer to my account.

Since am not Tech savvy, am looking for a platform that can be preparing vouchers for me to enhance this.

I recommend it especially for your clients. It is not necessary to have an account in Steem, so they can pay while waiting for the confirmation, just by placing the memo that gives the exchange

I congratulate you for that discount