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Universal Basic Income (UBI)

I am a true believer in the Universal Basic Income (from now on I will say UBI) idea, since I first read about this idea. At that time a Dutch person was giving away one basic income for a year whenever he would have completely funded it via crowdfunding. I joined, but didn't win it. After my first introduction with UBI, I actually I read more and more about governments doing pilots with the UBI for a certain group of people with a low income. And I really believe that this is a good thing for people to have more freedom, and it will (mostly) motivate people to work hard because they aren't expected to work (for example) in a warehouse doing a job that really don't fits them.

UBI will give the people on welfare back their passion, and that will help to get the best out of them

I believe that, when you are able to do something that you like, enjoy and mostly when you are passionate about something, you will be much more successful in what you do. And for many people nowadays that isn't a 9 to 5 job, and if you are on welfare but having a hard time finding a job, you will be pushed towards job interviews that are not suited for you. In the long run there will be only losers, not winners. Well actually the welfare department will feel like a winner, because they got you out of welfare of course, but I mean the employers and employees will not have a long successful relationship at the company if you are pushed there.

The neverending (meant to help) good advices

My experience is that many people easily say to others: "Just work in a supermarket, work at McDonalds" etc. Actually when I was younger (I mean in my teenage years) this was a good option, because I would get hired at every single job interview I went to. But when you are a few years older, and got children they will easily pick the younger version applying for a job because they are simply cheaper than you. I don't want to say that younger people are not motivated enough, but I remember me in my teenage years, and I know that many of the younger ones love to party and call in sick much easier than a person that has a family to take care of.

All that time and effort applying without results will demotivate like crazy

Don't feel offended please, there are always exceptions on the rule! You may just be that one, I am just pointing out some of the issues I had to deal with. I know my skills, I know how to present myself, and I can write a good letter to an employee. But, and yes there is a but, if you are applying for a longer period and don't even get a response to 95% of your letters all of the sudden, it will demotivate you like crazy. I've been there, trust me. And it's even more frustrating when you think of the fact that many of the other people applying for the job may just be send there by your local welfare department, because they're under pressure finding a job. After many letters it will be difficult to keep writing a good motivation to every single job you CAN apply to.

I wish I had the courage to think outside the box earlier in life

I have been an entrepreneur myself, and I really wished I had taken this step years before I did, but I was stuck in a system that doesn't fit me. It's just not working for me. I am an out-of-the-box-thinker.. And I've proved myself during that time I was en entrepreneur, that I know what my skills are and that I can move mountains if I really want to. Now let's rephrase that sentence again:

"Can move mountains If I really want to". This is an important thing to think about for a second. I know my skills and I know If I give it my everything, I can do about anything possible. The key to achieving anything possible, is that I must have interest in something, I must feel passionate about something, or have a good dose of curiosity... The more you learn about something you have interest in, the more effort you put in it. You can easily take your spare time (not working) as an example, you only will put more of that precious time in things you actually are interested in, right?

Many people lose their passion because of being stuck in a system

But when you are stuck in a system and all the people around you are too, it is difficult to really believe you can do it, without getting any support.
And there is the solution if you ask me, the basic income! It will let many people shine again. People that are stuck, and sick of applying to jobs that they really don't want to have, but they need to do something, because the welfare department is on their neck. Some of them may be able to convince an employer that they should get the job, but in the long run they will appear not to be the good match that the employer hoped them to be. And this could have been another job applicant that is really suited for this job, but instead of learning from this, the same route will probably be walked by finding a new employee.

The UBI will get people out of their comfort zone again and search for the things they are good at

When you give every person a basic income, more people will get out of their comfort zone, and will start doing what they love. And those people may not find the perfect way to find money right away, true. The basic income is not a magic trick with all your solutions in one package, no you have to think good what you want to accomplish and you have to try some things. Maybe you will fail a few times, but that's not a bad thing, you now know this is not for you. Keep yourself motivated, because the world is still on your feet. Because you have way more freedom than you had before!

For people on Steemit, there is SBI (Steembasicincome)

For those not lucky enough living in a country that supplies the basic income already, there is the Steembasicincome! All you steemians out there can have a share at this. Steem basis income cost 1 STEEM per person, but hold on, you get to give away another Steemian a share too. So actually you will pay 1 STEEM for 2 members getting a share of steem basic income for life. Every single post you publish, you will get an upvote from the pool you are in. But if you buy or get (by getting sponsored) more shares, this upvote percentage will increase. How great is that?
I started with I believe 2 shares, and I sponsored @familyprotection because they stand for a good cause, and I get their support since the day I started writing for them too. Later I bought another share for myself and supported my good friend @hetty-rowan with several shares, because she works hard on steemit too, and really deserves to get higher upvotes.

At this moment I keep spreading the word about SBI shares, and luckily many follow

In the Alldutch community, both the accounts @alldutch and @alldutchcreation have some SBI shares.. And both of the accounts are also giving away shares in contests we have weekly. How great is this? We can all help each other out, and even the people new to Steembasicincome will this way be introduced to it, without paying themselves. More and more people will follow buying shares, and I believe this is a good thing for the community.
Because of our own shares on our private accounts @anouk.nox and @hetty-rowan and the shares on @alldutchcreation , we can now upvote the selected posts in our weekly recap of the community with even higher amounts. So the whole community will have profit from it..

How do I get my first shares for @steembasicincome ?

It's as easy as 1,2,3 : Just go to your wallet, chose transfer STEEM and transfer 1 STEEM per share to @steembasicincome. In the memo you mention the other account you would like to sponsor, and then wait several days before it's enrolled. As soon as it's enrolled they will send you a memo that you have received your shares.
Frequently Asked Questions SBI

To make sure as many people as possible will see this post, let's giveaway some shares!

Because I love the initiative, and we are also actively giving away shares in the Dutch community, I will have another giveaway here, right now. For all of the people that upvote and resteem this post!
That's my only request...

I will check the people that upvoted and resteemed it when I pick the winners!
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upvoted and resteemed:)

It's an interesting concept and i have seen studies about it before. My only worry would be the people who just want to game the system. Like everything it will be great for some people who will be given the chance to do something worthwhile. But for those who add nothing to society it will just be an excuse not to have to make any effort. The project in finland will be interesting to see how it works out from the comments.

if you llook deeper into UBI you will discover that it does not matter if people do no effort. It's their choice, or they have other reasons not to 'make effort' When they care for elder people. Or have health issues, or what ever... or just need a break.

Once people get bored they will start doing things. And they will do things that really make a difference.
This is the big gamechanger with the UBI.

The problem with goverrnment UBI 'experiments' is that they don't fully comprehend the 'full package' of the UBI idea. They merely do a limited UBI experiment that leaves out a lot of positives. Then those experiments fail, and we get a shitload of mainstream media explanations of why it can not work.

I also have looked at SBI (Steemit Basic Income) and everytime i look at it i thing WTF?

The rules are not clear to me, and to me it feels just as worse as any other bureacratic set of rules that don't work because only the bureaucrats are able to bend them.

To complicated for a system that should just work.

Still i'm intrested to join in and try it if it is possible to ignore the rules, since they just don't make sense to me.

I appreciate your points but I don't know if i can agree with you. SBI is an interesting concept as well and depending on future steem prices could be a great project. I would love to have revenue steams apart from work that would mean that I could do things that I actually like. I would need to be doing something as I always worked and couldn't sit at home every day. I would actually like to work in the animal rescue center as i love animals and would like to help them. I do a small bit now but work 45 hours a week.

A lot of people wouldn't be of this mindset however. The town where I grew up has very little employment and a lot of the people have social housing and welfare. Thats suits a lot of them very much. Free houses and free money and people try to get as much as they can from this. Getting jobs would only mean a slight bit more income and they would lose some of the external benefits like free healthcare and travel. So instead they pass the time doing very little.

My main motivation is motivation. If people are handed things for free then there is no motivation to do anything. I like the idea of basic income but i feel that there should be work programmes to gain entry. Maybe 20 hours a week of community service to improve your area. This way everybody who wants is guaranteed the money and it motivates people to get out and do more while improving your area. If something is free then people have a lot less value for it.

I guy I've met in Berlin receives a UBI independent from any government institutions.
He is truly disconnected from the system and for him it roughly worked like this.

The first 2-3 months he just enjoyed the UBI, it was summer and he enjoyed the stress free situation of not having bureaucrats pressuring him to find a job.
Then fall kicked in, and he got bored. He turned his free time into a little business, this business soon employed him fulltime, and he hired a person to help him.
During the spring the both of them rented a space and made enough money to fund half a UBI for someone else. So 1 UBI turned into 3 UBI and 2 fulltime jobs. So on top of the UBI they earned a decent amount of money that made it worth all the trouble.

I don't know what the status is right now, this was 2010 somewhere. And I've not been in Berlin since.

The UBI turned out to have a lot of value.

On the other hand I have seen a UBI 'experiment' under government control. With a couple of 'additional rules'. Those additional rules just made things complicated and out of fear for bureaucratic reprimands the participants in that experiment heasitated to do what they wanted to do. They did not dare to start a small business due to the additional rules that made it more expensive then what they could afford to do.
And guess what. Bureaucracy made the experiment fail. And the media blew the failure out of proportion. Saying UBI is impossible!

So UBI CAN work, and UBI CAN fail. It depends on many things. But if the ruling class does NOT WANT succes, then they just add rules.

Control is where it fails, the ruling class fears to loose control. And that's where their rules come around the corner.

That's true, that governments don't fully commit to the idea yet..
But if you would like to join SBI win some shares here or have a look at our 'Sharing Saturday #2' from @alldutchcreation ;)

I agree, on Steemit SBI is a good investment, but in real life UBI could create an entitled society.

Thank you for running this contest. What I really like about @steembasicincome, is that you need to take action to receive the benefit. It helps motivate me to create a daily post!

You're welcome, and yes, that's absolutely true!

Thanks & God Bless @anouk.nox!

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Thanks @anouk.nox

Thank you :) good luck

I really want to know more about this UBI, does that mean you can buy as many UBI as you want? That is all I’m confused with, I’m not sure how yet but i want to do this and get involved. Reading more now.

UBI is universal basic income (see above in the post) SBI you can buy here on steemit (steembasicincome) I have added the link to this recent post of them.. https://steemit.com/steembasicincome/@steembasicincome/steem-basic-income-frequently-asked-questions

Hi , you can buy as many shares of SBI as you want, each one is a small upvote, but if you have 75 shares you might get a dollar upvote for each post, depending on ma4ket prices.

Right now I believe I get about 0,20 upvote and I currently have 39 shares.. but it also depends on what group you are in, and how many weekly posts you have..

That is true.

Thanks for sharing. I have been reading about various UBI programs and truly believe that it will give people the motivation to do more with their lives.

Yes me too :)

Thanks for sharing

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Again a great post worth upvoting and for sure RESTEEMING to spread the word of this great idea which indeed really works fine!

Thanks @anouk.nox!

Steem on!!

Thank you! And you're welcome!
Good luck :)

I agree that for many people life will be much better if the constant money worry is not there anymore.
Upvoted and resteemed :)

That's a credible idea.... I'm thinking the same way

I completely follow your thoughts. Same for me!

Thank you for a chance at winning the best project on Steemit. SBI will always visit your posts and drop some LOVE. 💖

The whole idea of Steemit is exciting and I too can attest to the community being a powerful force for inspiration.

It helped me really get into writing and rolling on the project in such a way that will bring it into the physical world. This is something I have been wanting for a very long time. It is explained within my introduction post to Steemit, and if it interests you as well, please feel free to contact me!

I am doing all that I can to see my project come true. I believe the Steemit community has the strength to make anything happen. Supporting each other, we can all grow.

Yes, together it can be huge! :)

I Really Enjoyed Reading This Post! Awesome Thought And Something To keep in Mind!

life politics money security basicincome
Finland has denied media claims that the Nordic country’s basic income experiment has fallen flat and that the government wouldn’t consider expanding it.

Government social affairs official Miska Simanainen said Wednesday that the trial, where about 2,000 unemployed people aged 25-58, are being paid a tax-free 560-euro ($680) monthly income with no questions asked “is proceeding as planned.”

The 20 million-euro program, which seeks to reform Finland’s social security system, ends in December after which Prime Minister Juha Sipila’s center-right government will assess initial results.

Media reports have said the government social affairs agency has requested up to 70 million euros in extra funding this year, something that Simanainen says is a false claim.

Finland became the first country in Europe to start the basic income experiment in January 2017.

It's very good for the Finnish people. It's will also be very good for the rest of the human race.

The lying two-faced mainstream media that claims that the Nordic country’s basic income experiment has fallen flat, are very happy to promote massive tax cuts for rich people, who just happen to own the main-stream media.

The rame disgusting main-stream media love free money - tax cuts - for rich people, and want NOTHING for poor people!!.
They make me sick!!!