SBI Contest 3 - 5 Share Giveaway

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Alrighty then, third time’s a charm! Five share giveaway is a go...


1). Upvote this post.

2). Comment a number between 1-100 below.

3). Resteem (optional) BUT:

4). If this post pays out enough in liquid Steem, I will sponsor that many more shares.

Numbers drawn at random when this post pays out.

Next game will be something more interactive...not so simple as picking a number, so be forewarned. 😋


Power up and Steem on!


Nine, nine everywhere a nine,
Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you see it’s nine?!

Faarkin’ A! I was gonna give you one, just ‘cause...but you didn’t follow the rules 😢

Maybe you’re waiting for the prime time?! I’ll wait and see.

the upvoted didn’t go through

Did now...gonna give you one just for fun. You still got #2.

76 here again. Random is still random. :D

The contest seems to get a little more challenging, I hope something I can handle. Picking a number is already hard. 😂

99 please