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Complete 3 simple tasks to win 1 @steembasicincome share!



  • Task 1 - Tell me what is your most favorite childhood memory.

  • Task 2 - Tell me a place you've never visited but want to visit.

  • Task 3 - Tag a friend's username in your comment.

  • (Optional) Resteem this post.

Winner of previous contest of 1 @sbi share each:

@fitinfun and @cryptopie

There are 2 SBI shares up for grabs.

This contest closes 24 hours after the post goes live. The winners will be chosen randomly.

Thank you for reading!

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Task 1 - Tell me what is your most favorite childhood memory.

At around 10 yeas old, we'd visit a relative in a rural home far from the 'normal' people -deep in the hilly areas- and occasionally we'd sneak at night to climb a nearby mountain and get trapped up there. With no phones to make calls for rescue, days were many and we ended up delaying the return journey home.

Task 2 - Tell me a place you've never visited but want to visit.

Torn in between Chinal & Nepal because they both host the great Mt. Everest. Soon going to toss a coin and work (read: dream) on the outcome.

Task 3 - Tag a friend's username in your comment.

I'd love to get a word on the same from one @modern-trojan because he sounds more of an explorer too based on his stories (posts)

I know the contest is over, but I'd also like to contribute regardless of its duration.

Childhood memory: When I was around 5-6 years old I remember we were playing football in a village not far away from my hometown. Suddenly someone kicked the ball into the neighbour's backyard. When he came out he was mad at us and he kicked the ball as strong as he could. Fortunately for us he was a bit clumsy so the ball hit a plum tree (which was also his) and the ripe plums fell on the ground.

Imagine a dozen of children rushing towards the fruit - yes that did happen and we ended up with our ball and our stomachs full of that sweet fruit.

A place I'd like to visit: Ruins of Troy - of course!

A friend to tag: I'd like to introduce my buddy who recently joined steemit - @ivamn7

You are awesome! Thank you for the sbi from the last contest, and now I am back to try again.

Task 1 - Tell me what is your most favorite childhood memory.
Going to Florida in the winters with my family. We lived in the snow and cold of Canada, and I did not like it. Then we would get off a plane and be in heat that smelled like coconuts. I loved that and never wanted to leave when the time came.

Task 2 - Tell me a place you've never visited but want to visit.
Sri Lanka! I have always wanted to go there and I just read and saw some wonderful posts about it today.

Task 3 - Tag a friend's username in your comment.
Stephan @steef-05 is the person with the awesome Sri Lanka posts, so this is who I am tagging :)

(Optional) Resteem this post.

1 - My favorite memory of childhood is to remember the moments that I played with my friends without having internet.

2- The place I want to visit is the Bernabeu stadium to fulfill my son's dream.

3- Label to @ theresa16

Best childhood memory: any of the occasions when I'm caught up enjoying music or singing, playing a musical instrument.
A place I've always wanted to visit: Cairo, Egypt.
Username name: @johnvibes @jeremycrow

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My entry:

  1. My favorite memory of childhood is when I went to the beach with my brothers walking and I enjoyed the walk, the landscape and the joderera, I was the oldest of them and had the responsibility of taking care of them, I got up early and prepared the food, memories that always took pasta with ground beef and cambures, ha ha, it was very fun everything was more healthy.
  2. The place I want to visit is Spain because I want to fulfill my son's dream of watching a game in Bernabeú.

Task 3: Label @nathyortiz