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RE: Steem Basic Income 72h Raffle #14 (win lifetime upvotes on all your posts) / Once more: Increased Prize-pool!!!

Well Ihaven't tried this one. This is something new...well what to say??!!

Actually, Ifeel sad since yesterday! Basically I cannot upvote anyone just yet! Yep! I have depleted my voting powers down to 16%!! Booooo no one told me that liking too much is bad like having too much love will kill you 🤣😂🤣😂... I only stopped upvoting when I was reprimanded!! Ohhh my goodness! And now I am praying the price of waiting for 3 days to regenerate hahaha and it kills me not to click this post! Sorrrrrrry 😐😑 am i not qualified?..

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Here we go!

Thanks for taking part!

Good luck! 👊

Finally! Haha thanks I had fun 😂

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