Congratulations, you have won!

Thanks! Big luck. Do I need to do anything to claim the prize?

Nothing of the sort.
I've sent 1STEEM to steembasicincome on your name, give it a few days (up to 6-7 days) and you'll start receiving small votew from steembasicincome.
Bigger votes will start with larger number od shares.

Thanks. Where I can see how little I have? :)

In the article above you have a link to FAQ, start there :)

Thanks, I checked but still little hard to understand. I see its not simple tool like others here. I would just like to see my balance with this extra share ;)

In short,
Each SBI share that you got, gets you in theese times (1steem<1$) around 0.001 upvote each week. So depending on how many shares you have defines what worth upvote you'll receive. Also as STEEM worth rises you'll get higher upvote per share as well.

Hope I managed to explain at least the concept of SBI.

Oh, yes and that upvote is forever as long as you post.

Thanks. I know this I would like to check my sbi balance :-)

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