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Hi friends,

I recently been promoting the @steembasicincome project. I really like the idea to help each other to create a source of income to fulfill each one needs. I know that this time is getting hard to get 1 #STEEM to enroll.

Image is from @steembasicincome

How to enroll?

  • Pretty much the only thing that you have to do is transfer 1 #STEEM to @steembasicincome and write in the memo the person you would like to sponsor.
  • You can also sponsor many people by just sending the required amount and a list of persons in the memo.
  • Once you have enrolled you will received 1 share and the sponsored person will get another share.

What is the benefit?

  • @steembasicincome or one of the assocciated accounts will support your content creation efforst by upvoting your posts with certain vote weight ( this weight is calculated with the amount of shares you have at the moment)
  • The more active users using the service the more it can grow and the more impact in can do. Share the good news, support and keep steeming on!

Support the program

Do not have enough #STEEM to join?

  • Leave a comment and a link of one of the latest posts you have publish. It I like it and it is good quality I will enroll you in the program.
  • If you are already enrolled please consider mentioning someone else.
  • If you like the idea please resteem so I can reach more people. If you would like to support the idea, upvote it and 100% of the liquid rewards will be used in future posts.

Thanks for reading and I hope this post will allow more steemians to enjoy the benefits of @steembasincome


Great idea, now following and resteemeded.

good article this is a big information about steemit

Sounds like a good idea.

Interesting idea, i would really like to join but dont have the steem sadly..., brb creating a smashing article. Anyways, how valuable are the votes by steembasicincome, as far as i know, votes below 0.02 are turned into dust yes?

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In my case I'm getting a 4 cents vote which works pretty good. The thing is that small votes add up and eventually will get you cents, so every vote counts. Problem some times is that the exact amount cannot be displayed.

Use ginabot to know the exact amount.

I hope to see you very active as I really want to see your future posts and also the newly @steembasicincome upvotes that you will get.

Roger that brother!

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