How I'll Get To My Goals - Getting To 101 STEEMBASICINCOME Shares And Getting To 1800 SP

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Yesterday I set my short term goals in STEEM and now I'll start explaining how I plan of achieving them. Lets start with getting to 101 @steembasicincome shares as it was at the top of the list I made yesterday and getting 1800 SP because that partially is connected to getting shares.


Getting to 101 shares will require 42 more STEEM from me, or winning enough giveaways to get there. I won one from @thesteemhouse and if they have more, I'll be entering. Getting 42 STEEM might be more possible if I post more often and so I'll try posting once a day. I won't sacrifice quality for quality though. If I think that a post needs to be worked on more, I won't post that day. For now I'll slow down my diversifying to reach this goal. I'll convert the SBD that I get into liquid STEEM. Every time I reach two STEEM, I'll power up one STEEM to get closer to my SP goal spend one STEEM to buy a SBI share.

The multiple programs that I'm in definitely help me raise funds as well. @steembasicincome, @qurator, @silvergoldbotty, @taskmanger all help provide some money on my posts. Currently I get 2 SP a week and about 3 SBD every week. 3 SBD would get me over 2 STEEM and I can use that to to power up and buy SBI shares.

Giveaways can defiantly help me get some SBI shares but I feel a bit guilty when I enter them. I already have a lot more than the average person does, and it feels douchy to enter them to get more shares. I'll try and limit my entries but because I've got goals, I've gotta enter some giveaways.

I'll be running some giveaways of my own too. You should look forward to them. I'll try and make them fun. If steemmonsters comes out with battles soon, I might run some contests where you can try and battle me and if you win you get shares, that would be fun. I expect to start my first giveaway by the end of this month, so theres that to look forward to. It'll be something fun too, probably not steemmonsters related.

Thats all for now. I'm here and I'm in full force. LETS COMPLETE THESE GOALS.


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Working on a giveaway right now. It should be up later tonight or tomorrow, something to look forward to.

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