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RE: Steem Basic Income 72h Raffle #14 (win lifetime upvotes on all your posts) / Once more: Increased Prize-pool!!!

Trying basic income is importand for humanity. There are a few projects that I know of already in Finland and also Germany Berlin for example. It is really difficult tho. It might work on steemit but iam a little sceptical when it comes to countries. We will see


We just need a country brave enough to try this and I hope and think this will be Finland! On paper there is literally no negative point to it.

Thanks for taking part!

Good luck! 👊

...forced redistribution of wealth (theft) is morally indefensible.
State control over their populations.
Slaves to the state.
Free basic income is communistic control through the back door..

...just sayin'...

UBI doesn't redistribute wealth in a welfare state! It just guarantees a fair distribution of taxes to all people in the community.

...taxes are theft ( a forced redistribution of wealth)

.... how they are distributed is irrelevant.

It's like the bank robbers discussing the most equitable way of splitting their heist..

Looks like you do not live in a welfare state.

To call taxes theft is just not true in a welfare state and in general. Of course there are a bunch of taxes that are way to high or just not necessary but to call taxes in general theft is just not right

Theft = A coerced transfer of assets.

How is this not philosophically correct?

No one pays tax voluntarily - and if you don't pay, an authority penalizes you by asset forfeiture or prison.

How is this not theft - through threats of aggressive action against you, if you do not comply??

Yeah but still you are glad to use the infrastructure (roads, public transportation,...), healthcare, climate change prevention and many more.

As I said sure there are a bunch of taxes that are to high or not really necessary but many of them serve a purpose and you will get something back in return.

Yeah but.....

So if a crime is committed - but you benefit - it's acceptable..?

Intellectually - and morally- dishonest.

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