Nature Identification Contest (NIC) - win Steem Basic Income - Fridays rock edition - V.8

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Hello all!

Want to win some #steembasicincome and learn about nature?!

Thanks for making the last NIC such a great conversation and for all of your great contributions. Really cool photos and insight from all! A bit late on this update, but better late than never!

Last #NIC found - (feel free to click to see it here):


all winning a share of #steembasicincome!!

Thanks for participating! It will take a week or so for your @sbi shares to show up in your account...

What is this?! Since today is #fridaysrock, I figured it would be good to include a couple of suitable photos of things I found out in this wild world...

NIC Fr1.png
I found this on a walkabout... hmmm... interesting...

NIC Fr1.1.png
Clip to give a sense of size... scale... looks.. hmmm.... Food for thought?!

Thus, welcome back to the Nature Identification Contest (NIC) v.8!!!!

We look forward to your contributions! Cool and beautiful photos! ;)

Basically it works like this:

  • post a photo that you took about something (e.g. a plant, animal, rock, etc) from nature that you would like help with as a reply below.

  • post context - maybe where you found it - forest, stream, desert, etc. How big it is (if it is hard to see).

  • other users will help to identify what it is as replies.

  • you do not have to, but feel free to repost or upvote if you are keen (if you like the contest - but not a requirement - but it helps support @SBI shares).


What do you get?

Well first we learn from each other = cool!!!!!! And see cool photos!

Second #steembasicincome!

I will donate 100% of the earnings (from upvotes) of this post back into #steembasicincome for the participants.

I will also promise to have at least 4 shares of steembasicincome as bounty for the participants, irrespective of the earnings of the post. Obviously, the more that participate, the higher the potential shares of @sbi to be given back. Hopefully a whale will stop by and give the potential for many shares.... ;) Been paying out of "pocket" for the past few weeks so hopefully we continue to build support.... ;)

Thanks to all of the above for the participation. (as always it may take a week or so before your shares are connected with your accounts).

What is @steembasicincome? Well just click on the name (@steembasicincome) to learn more, but basically it is a system to help support our community through upvotes.

Hope you enjoy and that we learn from each other.

But hopefully there are some harder ones out there and some good participation.

Looking forward to your ideas...

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Thanks to @shasta for this outstanding meme and hope you enjoy yaking about this and exploring nature below!nic6.png

bonus: well since it is #fridaysrock....


Thank you @snowyknight! My first thought when seeing your photo was that it reminded me of a sand dollar type fossil. My guess it that it is something along the line of a mold fossil. 🙂

It does look like a sand dollar.... cool and good insight...

Thanks for stopping by @deerjay!

You are welcome @snowyknight!!

My guess is some kind of shell fossil.

Here is a flower that I have found recently.
It opens up at night and closes in the morning and comes in different colours. It is a new plant in our garden at work and I was wondering how it is called. Can you guess?


Nice shot, Neli! As always. 🙂

I would say we are looking at Mirabilis jalapa known as Marvel-of-Peru or Four o'clock. This beautiful flower can be admired only during the late afternoons and nights. Like a botanical Cinderella, it dissappears in the morning (the flower, not the whole plant). Does it have a sweet delicate scent?

As always, not 100% sure but this is my guess. 🙂

You have guessed the name of the flower. 😀
The supervisor of the people who take care in the garden told me another name, more likely a nickname of that flower. It was something like dawn-dusk. But its real name is Mirabilis jalapa after I googled it.
The funny story is that at lunch time within a week time, I was walking near the flower waiting to see it blooming. And then two days ago arriving at work early in the morning I saw it in full bloom and just then I understood that it is actually a night flower and shortly after I took few shots it closed again for the rest of the day. 😀

What a funny story, my dear Neli. I remember something similar happening to me with the jasmine tobacco flower. Why wasn't blooming properly? Until one night when I was searching for one of the cats. And I saw this flower fully bloomed and so strong scented.
Truly, nature is the greatest magician. 🙂

A beautiful 4 o'clock! My grandparents always planted a row of them along the back of their house and one of my favorite jobs as a kid was to help collect seeds to plant the next year

That is another name of the flower, but do you know why it is called 4 o'clock?

I think the blossoms open late in the day and fall off in the morning?

Yes, the blossoms open at late afternoon. I have found another name of the flower - Night Beauty.

That is a great name for it, too!

I'm learning too! Super cool discussion!

Wow!!!! That is a beautiful flower! Amazing flowing reds and yellows... wow.

Thanks for stopping by and this awesome contribution!

The flower is unique with so many different colours - yellow, orange, red, multicoloured.

Thank you for the prize, @snowyknight. Much appreciated.

I'm not an expert when it comes of rocks (only Black Sabbath or The Who 🙂) so I cannot say too much about your photos. Except, great finding! And Ibtend to agree with @deerjay.
I'm looking forward to plants and bugs mysteries. I might have one which gives me trouble in identifying. One more shot and if no success, I'll post it here.

Thank you again for this awesome challenge. 🤟

I know what you mean... ;)

Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to any bug or plant mysteries!

I guess this looks like clam fossil!

Have a nice day!

Cool! I think clam/sun dollars are both in this sample...

Thanks for stopping by.

Thank you! And that one is cool, seems like a shell fossil!

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you are welcome! Does kind of look like one... but what kind???


Thanks for stopping by!