Epic Steem Basic Income Giveaway Contest- 26 SBI to go!

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G'day Team,

Today I wanted to do something really simple! Give away some Steem Basic Income!


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The Concept

Steem Basic Income is a cool little social experiment which essentially uses community-collected Steem to provide income (in the form of up-votes) to its members. What differentiates this from pay-for-votes services is threefold. An underlying ethos, a community atmosphere and a mechanic for entering the system that ensures you're promoting not only yourself.

So, for every 'share' in Steem Basic Income I want to receive myself, I need to promote another person to receive a reciprocal share as well. This is simply a win-win for everyone in the system!

I've accumulated a bit of liquid Steem over the last few weeks and I wanted to use part of it to do a nice little giveaway series! I want to support those who're still growing their Steem accounts, promote the growth of Steem Basic Income and (as always) promote engagement.





The Rules

I figured the best way to get the most people interested Steem Basic Income and working with each other and others on the Steem platform, is to do a giveaway that promotes more giveaways! (So smart :P)

So here are the rules!

1) Create your own Steem Basic Income giveaway contest! - Minimum 2 SBI

Create a contest where you give away SBI to other members of Steem! It's your contest and your choice how people win! It could be by creating a post or comment on a topic, by solving a riddle or answering a question. The opportunities are endless!

Because I understand not everyone has immediately liquid Steem I'm setting the minimum at a fairly low 2 SBI, that's 2 Steem! Both SBI can be given to one winner or it can be split! But as I'll mention below, the more SBI you give away the more likely you are to win!

2) Comment Below with a Link to Your Contest

It'd be too hard to scour all of Steem on my lonesome, so please link your contest below!

3) Upvote this post!

The most people who know about this, the better! Pretty basic stuff :)

4) Finish Up Withing 7 Days + 3 Days to Payout

You've got 7 days to create your contests, comment below and pick a winner!

*You'll then have another 3 days to distribute your prize. Thanks @bengy for pointing out people need the extra time because a lot contests use prizes based on the payout of their post! *

5) Sorry No Back-Dating

I know there are at least a dozen contests currently going on, but I want to promote the FURTHER spread of SBI, so I won't be taking into consideration contests that opened before this post was made!

This being said there's no rule saying you can't make ANOTHER contest! :)

Picking A Winner

Contests will be judged on the following


Originiality is always awesome!

How Much I Like Them

This is the entirely subjective part of the contest! But if anyone wants a clue into what sort of things tickle my fancy then check out my own blog!

Amount of SBI Giveaway (Relative to Account Value)

If you've only got a dozen steem and you're prepared to give away 2 then in my books you'r on the same footing as a whale giving away ten thousand! I just want to promote at much SBI circulating as possible!

Half of all winnings will go to Reputation < 50

It's always tough at the bottom and the grind to get over 50 reputation is best described as a struggle! So assuming I get enough entries to do this properly, I'll try and ensure at least half of all winnings will be given to people with a reputation under 50.

Thanks & Good Luck

I really hope this catches on and everyone takes ten minutes to join in! Also keep an eye out below this post for contests popping up! For contests that are already running feel free to go to the Steem Basic Income Contests page!




I saw your article about the giveaway of SBI.

Thanks for your effort in doing this as I have been thinking of setting up SBI giveaway as well. It definitely will promote more giveaways!

Regardless of whether I get to win your SBI contest, it is fine as maybe there are those who need it more than I do.

After reading your article, I have set up two SBI giveaways which there are still time for those who are interested to participate. Cheers for all the SBI believers. I have just recently got involved in SBI actually.

2 shares of SBI to be won

3 shares of SBI to be won

I won't be participating because I lack the liquidity, but to everyone who does, enjoy the challenge and I am looking forward to see the results!

Well, thanks to @sultnpapper being the paragon of everything that is good on this platform, I found myself being able to participate in here after all. This is the first SBI Challenge I hosted, so I wanted to do something special.



This is what I call a great contest idea! Not only will people do their best and get really competitive.. but there will be bought lots of shares so that's an overall great thing for the community. I just love SBI shares! Will think of a contest to enter.. For now, voted and resteemed!

My contest is done and here is the winners announcement: https://steemit.com/steembasicincome/@jk6276/winner-of-2-steembasicincome-shares-draw

I know it is to late for my contest, but i am very proud of it, so i wanted to show it: https://steemit.com/contest/@nexit/find-the-missing-number-contest-20-june-2018
I intend to keep it every day! Wish me luck!
I am open for suggestions!

Great contest, and not too late to enter :)

Check out @builderofcastles comment on your contest though. Voting on the correct answer will mean everyone knows which one it is! Unfortunately steem doesn't yet have a good way to answer quizes or puzzles without giving the answer away to others :P

Great contest, and not too late to enter :)

Check out @builderofcastles comment on your contest though. Voting on the correct answer will mean everyone knows which one it is! Unfortunately steem doesn't yet have a good way to answer quizes or puzzles without giving the answer away to others :P

I don't know how to solve that problem, but if at the end i will have enough SBD to give to everybody i will be ok with it.
The one from today , i made it a bit more difficult. 😉 I am curious if that will make a difference.
If i don't have enough money at the end, i will start asking people if they want to sponsor it and i will mention there names and ask competitors to show there apreciation bij following and upvoting the sponsors.
In time i want it to be : " a number a day keeps poverty away " sort of thing, specially for the people with small accounts.
What do you think?

Hi, I've finished my competition and I've given away 11 Shares based on my contest rules. Here is the list, reasons and proof of transactions: https://steemit.com/steembasicincome/@vimukthi/announcement-winners-of-my-hunt-for-underappreciated-science-fiction-hidden-gems-sbi-giveaway

Hi, here is my contest. It is a bit of a twist since the SBI shares go to two struggling Steemit users, and the players are playing for personal portraits by @luxx. I will let you decide if it qualifies. Go SBI!

Hi - this is a cool contest!
I don’t have much Steem to participate, but I will resteem this post so that others can join!!

Right bro a giveaway promotes more giveaways.

No idea why this post ended up being here a second time. Accidental doublepost, mea culpa.

Hello @tfcoates, excellent initiative, although I think I did not understand the rules very well, I think I lost a lot in the translation, anyway I can not participate, I only have 2.4 SBD, but good initiative I leave my vote and I do resteem to see if anyone of my followers can participate, greetings.

Sounds cool, well I regularly do the Mr.M Art Contest, I should be posting the new round quite soon sometime in the week, I'll make it special for this occasion then 😁

Hope im not to late il be posting my competition in a couple of hours

Hi, I just discovered this post and made a contest of my own to promote both underappreciated Science Fictions and SBI both at the same time. Check it out here: https://steemit.com/steembasicincome/@vimukthi/share-your-underappreciated-science-fiction-hideen-gems-movies-and-win-steem-basic-income-shares

Hope you'd enjoy it!

I will sneak on this post to see some contest hope to win even once =)

What a coincidence! I just posted my fourth steembasicincome contest :D !
So I'm participating;-) ( warning it's in French)


Yeah, you gave me the motivation I needed to host a contest! Check out Bamboozled's Bamboo Contest Win 5 SBI's
It will end on friday!

Great idea to giveaway SBI shares, making contests. I've got one of my own running right now and the way to win is pretty simple, tell me why you shouldn't win. My idea was to do something different, something I haven't yet seen so instead of everyone telling you why they should win, they tell you the opposite, and it can get people to become creative.

I may not win your giveaway but at least I tried and in the end, I'll know that I've won by putting my contest out there and getting more publicity and thats worth a lot. Plus, I'll gain 5 shares with my contest, and I'll be doing more. I want to do at least two giveaways a month.

Great idea to spread the word. I'll try and think up another challenge soon!

I been wanting to give some shares away and this is a good a time as any. I created a unique way of giving out my shares via playing a game called Steem Ships. Its a clone of the popular game battle ships.

I even did a little free write introducing the game.

Come play everyone !

Steem Ship [ Steem Basic Income Giveaway ]

Not having enough to creat my own contest but this one is great idea! looking forward to coming back next time!
Best luck for all of participants!

It makes me sick on seeing this post would not be able to participate because i do not have much sp or rewards to give out. but i hope @tfcoates can grant me the prize to earn some steem for my own SBI thank you

Sounds interesting, I think I will have a new one up tomorrow. One part I don't understand. You mention that it needs to be all finished up within 7 days (payout), but if we post after you, then it isn't possible to finish before you (most competitions run for the full payout period). Have I misunderstood?

That's fair enough, good point! I didn't account for the fact that most contests use their payout from their post to pay the prize!

I'll amend this and give you an extra 3 days :D

Here is my new giveaway, it will be paid out and distributed in 7 days!


This is pretty cool, I'm sure there will be a plethora of good contests!

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