Sheriff's are good for society. In suburbs they plays an important role to maintain discipline .

I have no ideal what that gold fringe represent, but it adds a little style to the flag, I must look into that.

If they could lose the gold fringe on the American flag I could vote this pic up. Sheriff and deputies are the only lawful law enforcement we have and we need to support them and not let them get taken from us.

What is it that the gold fringe represent? Is it mandatory for the American Flag?

It represents maritime law and the British. We were bankrupted by the Civil War which was intended by the international banksters. The Act of 1871 turned us into a corporation and the 14th Amendment made us all their debt slaves.
We came out of a bankruptcy in 1999 so they had the miscount with Gore and Bush last for 90 days because they had to legally give someone the chance to challenge their right to to president as they work for the banksters and not for us. There is a lot going on behind our backs that we may never know about.
The recent summit with Trump and Putin in Helsinki there was no fringe on the flag. ?? A lot of us were wondering why. I have to go back and look at other footage of past summits and meeting and see. Sorry for the late response. : )