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Today would have been my father 106 birthday, he was born on this day June 20, 1912. He passed away in '98, we misses him so, he is the father of 17, if there were more we didn't know about them. Married 3 times, my mother was his last wife where 7 kids were born, he made sure we got to know our oldest siblings and their childrens by sending us out of town during the summer months where they lived and also they would come and visit us when they took their vacation. I have 2 brothers named after him, my mom didn't know at the time that he had a son name after him who was her age, my father was 28 years older than my mom. Thats why I have sisters and brothers older than my mother and very close to her age. My father gave my firstborn her nickname of LeeLee, that was his favorite, and he spoiled her rotten, and 39 years later she still goes by that name. So, Happy birthday dad "Mr. Leo Miller Sr." I hope we made you proud.


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