Steem.Chat Contest #27 Winners Announcement!

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The 27th contest was about answering a simple question, What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen in someone’s house? Did the owner explain it to you? There were some interesting entries and some of the experiences were very weird. It was a difficult task to choose the winners. I hope we will continue to see interesting responses to the weekly contest and greater number of participants as well.

Let’s get on with this.

Congratulations to these Steemians who won Contest #27:

  1. @lizbethk - I went early to a friends house one day and after knocking on the front door with no reply, i opened the door and went in. The odour that i met in the room was very unpleasant as i traced the smell,what i met shocked me . My friend had opened the toilet door, was barely sitting on the toilet sit using the toilet and at the same time eating a buttered sandwitch. So he was pooing and eating at the same time. I asked him why he was performing two completely opposite actions at the same time. She told me: 1. Her boss would be mad at her if she came late, 2. She was afraid of public toilets. 3. She had to eat something every morning before going to work as this improved her mood.
    And so she had to perform both tasks at once.
    Even though it was quite strange

  2. @motordrive - The weirdest thing I've seen in someone's house was when I entered an AirBNB home expecting that everything would be normal and fine - and it was - except for all the clowns on the walls. My girlfriend and I were very creeped out, especially as darkness fell, to see clown dolls and clown pictures gazing down at us while we slept. What if one of those clowns was the clown from the horror film IT waiting to take us? Sure we're not technically children anymore but on the inside I still feel like I am sometimes, therefore maybe still fair game for that clown? Anyway at the end of our stay, none of the clowns came to life to take us so that was great, but our host came by to show us some special features, like a clown mask that doubled up as a musical box... Well, at least the room had a consistent style!

  3. @kay1 - As an African, Witchcraft is indeed popular in this part of the world, about 3 years ago, I was about 22 at the time, I was ill and had to go to a nurse that lived down on our street for treatment, it was a normal routine for me as I have gone there numerous times and that’s always where I go to anytime I was ill back in the day, on this particular day, I stumbled upon the weirdest thing ever, even though she explained to me, I still don’t understand what I saw. I saw several aborted fetuses in a large bowl. it was really scary, she noticed the fear in me and explained to me that people, young girls come to her house for illegal abortion, that’s the explanation she gave me, I was really dumbfounded. immediately I got home I decided to make a research on my own to determine what a fetus was being used for, I discovered fetuses are being used for dark magic. I have been avoiding her for 3 years now.

  4. @redtravels - The weirdest thing I‘ve seen so far happend at a house party of a friends friend when I was 19 years old. So a friend and I went to this party and had quiet a lot of drinks and it started to get a crazy party. We weren‘t sober anymore, but also not drunk as hell and since it was my first time at this house I didn‘t know where the toilette was, so I went upstairs and tried out all the doors/rooms. But when I opend this one door there were 2 people having sex, but I couldn‘t say who it was and since I was a little tipsy I thought let‘s check out who it is, I went up closer just to find out the mum of the kid, whose house it is was having sex with another kid at around the same age as mine from the party. But this wasn‘t crazy enough, they looked at me and kept on having sex and just pssssst me out of the room. I do not know what kind of things they took or if they were just drunk, but they did not care and at that point I just left the room. I don‘t know if the kid ever heard of this story, but I hope not...

Congratulations on winning 8 SBDs each! It will be sent to you soon!

Please Note

@sanbi @blackempror @the-fundraiser @malhaar (@arshita on chat) and @zayushz banned for using multiple accounts and/or plagiarised responses to participate in the contest. I will also be looking into past responses to catch similar behaviour from other users.

Stay tuned for the next contest announcement.

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Every story was weird. Some where funny too. You are going with best of best questions. Everytime you have to be truthful and share your past experiences.

You are right. That way the contest is interesting and worth running it.

Thank you for this wonderful contest I did not participate in, and I will wait for the next contest that I liked the story of the girl who cares about the toilet. My friend was talking in the toilet during the time of need

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Thanks a lot @firepower ;) Will keep on joining you contests, if I got something interesting!

And keep your posts the way they are! :)

I am still shocked..
I'm so sorry for the "he" i put instead of "she" i the day i was putting in my entry, network was so frustrating and slow , it made me make quite a number of you know..

I am grateful to @firepower for this opportunity to share a part of my life and for the gift. May your well never run dry...

Much blessings from GOD for you sir.

Congratulations to the other winners, and thank you for for also choosing my answer!!

These stories are fascinating, I look forward to seeing more - although I guess some of the other stories are seriously quite creepy haha

I won!! Oh thanks so much for this contest, I can't wait for the next big question I bet it will be as interesting as always !!!
Thanks so much @firepower 🔥 💪🏾
I hope light has been restored in mangalore ?

Is this a contest that you started? How do we participate in future contests?


congratulation to all the winners..
keep doing such interesting contests...
@firepower my steemchat account got deactivated and i just got the mail ...why does that happened.?

For using multiple accounts. It's mentioned in the post.

but i haven't used multiple how can i use multiple accounts ...i only have this account
now tell me what i have to do with my previous steemchat account ....
do i have to create new one now...?

congratulation to every winner

Congratulating all winners. @lisbethk -Is it true that your friend was Pooing and eating simultaneously? It is the weirdest of all!

@redtravels- pornhub comes to my mind. I saw such movies only there!

Awesome sauce

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very good article @firepower already i vote. please visit my blog if there is time se times

This looks like it would be fun. I am new to Steemit so gave you a follow to keep up with what you do.