Price, An Accomplishment, and an Invite..

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Hey Everyone,


I'm excited to see some upward movement for the Steem price. Challenging .45 cents USD and 11k satoshis as I type this! Will it hold? I don't know, but at this point I see price action as a positive!

While some like to play it cool when there are price changes... This is me!

Enjoying the up times tides me through the down cycles.


Often people don't like it when people talk about their own successes, but I received a @steemboards accomplishment today that I am kind of proud of..


I manually curate and this account has never used a voting service so 47,000 times I've seen a post or a comment that I saw with my eyes and upvoted.

That's right, I did it... I celebrated my own accomplishment and I bragged about it!


We are still trying to launch a new Steem Focused Discord and would love to add your voice. Come join the discussion at

The idea is conversations around Steem and Steem Related issues, projects, ideas, networking...

So far we have a great mix of technical people, end-users and a great variety of stake as well.

This discord doesn't present "shows" at this point, it chat and voice I think of it as the "conversations between the shows".

Stop in and say hi!



47K upvotes that's a huge number and hope they might provide details of number of flags as well!
I think STEEM will touch $0.5 this time and waits there till the next big bull jump on the market! Like you said, everything seems positive!


Yes there is a lot of positive things happening!

Great news but I wish I knew what was causing the run-up!

lets hope it holds its position...

It's always good to see the price go up, except when you are trying to buy.

Very true.

It is good seeing steem price increasing gradually. I believe In no time, many users that left will find it there way here again or better still new set of people will surely emerge. # steem to the cloud.

I manually curate and this account has never used a voting service so 47,000 times I've seen a post or a comment that I saw with my eyes and upvoted.

That's awesome! We need to form a manual curation community at some point. :D I got a steemitboard mention recently too!

Manual curation guild ;)

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Wow 47k!!! That's amazing!!! Much appreciated, if I can find time I'd love to join the chats someday...

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We'd love to see you, even if you just stop in.

Yes, beginning to see some light...


While BTC, ETH and most cryptos in the RED, STEEM is getting stronger. Its even beating Bitshares and DGB in Volume.

Nice to be on the other side of this for once!

If momentum still going until BTC have a bull run, STEEM will turn to Gold.

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Let's hope and work towards it.


I nearly covered my screen with a mouthful of my first morning coffee, when I saw that!

I manually curate and this account has never used a voting service so 47,000 times I've seen a post or a comment that I saw with my eyes and upvoted.

I will sit with you, upon this moral high ground mademoiselle madame.

(I would mention never upvoting myself, also - but that's just forgetfulness mostly)

I upvote myself once a day, self-love is healthy everywhere else!! ;) I have to pay myself for all that manual curation.

Damn straight! Upvote thyself and just say no to vote services

If you could just drop me note everyday, to remind me ....that would be nice

haha... (note to Lucy, upvote your damn self)

I've been studying the white and blue paper of late..yes. ....studying!
From the blue paper..

Different from PoW-only cryptocurrencies, tokens in Steem are generated at a fixed rate of one block every three seconds. These tokens get distributed to various actors in the system based on the defined rules of the blockchain

Who's energy is used (provided) - to actually produce the tokens, to then put in the rewards pool? (witnesses, steeminc, the users?)
It has to be someones, somewhere, somehow..

I have a paper of my own coming up (well, a post) but I need this bit of info...

Witnesses mine the blocks, and our votes distribute them.

Thank you for this....(as I thought, but vital to know) .....I'll get writing....

I've just done it - three times !!!!!!!! make up for the last 10 months or so..

While some like to play it cool when there are price changes... This is me!

Looking if it hits the $1 mark that would be so me

I am truly happy about this....let’s watch how it turns out

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My eyes are glued to it. :)

Nothing wrong with a self pat on the back. I may put in a sell order at 12 or 13 k tonight in hopes that it gets hit in case it bounces off a similar price as the last price run.

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Interesting idea!

It has been over a month since steem crossed the psycological barrier of 10k Satoshi. Hopefully steem will hold on to this for longer and show us some good upward movement.

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That would be really nice.

Let’s enjoy it while it lasts! It could be the beginning to better days but it is great to share it with the community now and looking at the future potential being created here.

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Come on guys, join the discord! ;)

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