STEEMCHURCH: Solidarity with the pain of society

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Hebrews 13:16. Do not forget solidarity and do good, that such sacrifices are what please God.


Greetings Gentle readers who accompany us in @steemchurch today we will highlight the importance of solidarity, in a society that lacks a series of vital aspects in earthly and heavenly life, and that giving continuity to social work undertaken @sc-v We want to make known solidarity in the face of the pain of a people.

Solidarity is the support that is given to that brother who needs it at a given moment, as well as awakening that feeling of brotherhood and shows that you are a just person with a high degree of sensitivity to society.


Importance in society: at present, solidarity goes unnoticed all over the world, especially in my country. Venezuela, due to the difficult economic situation that this country is currently experiencing, it is normal to observe very frequently children under 10 years of age in a situation of hunger, I am an eyewitness to experience that the reaction of people is rejection , individualism reigns or a very recurrent phrase "save yourself who can" today @sc-v. It is sensitized with society and undertakes tangible social projects that reach the hands of brothers in need, solidarity is generally born when there is a natural catastrophe, and in the absence of a government, that is why grassroots organizations are formed nonprofit with the only objective of providing relevant support to the needy, of which I am a precursor and I believe that all corners of the world should have such organizations. As citizens it is of vital importance to claim our rights and not abandon our brothers in need, especially in my country Venezuela, who multiply these cases every day. Everything that happens is written, that is why I bring to light the parable of the Good Samaritan; that man who was assaulted and assaulted by criminals, later a priest walked and ignored him, then a cleric observed him and went ahead, until a Samaritan if he sensitized and lent his support, the most tractive of this parable is that the first two that they were Jewish and religious, and no one gave him any help, until a Samaritan of another religion passed by and held out his hand. What translates here is that solidarity is not preached but practiced, in the same way that we should take solidarity instead of spreading it, we should practice it.

Luke 12: 33-34 Sell your goods and give them to the needy. Provide with bags that do not deteriorate, a treasure in the sky that does not run out, where the thief does not arrive and the moth does not destroy. Because where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Values ​​of utility for solidarity in society: To awaken the feeling of solidarity should be taken into account a number of vital aspects that will allow the execution of acts of solidarity these aspects are:

The empathy: through it has to be in the place of the other person and see the needs through which it happens, that generates the person to detect the delivery and generate empathy between them.

Compassion: the heart must be open and understand the pain of others to lend solidarity.

Understanding: recognition of the personal dignity of the other,
to take action and carry out actions to modify the unfavorable circumstances of others.

All those who find a father or son in other people find love and solidarity is an indispensable requirement to concretize and practice Christianity. That is why we must execute values ​​of understanding, compassion, empathy, with the most needy and excluded from society.

The parable of the Good Samaritan teaches us that love of neighbor begins by being close to the one who suffers. God wants us to be able to generate life for all.

already understanding what solidarity is and to materialize these important matters, we suggest that each member in the community should perform an act of solidarity every day, in this way we can have the full assurance that we will obtain positive results for the simple reason that where is the solidarity is Jehovah.

By understanding what solidarity is and materializing these important issues, we suggest that each member of the community perform an act of solidarity every day, in this way we can have full confidence that we will obtain positive results for the simple reason that it is solidarity It is Jehovah.


Benefits if solidarity applies
It is very common that many brothers have an extra kindness, good humor, extra happiness, and solidarity, 1 month of the year this happens and it is at Christmas, the other 11 decrease the intensity, we look for that month to be at peace, we look for the beloved family, in general terms, we want to be better people. let's do an internal evaluation and ask yourself what would happen if we adopt this behavior 12 months a year. Let's visualize what our lifestyle would look like, the mental state and the relationship with society in general. Would we be happier? This is to name an example of the change that this world would have if we apply the solidarity of heart and time to complete. Another point to highlight and of vital importance is to practice solidarity on our own initiative and from the heart, with these aspects we come to the figure of ** volunteering that gives us great advantages in our day to day, such as:

Connection with the brothers: in @sc-v there are voluntary figures, these people are those who have direct contact with the community, which generates a climate of brotherhood and keeps human relations up to date

It keeps you healthy: providing a community service keeps your mood high, the day to day with people in need generates an active physical state, you feel productive, and at the same time it is antidepressant.

Spiritually it becomes the gospel of Christ: it fulfills the command to love your brother as yourself, surrenders without expecting anything in return, and we become the image and likeness of our father Jehovah.


Reflections: solidarity goes hand in hand with certain aspects that a Christian must handle today, such as: honesty, understanding, justice and love God above all things, from there we begin to perform social work for the benefit of our community This is the message @SC-V promotes through his Apostle @Darlenys01 and his brothers. @Sc-v making clear the importance of this issue and establishing bridges of solidarity that lead to success. In prayer it is the strongest power we have as a Christian. Let us pray that the spirit of collaboration, unity, friendship, familiarity will remain with us permanently.

The apostle Paul wrote: "Who comforts us in all our tribulations so that, with the same comfort we have received from God, we can also comfort all who suffer" (2 Corinthians 1: 4 - NIV). It is as if God allowed us to experience adversity so that we have compassion for those who suffer.

For this server it is a real pleasure to share with you the collective and social work undertaken by sc-v. We will see them at the next opportunity, if God wants it.

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Jesus indicates in the Gospel of John the measure of solidary love: "This is my commandment: love one another as I have loved you" (Jn 15, 12). With this command, Jesus proposes himself as a measure and invites us to love as he loved, to the point of surrendering or allowing himself to be deprived of the most precious gift: life.

Those who are not Christians and do not have Jesus as a model will also inherit the kingdom practicing solidarity with the poor and oppressed, because Jesus has identified himself with them: "Come, blessed of my Father; inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world. Because I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was naked and you dressed me, I was in jail and you went to see me ... I assure you: Every time you did it with one of those brothers so you did it with me in insignificance "(Mt 25, 34-36, 40).

affirmative darñeny01 everything is written, and for that we are to spread the word of our father, solidarity is a principle of vital importance without any doubt.

The principle of solidarity is clearly formulated in Mt 7,12. a text called "golden rule", where Jesus sums up the Old Testament with this phrase: "Everything you would want others to do for you, do it for them, because that means the Law and the Prophets". Jesus invites us to be supportive, or what is the same, to put ourselves in the place of the other, as if he were himself, doing with him what one would want them to do to him. For this we must renounce egocentrism; Each one must consider that others have a common destiny with him, and, therefore, deserve his attention and interest.

This principle of solidarity in its extreme formulation is expressed in the Gospel of Luke (6: 27-31): "Now you who listen to me say to you: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Whoever hits you on one cheek, also present the other; If you take off the cloak, also leave the tunic; to everyone who asks you, give it, and whoever takes your thing, do not claim it. That is, treat others as you want them to treat you. "

the call is to contribute to giving without expecting anything in return, to do good without looking at whom, supported by all the principles of the scriptures, very precise comment @ sc-v.

A supportive person does not know selfishness, and feels that their environment should be good, because as you wish good for yourself while your brothers are wrong, we must improve our world and be better people, as did Jesus who left the heavens and his placed next to the father to give us salvation.

We need to always care for our society and the people around us.
We need to love God and people as God commanded it.
When we care for the poor and the needy, we are spreading the love of Christ.