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kind lecotres receive a cordial greetings from this server, today I want to make known something that I have the full assurance that many do not generalize they have in their lives and carry out their objectives to materialize, it is the WORK today in day a source to subsist and to fulfill the duties that imply to remain in the society, and to give continuity to the social work undertaken by steemchurch-venezuela of the hand of the apostle @darlenys01, I want to emphasize the importance of the work for the growth of the society


Origin of work

The work has been deployed in the world since its creation, since our father, Jehovah, worked for 6 days and rested the last day, the results obtained were satisfactory, Jehovah was the first to work, carried out the wonders that we enjoy today. . as: nature, landscapes, climate, I declare this when observing the results obtained, in such a way that to follow its path and fulfill the dream of its creation that is to keep us in its image and likeness we must make it comply with the work. God observed and evaluated his hard work and realized a spiritual satisfaction resulted in the reward obtained for the good work done. God makes us to his glory and tells us that he who is born of the bad trees produces bad fruits and the good produce good fruits, we Christians understand the responsibility of lending and pointing the way of God to the brothers who do not know him with a accurate image of God in justice, fidelity and excellence.


God equips his people for their work (Exodus 31: 2-11).


Everyone in life has a purpose to follow, this implies a series of obligations and responsibilities that degrade society directly and indirectly, of course, unemployment sometimes happens involuntarily, perhaps due to the current economic situation of your life. location. Today in Venezuela there is plenty, on the other hand there is voluntary
unemployment that translates into laziness.

Paul makes very clear the Christian ethic of work: "because if someone does not provide his own, and mainly to those who are in his home, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever," it is important to promote the degree of intention to provide for others, educating us in any study center or working to provide family education, spiritual satisfaction and stability.

Thessalonians 3.12 (NIV)
We send and urge those people in the Lord Jesus Christ to go quietly to work to earn a living.

Advantages of work for society

• Generates a sense of responsibility for society

• It takes us away from bondage, as long as it is honest work that keeps us away from sin.

• Children from an early age are already working, with their studies already working and traveling along the path of education, which is a support and an important requirement for job performance in a future that generates development for society.

• Work well done is the engine that leads to social stability.

• Through work well done, we will awaken virtues such as: respect, tolerance, discipline, honesty, experience.


• Addiction to the workplace can lead us to neglect the family

• Addiction to money can lead to illicit and dishonest work

• The time in oscio can lead to negative situations that directly affect the functioning of society in regard to peace


Ecclesiastes 5: 18,19
This is what I have seen that is good and convenient: eat, drink and enjoy one of the jobs in which you work under the sun in the few days of the life that God has given you; because this is your reward.

Benefits of steemchurch-Venezuela for society

@Sc-v gives us through reading a contact with the father, the son and the holy spirit, but this goes beyond the church-venezuela has encouraged many brothers to do field work to reach whoever he needs it. I use the example observed a few days ago that he did an important social work of feeding the brother @emiliocabrera who not only extended his hand with the food supply, if not more important, that message of encouragement that generates strength, and that the person who receives the message, ask why he does this?

Many know the answer is the duty to love your neighbor as yourself. are these some to name one of the important social tasks undertaken and promoted by steemchurch-venezuela.


It is necessary for a society of the just and of peace whether a working community must inculcate and apply its own values. All this focuses on promoting honest and legal work from an early age, where we stay away from the vices and ties that keep us in a permanent darkness. Let's make it clear that whatever you call it, as long as it is honest and has a fair legal framework, the work will always be worthy. In Venezuela we feel committed to Venezuelan society and we are confident that only with work, honesty and love for jehova, we will achieve all the goals we set. I insist that we should start from the fact that everything that is born of jehova is good and, therefore, work is not the exception, since it does not come from the capitalist culture and its true origin comes from our father jehova ..

If you have a bad attitude towards work, remember that God has given it as a blessing. If you are tempted by laziness, remember that God tells us that work is an obligation. If you believe that your occupation lacks dignity, remember that with your work you worship God. What attitude will you have next Monday? He can awaken grateful to God for the blessing of working, with the joy of fulfilling his duty before God and with the joy of going beyond salary and fatigue, serving those who deserve all their adoration.

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