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Thank you all for your comments and good wishes, one of the things that I have proposed in these times, in which some see it as bad, perhaps because of the low value of cryptocurrencies, here in Venezuela the inflation that does not stop, is unite forces, implement strategies, remind me when God spoke to the kings who were going to battle against Moab, and told them: dig trenches and build ponds, because you will not see wind, nor see rain, but these will be full of water. That word spoke the Lord to my heart: be faithful in the little, work with excellence, for when the rain falls the terrain is ready!
My beloved brothers of Venezuela, we are preparing the ground, sowing to collect the greatest fruits of history. We do not know how, but the greatest revival comes, and we will be the protagonists!
Recover animo, expand your territories, because we will inherit nations !.
And I hear a great rain!
God is our hope ..


Most of the time you leave me without arguments @darlenys01, your leadership is surprising, the way you do things, the revelation of the word and how God uses you to bless the lives of many.

That word @darlenys01, you have just given us away for good God is good and has endowed you with grace and wisdom to fulfill his purpose, you have always told me, Mariela: the world is tired of dead words, that do not change anyone's life, the word that produces change is the living and effective that is revealed by the spirit, and tonight, you have narrated me with this prophetic word for Venezuela.

How beautiful darlenys, we will see the glory of God, do not stop Debora, receive strength from above to carry out this divine mission. God is with you and takes you from his hand to conquer cities.

Thank you @darlenys01 for teaching us that God who does so many wonders and that until yesterday was just one more of history, thank you for introducing me to Jesus!

Thanks for this @darlenys01, you make me regain strength!

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